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Laptop Recycling

Updated on February 5, 2013

Recycling Laptops for Cash and to Help the Environment

Many people all over the world get new laptops in order to keep up with the latest technology or have the latest gadgets but what happens to all the old ones. Many are simply thrown in the bin only to end up at landfill and cause damage to the environment but this shouldn't be the case when there are many places where laptops can be recycled correctly.

Recycle Laptops
Recycle Laptops

The Basics of Laptop Recycling

How to Recycle Laptops and Correctly Remove Data

eCycling is a new term which means electronic recycling. Being involved in it shows that you are responsible in your actions towards the environment.

Laptops serve us greatly in every way they could; but they have a limited useful life and once they reach it, they won't be able to continue serving us properly any more and we have to discard them no matter how much we like them. Throwing them in the rubbish might be the first solution that comes to our mind but it is not a feasible solution. Laptop recycling should be considered as the best option. Though a relatively new solution, it is the most environment friendly solution yet. However certain steps need to be followed before opting for this solution and sending your laptop to some recycling company.

Always make sure that your personal and confidential information is safe wherever you are. Ensure to take precautionary measures so that you do not become a victim of identity theft. Before the process of laptop recycling, remove all the data from your laptop. Do not assume that if you have deleted the data manually, the laptop no longer has any data. Use some software for erasing data from the hard drive. There are several software programs available for completely wiping data from your computer; utilize one of them. After erasing the data, hand it over to the recycling centre.

You can also find places where you can sell laptops for cash. There are some laptops manufacturing companies, especially the big brands, which offer you good amounts of cash if you sell laptops to them. You can also find places where you can donate your computers. These places are usually affiliated with some non-profit organization and sell the donated items to get money for these organizations.

You would find various online recycling centres easily but some research is definitely needed. Usually these companies facilitate by providing free shipping of the parcel. They take care of everything including paying for the shipping costs; you just have to parcel your old laptop to them. Many online recycling sites in the UK will provide you with a free courier collection, an instant quote and get your cash straight to you within a week maximum.

These online recycling companies break down the laptop into different main components. All the plastic components go in one place, all the metal components in another and all the precious metals into one. These separated components are sent to their respective recycling divisions where the final steps are taken to transform the materials into reusable form.

If you are looking for more ways to sell laptops for cash then sell them on eBay or related classified websites.

If your old laptop is no longer working or faulty you could break it down into parts and sell them off separately such as the screen, the motherboard, RAM, keyboard and webcam. As these parts are for particular laptops its often surprising how much you can get for each of them. Many online recyclers will also accept broken laptops at a reduced cash price.

Whichever method you decide on using to dispose of your unwanted laptop you can guarantee that you will be helping the environment and yourself by earning some easy money. So start recycling laptops and other electronic goods today.

Recycle Laptops and Other Electronic Goods for Cash

Visit the following sites to find out where to recycle laptops, mobile phones and other electronic goods for the highest cash payments in the UK.


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    • madoc profile image

      madoc 5 years ago

      Hey, you need to update or delete the amazon module or the squidMonsters will be after you. Also, what do you think about adding a module about alternate ways of using laptioos - I have an old laptop where the screen got damaged, and I'm just going to plug one of the new 19" flat monitors into it and maybe a wireless keyboard - voila, new desktop!

    • profile image

      quickmejiggle 6 years ago

      I have been looking for a way to just get rid of my laptop. I don't want to bin it nor do I want to sell it, I want it recycled in some way.