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Weed can save America!

Updated on March 3, 2010

The Pros and Cons

It seems like everywhere you look today salaries is being garnished, jobs are being cut and resources are getting reserved for those with deep connections to the system. As we look for more and more cuts we fail to recognize the potential economic and morality aspects of marijuana legalization. I have been smoking marijuana for 6 years strait now, started when I was 17 and have been using it ever since. Let me tell you the pros and cons of marijuana without all the "professional and legal" jargon. Just strait up personal experience that those doctors will never be able to describe no matter how many fancy words they use. Throughout the years corporations that make money from marijuana prohibition have launched massive campaigns criticizing the natural herb. I especially love the commercial where the stoner shoots his toes off when he finds his father guns while high. Firstly the person who wrote that must have been either a liar or an misinformed individual because in my 6 years of marijuana usage I have never made a decision even remotely close to that stupid. Anyways.......

Let me begin with the cons

It costs money - there is much debate on how money can be used better elsewhere but if this is really a reason people are so afraid to use marijuana then LEGALIZE it already so we responsible users can begin growing it for free.

It makes you drop out of school - If you were going to drop out of school then all the sobriety in the world isn't gonna change your mind, as a matter of fact when I began using marijuana I made it a priority to go to school I am currently on track to transfer over to UCLA school of engineering for my undergraduate studies and am going to pursue my graduate degree. In the end it is your decision of whether you want to drop out or not, some people just use marijuana as an excuse to do so.

It will kill you - FALSE!! There have never been a single overdose of marijuana ever! Thats right, it has never ever ever ever ever killed a single person so dont go around claiming that all drugs kill and ruin lives.

Other then these reasons there are so many positives to legalizing marijuana. This plant can even save the world if applied correctly heres how:

The Pros

Peace - Marijuana reduces anxiety and depression, so much so that it is actaully prescribed by doctors for these conditions. It also release chemicals in your brain that encourage happiness and serenity. Ever wonder why most people who use marijuana promote peace and love?

Improvement - I have seen people come and go from marijuana and one thing that I distinctly notice is that marijuana makes the individual user realize what is wrong in their life, at first they seem pessimeistic and depressed but this is not true, they are actually reflecing on their shortcomings. In the end time after time, I see a new and improved people in every aspect - family, relationships, career and life in general.

Creativity - Many of my most thought provoking moments came from smoking marijuana and looking at life from another perspective, I have learned so much more about myself and the people around me that I never would have known if it wasnt for marijuana.

Knowledge - I have learned so much about a part of society that has been pushed into the darkest areas of civilized life. I quickly realized that the fear was in fear itself because many of these places were more professional and friendly then the "acceptable" buisnesses. (Assuming you are legal and responsible) There is also much more to marijuana then just a drug, there are different types strains and varieties. Some are used for anxiety treatment while others for insomnia, the opportunities are endless.

Safety - By far marijuana is one of the most safe substances out there, firstly its natural, 100% nature made and secondly it is far safer then alcohol and cigarettes who kill millions every year.

How marijuana can save America

Economic implications

Now for the more technical things on how weed can save America, have you ever wondered why weed is so bad other then that being the status quo. Well that is what companies that benefit from weed prohibition want you to believe.

These are the costs to keep a safe substance illegal

  • cost of active law enforcement
  • cost of prosecution of accused offenders
  • cost of incarceration of convicted offenders
  • hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue that would be generated if drugs were legal and taxed
  • cost of foster care and social services for children of incarcerated offenders

Of these official numbers billions still are being left out, can you imagine if marijuana was made legal? No only would we save ourselves billions dollars a year, but we could also generate tax money from the legal and responsible distribution of marijuana. At a time when the government constantly cut teachers and school funding, why not just do the responsible thing? The economic part of legalization is obvious but the more subtle and hidden is the morality aspect.

Moral implications

Hemp - Hemp is the utilization of the cannabis plant for its natural fibers. Cannabis plants have very thick and long fibers that when used accordingly can provide a vast arrays uses such as: rope, paint base, paper, sheets, towels, drapes, shoes and much more. There are over 25,000 different uses for hemp.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 10,000 acres planted in hemp will yield as much paper as 40,000 acres planted in trees, and requires far less caustic chemicals in its manufacture than paper from wood pulp.

With environmental problems and downturns over the last century it would be silly not to take a second look at the cultivation of hemp. Interests such as the tobacco, alcohol, paper, and petrochemical companies are fighting hard and have been since the 1930s to continue the prohibition of cannabis.

Enough is enough, regardless of your view on responsible marijuana usage there is no reason or justification for the billions of dollars used for prohibition and prosecution of such a substance. Even the most radical pro-prohibitonist would agree that these resources can be used somewhere else that is more important. 

- Education (much needed) 

- Real crimes such as murder, rape, and abuse

- Addiction studies and rehab for much harder drugs whose grip on the human mind           is almost unshakable 

- paying U.S. federal or state debt (oh we have debt)

Even more so with unemployment rates at such high numbers there can be million of new jobs created for the hemp and marijuana industries; here are some examples.

- Hemp farmer

- Natural hemp textile workers

- medical marijuana dispnsaries

- recreational marijuana dispensaries

- marijuana regulation force

- marijuana supplies

- hydroponics operator

The list goes on and on, ask yourself ..... what is the moral and logical course of action.



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