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Marquis de Lafayette__Astounding Patriot of The American Revolution

Updated on February 2, 2013

Who was Marquis de Lafayette ?

He chose to risk his life on the high sea to go to France as the representative of the Colonies fighting for indepdenence in 1776 just as the revolution for independence was underway. .

He came from an astrocatic wealthy background of a warrior knight who protected the king of France. His commitment to American and leadership of George Washington as his own leader never wavered through the trials and tribulation of the long American Revolution (1775-1783). His family has been part of the King of France's inner circle for generations. And his annual income from his feudal land holding well over several million dollars.

And yet, he chose to leave his wealth, his family in France to come to America to serve in the military command under George Washington and fight for the cause of American Independence. What is really amazing is that he did this on his own initiative and his own money, without even permission from the French government.


Two Key Roles of Lafayette in the Cause of The American Revolution

First was the support he provided to Ben Franklin's effort to secure financial and then military support from the King Of France,.

And second his talented military service under George Washington, from the time he arrived in America in 1777 to near the end of the War at the Battle of Yorktown, Virginia under George Washington's leadership

Early Days of the Revolution - From a Letter By George Washington after the War. Head Qrs., Newburgh, April 5, 1783.


My dear Marqs.:

It is easier for you to conceive than for me to express the sensibility of my Heart at the communications in your letter of the 5th. of Feby. from Cadiz. It is to these communications we are indebted for the only acct. yet recd of a general Pacification. My mind upon the receipt of this news was instantly assailed by a thousand ideas, all of them contending for pre-eminence, but believe me my dear friend none could supplant, or ever will eradicate that gratitude, which has arisen from a lively sense of the conduct of your Nation: from my obligations to many illustrious characters of it, among whom (I do not mean to flatter, when) I place you at the head of them; And from my admiration of the Virtues of your August Sovereign; who at the same time that he stands confessed the Father of his own people, and defender of American rights has given the most exalted example of moderation in treating with his Enemies.

……. I need not add how happy I shall be to see you in America, and more particularly at Mount Vernon; or with what truth and warmth of Affection I am etc.

A Formidable Adversary - an introduction to Founding Father Marquis de Lafayette and his arrival to America from France to fight for the American Independence


On September 28, 1781, the allied army, about 9,000 American and 7,000 French troops, marched out of Williamsburg to lay siege to Yorktown. It was a surprising short campaign.

At darkness fell on October 14, Lafayette led the charge, bayonets fixed, they stormed the breaches in the British fortifications, flinging themselves at the British defenders with “an ardor” that sent the Redcoats who survived fleeing in terror—and ensured Lafayette’s place on the walls of Chavaniac among the portraits of the other great Lafayette warriors-Pons Motier and the rest.

On October 17, 1781, Cornwallis sent a message to Washington under a flag of truce: “Sir,---I propose a cessation of hostilities for twenty four hours, and that two officers may be appointed by each side …to set the terms for the surrender of the posts of York and Glocester.” Washington agreed.

*** Reference: Lafayette by Harlow Giles Unger, John Wiley & Son, 2002

(This book is available at the Fairfax Public LIbrary)

Another Washington's Able Lieutanant in War


Photo Album 01_ Marqui de Lafayete Memory Book

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Patriot Army Remembered


Victory at Yorktown - Remembered


Washington's Fairwell Years Begin


Last Farewell to Marqui at Mt. Vernon


Photo Album 02_ George Washington Farewell

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Home of Lafayette in France - Today


Welcome to Washington DC !


YouTube--Marqui de Lafayette

YouTube--Memory of Early American Folk Music - American Jean Ritchie Singing Appalachian Folk Song Sweet William and Lady Margaret

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