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Relax HuffPost, Trump Isn't Winning

Updated on January 26, 2017

The far-left near-socialist crackpot team of Bernouts over at the obviously unbiased Huffington Post are at it again. This time stating that we must bring back America’s Karl Marx or risk four years of President Trump. Per usual, anti-establishment “revolutionaries” are at it again, utilizing fear as a political weapon. Once again, despite Clinton’s health episode, Trump still has little chance of winning.

Sunday, at a 9/11 event in New York, Hillary Clinton nearly collapsed while being escorted into a car after becoming dehydrated. The event was well documented, and exemplified Trump’s (once ridiculous) claims that her health is failing. Clinton was later diagnosed with pneumonia but is making a full recovery. Nonetheless, the incident is sure to create political fallout, and give Trump firing power in the coming days.

No Easy Path Forward

But despite this setback, Trump still has a steep hill to climb. He’s down significantly on the electoral map, and while he will walk away with Arizona, Georgia, and North Carolina, he still needs Florida, Nevada, Ohio, Iowa, and New Hampshire. States that, while may be swinging back and forth, went blue the past two election rounds. In addition to the terrible, horrible, no good electoral map, Trump has succeeded in alienating massive portions of the electorate including blacks, hispanics, and women, meaning Trump has to have significant numbers of white males behind him, another demographic he’s managed push away.

Nothing is impossible of course, and although history often repeats itself, it’s also full of comeback kids and underdog stories (the American Revolution anyone?). While Trump's claims of smashing through the big blue wall and putting states like New York and California in play are very far from plausible, his ambitions of tumbling over key left-leaning states like Pennsylvania aren’t that far fetched. Remember 2008 when the unheard of Illinois senator was all but defeated by big-name candidate Clinton? After all, Clinton clinched major delegate states, including New York and Cali, on Super Tuesday, and was posed to propel to victory. When primary season began, her connections, experience, recognition and resources seemed insurmountable to any contender. By the end, it was all whittled away to nothing by someone with nothing but a better strategy, and it showed that even the most established politicians can still lose to upstarts.

If the Election Were Held Today

Who's Winning the Election?

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Learning From the Past

But Hillary Clinton is certainly not the type person to repeat her mistakes, and she began preparing for this year's race on August 29th 2008 (the day after to 2008 DNC in Denver). When her only serious challenger surfaced, the economically illiterate senior-citizen Bernie Sanders, she promptly adjusted her strategy, and adopted a more progressive tone. She openly expressed concerns over the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Keystone Pipeline, and Citizens United while embracing the idea of a fifteen dollar minimum wage, and expanding the rights of undocumented immigrants. The plan worked, and Bernie went (somewhat) quietly into that good night. But not before some controversy, nepotism, and closed-door favors were revealed to the voters.

Convention Bump
Convention Bump

No Signs of Faultering

Then the real battle began, and while Trump left the gate with momentum, he quickly found himself in the rear, fighting fires he himself had started. Now, in the homestretch, he still fights from behind, working hard to walk between raindrops, and at the first sign of trouble for the Clinton campaign, Bernouts call for her to step down. It seems Sanders supporters have an extraordinary difficult time grasping the reality that he lost.

Clinton is certainly is not in perfect healthy, but she is in no way unhealthy. The incident that occurred in New York is a result of her age, not some terminal illness she’s keeping under wraps, and while it’s certainly cause for concern, and will most certainly cause a rift in the polls, voters should keep in mind that Trump isn’t a young man. He’s well over 70 at this point, and would be the second oldest president in the history of the United States if elected. Hillary would be also be high on the list of oldest presidents if she’s elected. Why then, when both major candidates are fragile due to their age, would the far left want someone even older to become president? Reagan himself, the oldest president ever elected, showed signs of early onset Alzheimer's towards the end of his administration, later succumbing to complications from the disease. Age brings with it a certain level of experience and wisdom, but also makes us weaker and more frail and it’s a fine line these candidates walk.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      2 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD


      Good hub. I would add that Gary Johnson will pull much of the sanders followers, as they don't resonate with Hillary.

      I don't believe in polls, and I have written on them numerous times. Basically, the only correlation between a poll and its seeming closeness to its predictions is because most voters are in the herd. These loyal partisan party voters believe the polls and they swing in its direction because they are passive and don't won't to be the nail that sticks up.

      So polls and their results don't reflect the larger opinion of the nation, but they are social engineering the waive of opinions to make the poll true.

      As far as Hillary's Health, none of the medical information released would be able to detect any serious diseases like Parkinson's. There are no lab results for it, and other debilitating diseases. The seizures and spells that have been videoed are not related to pneumonia, allergies or other.

      Before the election, the truth will come out. The MSM wasn't even truthful covering the drag into the van. While anyone watching the footage shown elsewhere on the Internet clearly shows no body functioning.

      The root cause of the failure of this election is the loyal party voter. It has failed the country and the people since the 70s. We are now a country with no real products, and those jobs are in other countries, because of mergers, and acquisitions, and super global monopoly conglomerates avoiding US taxation.

      The democrats and the republicans has totally opposite goals for the country and the people Both of them, but especially the left is run by their 3rd party financial and political backers. The people of the US haven't had a say once the election is over for more than 50 years.

      The left starting with Barack Obama put unsolvable social issues in place of problems that could be solved. GW Bush did a horrible job as president, as he was a one trick pony, and that pony couldn't learn one trick. Obama made GW's bad, much worse, and now we are threatened in our homes, not half away around the world.

      Trump is a threat to the two party McCoy and Hatfield feud, as he doesn't really represent either of them Instead his goal is to put the people first, so that the country can be first again.

      The financial industry was bad before 2008, and now that it is proven that the US gov cannot control them, they are even worse.

      The democrats and the republicans have employed zero sum resulting in no forward movement. It is the seesaw, as one gets in control the other goes down, and over the elections the seesaw has had a lot of up and downs, but no forward movement. We have been in non congressional declared "Wars" many times since WWII. We lost all of them, and continue to lose the new ones. Winning doesn't happen until the wars stop.

      My point is the Trump is scaring both sides that their control over the people will decrease with the aim of ending it when Trump becomes president. So, with the potential demise of the old regime being changed like the ending of the cold war, they are putting up fierce fights to retain their control over the people, at the expense of the well being of the country.

      The wish that we identify WWIII with Donald Trump is a political tactic of desperation by the left. They see the writing on the wall, no pun intended.

      We have lost the war on drugs, and we have lost the wars because of the politicians,not the police or the military. The politicians are not proactive they are reactive. And their reactions in the past have been bad. Verified by the continuation of the wars, and even unrest in the US.

      Being proactive would not subject the good people of the country to ridiculous TSA procedures looking for 0.00000000000001 or less terrorists. While we are doing this the terrorists are picking out different targets from the plethora of soft targets in the US.

      Keeping the border open invites terrorists, and the drug cartel. The cartel imports $25 billion dollars of illegal drugs, weapons and human trafficking each year. The left will wait to react, but never be ahead of the bad guys.

      The bottom line is how can the US change if the same inputs and promises are made every election, only to be followed by the reality of those promises failing everytime.

      Trump is an outsider, an exception that should be worth the gamble.

      I went on too long, but you can delete this for any reason.

    • Readmikenow profile image


      2 years ago

      Polls are all over the place right now. Here is one using a Real Clear Politics (RCP) poll from the Los Angeles Time as of 9/10/16 that has Donald Trump leading. FYI...the Los Angeles Times HATES Donald Trump. It's too close to call right now.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      2 years ago from Auburn, WA

      Excellent summary and analysis. Great to hear a realistic take on the election. Sharing.


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