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Limit vs No Limit

Updated on September 27, 2017


Everyone has limits. Nobody is perfect but it is how we choose to deal with the limits in our lives that define how we are going to live our lives. It is also how we choose to get through the limits as they arise that makes us who we are. If you believe things are limitless then they are. Limits are not there to stop you, they are there to better you and test you. If you believe that you can do anything and make your life limitless then why not do it. We all have limits its just how we deal with them that defines us isn't it?

What if the world was limitless? What would happen then? When we are born we grow up to learn how to talk, walk, but what if for some reason someone couldn't do that? What would happen then, what would you say? Things can be done in today's day and age to help with that, though. Although if people can't talk and they need help with it, that would be classified as a disability. That doesn't mean anything if you don't want it to. Work with the limitations you have and prove to people that you can do something that they don't think you can.

Although not everyone learns the same way, as someone, else. The list can go on and on. I have cerebral palsy, but do you think that has stopped me? Sure it might take me longer, to do the same thing as someone else, but that doesn't mean that I can't-do it. Sure there are some things that I will never be able to do because of my cerebral palsy but that doesn't stop me either. That just means I have to figure out a different way of doing things. There is always an alternative to doing everything.

I remember one day, in grade one we had a substitute teacher. She wanted me to read a book, and it took me a while to sound out a word. I was only six at the time. The substitute teacher said I couldn't read, right to my face and sent me away. My sister was within earshot of the conversation, and she immediately went to get my cousin who was in the class also. Someone with a clearer head had to do something and she was the only one out of the three of us who had one. I was taken to the back of the room out of earshot. I know that my cousin told the teacher to give me a chance to read the book and that I could read the book. After my cousin helped my sister talk to the teacher, she came back to where I was sitting and read the book with me, that the teacher had tried reading. I ended up reading the book, with her help, because she believed in me.

After that day, was when I decided to push myself, even harder to prove to people I could do anything I wanted no matter what my limitations were. Never give up if you want to do something bad enough just do it, if you believe that you can surpass your limitations then you can, and nobody can tell you otherwise. People with disabilities know this first hand because, they spend their entire lives pushing themselves to show people that they can do what they tell them they can't, but that should be everyone's mentality not just people with disabilities.

Never live with limits, live your life as if you have no limitations and see where it leads you, it might surprise you and you might do things that you never thought you could.That is what living a limitless life is all about. So why not give it a try. You might surprise yourself, and isn't that a wonderful thing to do?

Doesn't this describe a little bit of limitlessness?
Doesn't this describe a little bit of limitlessness?

What are Limits and No Limits?

The world is limitless, you just have to know how to surpass the limits in your life to see it. I know that the world is limitless, because as I mentioned above, I have had a number of limitations thrown at me, being told I can't read, or pass a class, or even get a journalism job out of college are just a few of the things that I was told I couldn't do. Has that stopped, me? No that hasn't if anything that has made me work harder to get to where I am today, sure I have limits but I know how to work with my limits to make my life a limitless one. Living your life as though you have no limits, forces you to do things you never thought possible, and to show the people in your life that no matter what life throws at you, you will get it done. Sure it might not be the way it should be, but everyone is different so their limitless life is different and nobody should be the judge of someone else and their life.

I am living a limitless life, through my blog and everything else that I do, because yes I might have limits but I am not going to give up if it is something that I want. That is what I think living a limitless life means, what do you think it means? If you have the idea in your head that you are going to live a limitless life, then you will do just that. People have to believe in themselves in order to, get to where they want to go limitlessly. That is why I am pushing for everyone who reads this post to go for what they want, and to remember that the world is limitless which makes your life is limitless. Do whatever you have to do to get to where you want to go, you will be happy that you did.

If you think of the world as being limitless then it will be, its the way you want your life to end up is the way that it ends up. Nobody else can tell you how to limit yourself or live your life because you are the one living it not the other person, so don't let someone else tell you that you have limits. The world is limitless why not show your limitlessness by living in the limitless world.

Do you think that you live a limitless life, and how long have you lived it? What in your life do you think is limitless and why? I think that I have lived a limitless life, as I mentioned before because if I want something I am going to get it and I am not going to give up. That to me is what living a limitless life is all about. I learned at a young age that in order for me to get somewhere I had to fight to get there, and I fought by thinking of the world as a limitless world and I had no limitations I just had to push myself to get to where I wanted to go. Which I have done and that is why I am where I am today, have you done that in your life and are you where you want to be?

Limitlessness can be found anywhere, you just have to know where to find it and go after it, if you want something bad enough you will find limitless ways in getting it and keeping in if that is what you want.


If the world was limitless what would you do?

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Limitless the word brings about a million possibilities where it can be used. People might not notice that limitlessness is everywhere, and even though we might all have limits in our lives we can work with them so that we don't have limits anymore we just have to be willing to work with our limits if we don't want them to stop us from doing whatever it is we want to do with our lives or to do anything at all.

What Does Limit Vs No Limit Mean To You? Let's Discuss

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