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letter to a dis-honourable gentleman

Updated on April 9, 2016

note the message

say it ain't so

I write as a member of the British electorate to remonstrate about your cavalier attitudes to the Truth,Democracy,accountability and other matters of concern.

Let us take TRUTH in

the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Used to emphasize the absolute veracity of a statement.

You have constantly LIED to members of the British electorate about all manner of things the latest LIE has been the disclosure of funds held by yourself in your fathers company which was designed to evade UK taxes.
There is of course nothing wrong with the company and what it does/did as that is the way this corrupted system of taxation works allowing those with money (mainly in fact exclusively the richest in the country) to avoid paying taxes due.

Where you have lied and lied again and again is to the UK parliament, having invested in this scheme whilst an MP you failed to declare (conveniently forgot) your assets as by law to Parliament, later when you sold those assets shortly before becoming Prime minister you rightly paid all taxes due but failed to inform parliament.

All the time this was going on you were berating each and every tax dodging scum with the same sentence that this was "MORALLY WRONG" indeed you had the Gaul to name one such avoider 'Jimmy Carr' yet when questioned now declare that what you did are doing is "A PRIVATE MATTER".

You will never bow down to the truth but are willing to stoop lower than a snake belly in the name of profit

cover up after cover up

There will be today 09/04/2016 a march on downing street calling for your resignation but no matter how many thousands take to the streets you will never be interested as the main stream media have always had your back continuously keeping this kind of information out of the latest head lines until forced to acknowledge if only briefly that some kind of protest happened. They as usual however will gloss over the real numbers and invent their own much lower figure to impress upon the general public that not many actually want you to resign.

Indeed the numbers may very well be down as this protest has been called at short notice and thanks to your management of the economy and ex public services there are not that many able to purchase rail tickets at the extortionate rates allowed by your governance.
There is of course the other matter that many who would love to protest,those hit hardest by your governments actions simply can't afford to travel as you have stopped their money.(more of that in a moment)

You believe in your arrogance that this protection will last forever or until at least your precious referendum on EU membership is safely in the bag to remain within the greatest corruption this side of the conservative party.However I feel that this time a line has not only been crossed but obliterated in the process.
Asked a question as to your fathers business and your holdings or otherwise you acted like PETER thrice denying any knowledge whatsoever of having received or indeed profited from legal though Morally wrong practices.

Then low and behold like Lazarus rising from his bed you become a virtuous man and admit yes you did buy shares yes you did cash them in and yes your father did set up a tax evading business whilst still having others claim for you that all you were trying to do was protect your "MORALLY REPUGNANT" father.

There is a foul stench on the banks of the Thames and it does not come from the sewers

At least Caesar played some soothing music

When it comes down to elections and accountability you fail miserably your election triumph due to our first passed the post system is based on 24% of those eligible to vote giving you a 12 seat majority within a parliament which unfortunately because of the machinations of your previous coalition is to be in poer for a minimum term of 5 years.

To be honest I don't imaging this country being able to survive for so long due to the attacks you are making on every class but your own. Sorry did I mention "CLASS"? Of course I did because this is and always has been a "Class war" for the conservative party under your leadership.

Your ignorant arrogance leads you to believe that you and your mates were and are 'BORN TO RULE@ yes born to rule over the peasants and oiks who helped to build this once Great Britain. Having squeezed your way into power after so many years in the wilderness you are determined to remove any and all vestiges of a socialist Britain this is why you re-privatised a successful railway franchise despite it making a profit FOR THE GOVERNMENT and the people; This is why you're determined to do as little as possible for the steel workers to keep your new best mates in China happy.
It is also the reason for the attacks on the NHS the quicker it falls apart and fails the sooner you and your friends can claim it as an ailing institution which has seen its best days and needs private investment to help it thrive.

Anyone got the eye of a needle?

Did someone mention CLASS WAR?

Your class war as always you will deny yet the evidence is mounting each and every day of this government. Your determination to privatise each and every school through the back door method of declaring they must be Academias despite all current evidence stating they are in the most the worst kind of education facilities for advancement of all.
It goes without saying of course that not only will £billions worth of land buildings and materials be handed over to the private sector for nothing but local authorities will be made to pay for the legal transference of said properties; This money of course will come from the annual budget of such local councils despite those with Labour control having funds cut whilst conservative run authorities have been increased.

One of the worst attacks of course denied till there is last breath in your body is against the poor sick and disabled in society; never mind that you had a disabled son yourself as in my opinion he is not only the cause of your hatred of NHS services who failed to protect you from such a devastating thing as a poorly child but also he is used by you as an asset to protect you from calls that you dislike the public funded NHS.
You blatantly trot out the fact that your son was disabled yet forget to mention that as a millionaire investor you claimed every single penny your son was entitled to under legislation designed to help alleviate some of the suffering incurred by disabilities.

Then like the ultimate hypocrite you are your government under your control attack the very system you used and dismantle it in such a way as to "SAVE" £4 billion to pay down the deficit left by the previous government how unfortunate that the 'long term economic plan' Does not allow this to happen as benefits to those in the top 10% have risen by precisely the amount taken from the poorest in society.

In conclusion I would just like to say in plain simple English...





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