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New Tensions on Kosovo - Is there a solution? KFOR

Updated on June 10, 2012

Tanks and soldiers on street of "Independent Country"?

Picture taken on place where all happened. Tanjug's photographer remained well, without any wounds.
Picture taken on place where all happened. Tanjug's photographer remained well, without any wounds. | Source

Six men wounded

Six men wounded - K.F.O.R retreats. This is the label of many regional newspapers today (1st May 2012).

New tensions on Kosovo, nothing new for Serbs on that South Province of Serbia. It all started when K.F.O.R troops on Kosovo* wanted to remove barricades that separate Albanian side, from Serbian.

Zvečan, the city where it all happened, in conflict of K.F.O.R and local Serbs - six persons are wounded, four Serbs and two soldiers. K.F.O.R has removed the barricades and retreated.

Situation, after conflict, is calm. Troops of K.F.O.R have retreated around 3pm from bridge in place called Rudar. After removing barricades, main route from Zvecani to Leposavic is now "set free" - so cars, and people can move freely. Before "setting free" this bridge, around 4am have removed barricade from gravel, that local Serbs made previously on the road Leposlavic - Mitrovica in Rudar. Gathered Serbs, while removing their barricade, remained calm.

The main thing, to be discussed here, is - are these new tensions on Kosovo spontaneity or they are well-planed political move?

Last informations

Last informations are telling that in these mornings incidents, the number of wounded people is counting six - mostly Serbs. Three Serbs are hospitalized, while one is left home, after given aid in clinic.

Incident started, when shootings came - around 9 o'clock when international military troops, with heavy machinery, started with removal of barricades on road Leposavic - Kosovska Mitrovica - Pristine.

Serbs, around 100.000 of them, still living on Kosovo* - claim that they have limited rights, and that they are daily discriminated since Kosovo declared independence. Last political move from Kosovo "government" is : auto-plates, issued by Police of Serbia, will be removed as well as vehicle.

Barricade on main route, leading to south part of Kosovska Mitrovica, as well as the one at Dudin Krs, were removed with "help" of heavy- machinery of K.F.O.R.

ANY KIND OF MOVEMENT THERE, FOR PEOPLE OR PRESS - IS FORBIDDEN. (EU high representatives previously claimed that their mission there is to give people " territory where law and freedom of movement is something fundamental and crucial, something that they will not have to thing of..." )

So called...


Where is the "catch" ?

The catch with Kosovo*, is coming from something called "cradle of civilization". As Kosovo is cradle of Serbian Civilization, first churches and first Serbian state was founded on Kosovo.

In Albania, as well in good part of Albanians, live the thought of "Big Albania" , which would include Albania, Kosovo and part of Macedonia. Sadly, they are on their way to draw the borders of "Big Albania" with blood.

Dynasty of Nemanjic - the first Serbian royal dynasty, lived and made lot's of churches on Kosovo and those were the sources of today's Serbian literacy and Orthodox faith.

"Bitka na Kosovom Polju" - where big tzar Sultan got killed by Milos Obilic, Serbian warrior that gave his life for killing Sultan - was battled on Kosovo. This battled whole policy of Ottoman Empire to Balkan, and Serbia. After this battle, Serbia gained better position - like having right to have their own churches and to ring a bell in them. To have a part in leading Serbian people.

Now, there is "a catch". Would anyone give "just like that" part of territory - where "it all started" for whole nation - civilization ? Serbia is aware that Kosovo will never be the same, but Serbs won't let Kosovo go independent, at least not "in hands" of Albanians. - That is the general opinion of most people of Serbia, and it's reasonable. Something that's dating from X, XI, XII century, like Serbian churches, are something that's supposed to be protected and it suppose to represent first steps of Serbian civilization. Now, having most of them burned - Serbian people is "hurt", and they are "reasonable" angry.

So, it seems that question about Kosovo's independence will become - eternal. Only thing that could "save these things" , and stop limiting better life of 6.7 million of people in Serbia, is "negotiations". Trough negotiations with negotiation team from Pristine, Serbia can make some major steps in protecting the people left to live on their mother land.

Do You Belive?

Do You believe that Kosovo will be independent and is it fair ?

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    • lafamillia profile image

      lafamillia 5 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      I respect Your opinion.

    • profile image

      Mirko 5 years ago

      I think neither of the above. Serbia Will in its time regain full control of the holy land.