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Making Do - Poems and Wisdom on Frugality

Updated on December 6, 2014

Making Do - Poems and Wisdom on Frugality

Boy, life can throw amazing curve balls that thwart your financial planning at any stage of your life. So we all naturally want to life through the economic twists and turns of life and be able to bounce back, stronger and smarter.

Here are poems and insights about frugality that I hope will help you cope through the tough times. They can be honest or harsh or downright silly or all of the above! I have also suggested a few good books to help guide you to a more frugal life.

--- All Poetry Copyright MyFairLadyah - Reprint With Permission

Whether you're making do

or making due

Don't be so austere

that it makes you blue

The Retiree

Goblets are lifted, toasting the retiree

How eager is he for the days that will be

There is no money for travel and ease

He'll take a new part-time job to pay HOA fees

Never should have trusted in a pension

But the fine print, they never mentioned

And he didn't get it; didn't sock extra away

For the golden years; no gold, just gray

Tomorrow, he'll be eating mac & cheese

Next day off the dollar menu at Mickey D's

He'd better enjoy the wine in his glass

Cause he'll be nixing alcohol to pay for gas

Coping with A Frugal Retirement

Why This Hub Could Be Entitled "Making Due"

And Not "Making Do"

Yeah, you are astute

And I thought I was being cute

Making "due" may not be correct

But it gives (the financial burdens of hard times) a little more respect

--- in response to someone who noticed the pun

The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn

I Clip the Coupons

I clip the coupons every week

And organize to help me seek

The items I will purchase next

To see what savings to expect

Then look at the circulars to see

What other sales may offer me

So I may combine my scrips with sales

And save more knowing these details

A Video on Shopping Frugally

How to Really Save by Clipping Coupons

Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Learn Coupon Strategies to Save $1000s at the Grocery Store
Pick Another Checkout Lane, Honey: Learn Coupon Strategies to Save $1000s at the Grocery Store

This book will teach you couponing strategies to save a lot of money at the grocery store.


How are You Making Do?

How are You Making Due?

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