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likely 3rd antichrist revealed, with recaps on 1 and 2

Updated on February 1, 2011
related the 1st antichrist
related the 1st antichrist
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recap on 1 & 2

The first 2 antichrists I will describe the issues not from the past but of its impact today. 

Napoleon was the 1st antichrist, especially from Nostradamus. He came to power from the chaos of the French Revolution. We all know from history or history class about his wars within Europe and his defeats in Haiti and Waterloo. His wars then next the same by his nephew Napoleon the 3rd, destroyed the male population of Europe. But there is something many people don't realize that has impacted the world today, its the education (especially public) system. Some may ask, "So Napoleon is dangerous not from a military standpoint but because he wanted all people (males at this time) to learn?" Well in theory no but it did change the people mentally not for the best and I (and others who i also got info from) see it today, its even more revealed in social networking sites, blogging, video sharing and so forth. When I say education I'm not talking of learning things I'm talking of psychology and how most are closed/simple minded many times by not realizing it. Napoleon basically was creating other types of slaves that the state can use like serve in the army or enforce their laws, all of it was secular away from the churches. Other monarchs and rulers followed his plan as  well. What was taught, even seen today, was the states version of what subjects all students should know and their version of teaching what is true and what is false but in many instances with little detail and ambiguity. Basically students can only learn what the state teaches them, especially on history, even if what was taught is not 100% accurate or there is more to a certain event. Math and its various forms is the only subject that can only be 100% either right or wrong. Students/children were getting an education but were being programmed to think a certain way and anything outside that thinking was not normal. For me and many others most of my basic advanced learning was from the internet and seen other things in different ways. With out the internet I wouldn't know much details and subjects outside of math. A good example of how we were taught to believe things in a certain way are 2 short documentaries by Robert Wahl called, "Assume the position with Mr. Wuhl" 1 & 2, about US history. What he exposed is on the internet but not taught in the classroom. I've notice many users in other vlogs and blogs those who angrily disagree with me and others and may even call us "idiotic" because we at times may think outside the box, i would ask them to explain something and they would either not answer (may not answer fully so one can understand) or they would say things similar to "huh." Basically people are not taught to view things on their own nor step outside the box nor view the full details. The mass media also capitalizes off of this as well. Some sociologist and psychologist state a child's mind is limited because they sit in a room with a ceiling which can hint to the child that they are limited on what they do and it sticks with most of them when they get older. In primitive cultures children learn in the out doors where the sky hints them there are no limits.

The 2nd is A. Hitler and what effect he has today and one topic that is not fully discussed, these are two things, first will be the standard of beauty and second will be great expectations from a prospect mate. Both of these effect women more than men. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th (top to bottom) pictures show non-European women with blond hair. The ironic thing is that we live in a so called multicultural society but we don't really see real multiculturalism. Hitler wanted and desired tall, pale, blond (I assume of any shade, i guess lightest is the better) and blue eyed people. We see a lot of this in the modeling industry, even the ones in 3rd world nations were the are very few or none who fit this type. Today we have various and even wacky hair coloring kits and eye color contacts but the most popular are the blonds for hair and blue color eye contacts. Many female celebrities whether European or not dye their hair blond shades. Skin lightning creams are also popular with dark skinned women specifically from the Indian sub-continent. Many products of skin lightning and hair dyeing, included hair texturing can be very poisonous or dangerous. All to look like a Nordic person, one can destroy their body and even get cancer from all the chemicals. It has women thinking low of themselves because they don't look like the women on the TV. It effects the way some view life as a whole. This was secondary on his other impact.

The main issue the is causing trouble is the great expectations from a mate. Feminism amplified this concept to a degree, twisted it to only be for men (since men are more genral when looking for a wife) and many females in the Western world now follow this to a large degree. Hitler had a strict order of what to look for on how one should acquire a wife and husband. Today the divorce rate in Western countries is realistically more than 55% and many couples are not getting married. What women want is nearly literally a list of 4 thousand things a man must be in order to be a "good" man. This is multicultural, its seen in many women's magazines and on the media when talking of relationships. Women are looking for men to have all these things told to by other women who may not even be married nor ever had a standing relationship. Just like the time of Hitler and today no prospected mate is going to have everything one wants. The problem is, and I see this on blogs too, women basically want the same guy without looking at other things in relationships. Many times people marry for the wrong reasons which can cause strife. It's another reason for so many women being single or single mothers. It didn't work well by Hitler because most of the couples have only one child and rarely more. That's a big chunk why the family structure is falling apart which can lead to the downfall of society.


The most likely 3rd antichrist is Ashtar Command (Sheran or Commander). Mabus was the name used by Nostradamus. Many believed it was Bush (MAssachusetts BUSh), Saddam Hussein his 1st name backwards or Magog which there is really 2 of them but in the scriptures is a extreme evil force. Why I choose him has many factors, Nostradamus mentions "blue turban", turban is head covering but it means to wrap around. Ashtar and Nordic aliens wear mostly blue and the outfit is tight around them. People have researched he will be European and the Hadiths calls him the Dajjal and describes him a similar way. Plus 99% of European politicians are clean shaven he is too. The nazis talked about the supermen being these blond humans and its known the upper level Nazis were in the occult so they know things the common man doesn't know. The main thing is that he has the technology to fool people and was mastered in foolery by Satan, genesis 3:15 mention Satan's seed but this can mean he is not necessarily Satan's child but was taught by him (like a child). And to fool people he has to step foot on the earth which good human aliens don't do. I don't believe WW3 will not necessarily be nukes it will likely be a space war. He sees the second coming of the real Christ and wants to fight the forces he will bring. After he fools the people he will ask for them to join his army to fight the invading forces of the galaxy. A good example is a Tom Cruise's movie of "War of the Worlds" where one scene show people being corralled into a camp (some think FEMA) by the army who is fighting them while the beings roamed the earth. Many sci-fi movies are now deceiving people about this. Many of the elitist know this and are now building bunkers under ground and in the deep sea to hide from Christ forces in chariots (examples zach 5:1-2, ezekiel 1:4, 2 kings 2:11-12, rev. 11:12) or real UFO's from zapping them out of existence. Which it will do them no good.


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