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Matriarch Lifestyle ... A Natural Way Of Life

Updated on March 8, 2011

Mother Goddess Our Divine Ruler Of All

Our Divine Mother Goddess watches over you...Regardless of whether you believe.
Our Divine Mother Goddess watches over you...Regardless of whether you believe.

Female Ruled Society Of The Past ... And The Future

For as long as time can track back, there have always been female Warriors, Clan Leaders, Queens, and more. Cleopatra was one that probably stands out in many minds. She tore the tongues from the mouths of men who failed to listen.

Although I find that to be barbaric, it was common place in ancient times. Many Cultures were successfully run by women, and later killed off, or bullied out of the new Patriarch systems developing at that time.

It's certainly out in the open that it's a bit hard for Men to swallow, and admit that such Beauty, and Frailty could be so Powerful. It's either accepted, or denied, but the fact remains men will submit to women/a woman at some point in their life.

Some stats that stick out in my head right now. 60,000 Men looking for women...v. 6000 women looking for men. 80% of every Dollar in the US is spent by a woman. Over 50% of all women are single, and not looking to mingle. (Boy I hope that changes 111,000 people were surveyed in a study and the results showed the majority will not be having babies. Ummmmm we are going backwards here... Let's stop, and rewind.

The reason I am pointing out some things that jump out at me is that the society we are claiming exists ... really doesn't anymore. The entire traditional, so called American dream does not exist. It could possibly exist, I suppose if you live like Grizzly Adams...cut off from the outside world.

We are already a Matriarch Society, with much mental resistance present in the air. However it's swaying while you are sleeping. Change is happening, and it's coming out from the shadows now.

I run a Matriarch Society, I am also a Rev. for the group, (small right now, but growing). It will continue to grow because the plans are logical, cost effective, and make sense. Worshiping the People, and the Earth.

It is ruled strictly by women, I am the Founder, and High Priestess in charge. The Society is Earth oriented, with an open lifestyle, and a collective effort for the entire group. It's a people friendly atmosphere, catering to good health, and well being. People function well, and work well together for the same cause... quality of life, and the eternal pursuit of happiness.

People feel relieved after hearing they can be part of a group that actually works for the people, and caters to current times, needs, and problems.

As corny as it sounds... Love really is the answer. When the major portion of negativity is eliminated, the positive remains, and can be built on. Foundation and strength, builds a great Society of people if you can penetrate their ignorance.

True Love for ones self, and others can be shared, and cherished for more than a life time. Strong, Powerful Entities present for since time goes back can be read about, and verified. It's a simple equation of the Power of pure Love. Deep, and penetrating, always remembered...truly unforgettable. To Capture ones heart, and keep it safe.

Living in an open society has itsĀ  advantages for both women, and men. There is more trust, more togetherness, more involvement in life activities, and being pro active in health. It's a non materialistic, and focuses on productivity of Life. Meaning you actually "Advance" in life, for the effort you make.

It has been called a commune, an occult, a clan, and such. It's none of those, yet there are some similarities. It revolves around its people, and the ground they live on. Those two factors are what drives the path, and cause.

Operating through Love, which is a huge driving force. People feel it, and adapt. Sharing a Life, does not have to be limited to one person. There can actually be many deep relations in a society, if the right attitude is carried out. Which of course is required for it to work.

It's important to know that in this type of society men are loved. Although they are not in charge, they are treated with love, and affection. They do join to serve the women, and or children (if any), and to work towards being a productive person in life, and love.

You have to be voted into the Society by the eight in charge, with the final decision being made by the High Priestess. There is a waiting list, a medical screening process , and more.

Once accepted into the Society, there are also rules to abide by. Certain interaction with the public is prohibited. There are other rules which apply to this lifestyle, as well as rewards.

The main aspects of our Matriarch Society is Freedom, Health, Happiness, and being productive, with many to share a high quality life with.

A well structured, organized Drug Free, Loving, Caring, Productive Style of Living. It is actually Living. Different from merely Existing.

Words spoken harshly can have a negative impact permanently. Words spoken from deep true love...from Me to You...will...Make Love To Your Mind.

Mind Over Matter

Stimulate Your Brain!   Smile! :) Happiness IS A Choice!
Stimulate Your Brain! Smile! :) Happiness IS A Choice!

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    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 9 years ago from The Island

      Thank you Bard, and William for all your support!

      You are both tremendous assets to society, and our small world needs more people like the two of you.

      As always Bard, and WIlliam it is an honor to know you, and I do look forward to meeting you both in the future.

      Thank you for listing your other sites William, it's helps the public navigate through the madness a little easier.

      You're in my heart, and thoughts daily...thank you.


    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 9 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Another excellent hub, BrainFire! I am very glad to see hubs like this here!

    • wabond profile image

      William Bond 9 years ago from England

      Hi Brainfire

      It is good that people like you are out there promoting Matriarchy. The more people that do this, the more likely is it that the concept of Matriarchy will get into the mainstream.Most of my writings are at the following links.

      william bond

    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 9 years ago from The Island

      You are quite welcome. It's quite the Honor to meet you, and get to know you.

      I am very passionate about I do, and what I believe in...which usually always boils down to

      Thank you for making the videos, and I hope more people will realize there are such better options in life, as a whole.

      There is much wisdom, and strength in what you say William, it truly is an honor to know you.

      Please stop by and say hi any time, and I look forward to any of your new writings, or videos. :)


    • wabond profile image

      William Bond 9 years ago from England

      Hi Brainfire

      Thank you for advertising my videos on your hub. It is good to know more and more people are getting turned on by Matriarchy.

      William Bond

    • BrainFire profile image

      MotherGoddessEarth 9 years ago from The Island

      Hi ANdrew:

      I did save the article, but I'm unable to locate it right now. Let's broaden it to over 50%, and here is an article you can reference it through.

      The numbers are increasing, it is unbelievable, and I have my theories as to why.

      My grandmother was a Statistics Teacher, among other things, and many in my family get into reading stats.

      This hub is for the purpose of enlightening people, that there are other options to life, other than divorce, hatred, misery, and being lonely.

      There is a better way, and it's happening as we speak.

      If you go on any Dating site, pay attention to how many men there are looking, to how many women are looking for men. The numbers are really surprising.

      There are also underground numbers that are not recorded. I feel there "are" more women looking for men than the statistics show, but they're not going public about it. You always have variables in statistics. They're not totally accurate.

      Thanks for your comments, and welcome to hubpages, enjoy!

    • profile image

      Andrew Hawkley 9 years ago

      Interesting hub, but can I ask where the statistic "over 64% of all women are single and not looking to mingle" comes from? It sounds rather unbelievable.