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How To Sew Butty Reusable Lunch Bag

Updated on May 8, 2015

DIY Reusable Butty Lunch Bag

Easy To Make Reusable Lunch Bag For Butty

I love lunch time. I can see myself searching and rummaging my handbag that is meant for my make-ups, pieces of papers that always magically appear in my handbag, looking for my snack or sandwich plastic bag that is squeeze to the side, center or anywhere in my handbag.

Taking the lunch..., don't know either to call it lunch bag or lunch mash. Looking left and right to see if anyone had seen the sight of what was supposed to be my lunch, lunch oh lunch.

Yes! that was how it used to be until i told myself enough was enough. I love sewing. So i registered on a local easy to sew projects, and prima! I can now self proclaim and acclaim myself as a fashion designer. What do you think?

Photo By: Small Fry & Co

What You Will Need To Sew Or Make A Reusable Lunch Bag

Reusable Eco-friendly Lunch Bag

There are different fabrics i use to make an eco-friendly lunch bag. Sometimes, i use my old sweater or cardigan. At other times, i use old pillowcases, my unused skirts, blouse, tops, shirts or t-shirts or sweaters.

I do not have to spend a fortune to live an enviable green live or, i mean to have a recyclable lunch bag that can stop a flying car in the air. Going green does not have to cost much money.

Up till now i have given friends, family and well wishers say about 10 to 11 reusable lunch bag as gifts. When i am giving a recycle eco lunch bag as a gift, i always buy a fresh fabric from the fabric shop.

When i am going out and i know i won't be back with the kids for lunch time, i can easily throw in apples, bottles of water, snacks or my purse if i do not want to carry my handbag.

Making a reusable lunch bag is not a rocket art. It is what anyone can do. But please make sure you have the basic sewing knowledge.

If You Can't Wait To Sew, Grab Yourself A Ready To Go Reusable Lunch Bag

The cheapest route to go when looking for a waste-free lunch bag / kit is most likely to make your own. Now, you can't make everything you need for a waste-free lunch bag, but you can save yourself a lot of money by going green reusable lunch bag.

recycle lunch bag
recycle lunch bag

Step By Step Guide To Making / Sewing A No-Waste Lunch Bag

A No-Waste Lunch Solution

I sew my lunch green bags all the time, so when i found this sewing tips from website, i feel i should use their recycle lunch bag sewing ideas as it is the exact sewing technique i have been using in making my lunch bag.

I always first make a pattern out of a drawing paper or cardboard that measures about 15 x 12 inches.

I cut about 2 1/2 inches square out of each bottom corner of the paper.

If you are not so comfortable with DIY pattern, you can buy one. I think it is easy and fun to just place the pattern on your material, cut and sew.

How To Sew A Reusable Lunch Bag - Making A Recyclable Lunch Bag

Save lot of money using a reusable lunch bag.

Take two pieces of fabrics or any material you are using, fold right sides together.

Place the pattern on it and cut out.

After cutting out, remove the pins and sew down each side across the bottom. I do use a stitch length of 5 1/2 inches seams alowance on the entire bag.

Fold the bottom seam and of bag together. Pin bag bottom and bottom side seam together.

Sew across on each side. Turn bag right side out and fold in top of bag about 2 1/2 inches from middle side seam on all four corners.

Measure about 2 1/2 inches from middle side seam on all four corners, fingerpress, and pin

Topstitch closely to the corner fold of each of the 4 sides.

Take a Break While Looking At This Lunch Bag - La La Land Handy Tote

Blue Q La La Land Handy Tote
Blue Q La La Land Handy Tote

La la land, where bunnies and deer float around on clouds and nary an attention span can be found. Made from 95-percent post-consumer recycled plastic and printed with lead free inks. Blue Q's handy totes are perfect for toting your lunch to work or a reusable gift bag. Printed on the inside for a little extra delight.


Your Recycle lunch bag is now ready for you to use.

Lovely. You are now ready to go green and be crowned environmentally friendly man / woman.

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice idea...for lunch and other things too:-)


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