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Do You Need Budgeting Tips? Feel Like You're Living on a Dime?

Updated on March 2, 2013

Being a Frugal Housewife

Just before 2008 when I became a stay-at-home mom I thought it would be fun to be a frugal housewife. After all, back then I collected coupons and shopped deals because it gave me something to do. Sure we were on a budget but nothing like we are today.

I daydream about the days back in 2007 when my husband and I were both working and my little minimum wage check was enough to splurge on my boys. It's been way too long since my husband or I had work and some days it seems like we are just too old for the job market. Many of our friends are out of work as well so there may be some truth to that.

It used to be difficult to make it on one income, now it seems people in America are finding it hard to make it on two. I won't go into the details of our finances but my efforts online is our sole income and although it is more than Nothing it is still not enough for our family to go out on our own - we are still living "temporarily" with my parents.

We are open to new ideas and learn how to live within our means each day. We always shopped at thrift stores because frugality runs in both our blood - however, now that is not an option. We have reverted to freecycle and the like to get by.

As a frugal housewife, I have learned to buy store brand products rather than name brand. I find they taste just the same. We eat the fruits and vegetables that are in season. We eat more whole foods rather than processed foods which is healthier anyway. So with many meals we have brown rice or a baked potato and for breakfast we actually make eggs or oatmeal.

One of the Best resources I found when looking for frugal living tips was the Living on a Dime Website.

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Shopping and Cooking Frugally

Love the price on this digital eBook - $1.99. A great investment with tips that you can actually use.

Living On a Dime
Living On a Dime

Living on a Dime

Living on a Dime is a site created Tawra Kellam and Jill Cooper who know first hand what it is like to struggle because of the lack of money. This team helps families learn how find better ways to handle money so that will be able to get out of debt.

Tawra who is a Mom of 3 was able to pay off her $20k debt in 5 years on an income of $22,000.

Jill is a single Mother who raised two children on a $50 a month income when she became disabled from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

This Mother Daughter Team have been featured in hundreds of magazine across the country.

Dining on a Dime - Save $10,000 a year on Food is there latest frugal book.

Budget Living Book Recommendations - Dining on a Dime Cookbook

Frugal Tips with - Top 12 Tips for Saving Time and Money

With these Frugal Tips from living on less becomes simple and (Yes) fun.

  1. Never go out of your way for a deal
  2. Pack your lunch
  3. Brew your coffee at home
  4. Attend free community events
  5. Purchase used items whenever possible
  6. Find a deal, plan your meal
  7. Always keep drinks and snacks in the car
  8. Never leave home without your coupons
  9. Always ask for unadvertised specials and deals (stores or restaurants)
  10. Always compare and shop for supplies monthly, semi-yearly and yearly
  11. Sign up for loyalty programs and savings clubs.
  12. Commit to writing companies when their product doesn't work or is poor quality.

Save 32% The Tightwad Gazette

Save 20% The Ultimate Cheapskate

Money Saving Recipes

Are you a Frugal Housewife? Or Frugal Househusband?

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    • MomwithAHook LM profile image

      Sara Duggan 5 years ago from California

      @momo2grtkids: Growing vegetables saves a lot on the grocery bill. Those strawberries sound very yummy.

    • momo2grtkids profile image

      momo2grtkids 5 years ago

      My husband and I are pretty frugal and were raised that way. We grow our vegetables and just planted a strawberry patch. We cook from scratch most of the time and it is healthier! This is an excellent lens. i enjoyed it very much!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Maybe these days it should be living on a buck ninety five. Great lens

    • CruiseReady profile image

      CruiseReady 6 years ago from East Central Florida

      I am trying my best to more frugal each month... there's not a lot of choice in the matter, given the state of the economy. Thanks for the tip on the Living on a Dime website!

    • Wendy L Henderson profile image

      Wendy Henderson 7 years ago from PA

      @Virginia Allain: Thank you Vallain for stopping by. I appreciate the comments.

    • Virginia Allain profile image

      Virginia Allain 7 years ago from Central Florida

      My parents grew up during the Great Depression, so I learned lots of frugal ways from them. My husband's pretty thrifty too, so that enabled us to both be retired by age 55. Frugality is good short-term for getting your bills under control, but even better long-term when you postpone immediate gratification for later benefit.