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Money is a Curse

Updated on September 16, 2011

What Will Become.

Wake up People

Money does not have any meaning neither does society. Why do we follow it? Because from the day of our birth we have been brainwashed to believe that we need to have a big bank account to survive which is complete B.S. wake up people notice that as a human race we are digressing because we are chasing after a piece of paper that means nothing. Everything that we do can be done machines besides the most important things like the arts and science the stuff that moves society forward. For instance, stem cell research can extremely futher the medical system but why don't we study it? Because people say its wrong to use the placenta to figure out great medical problems. For Christ sake we can regrew limbs and organs through this research and of course because of religion and politics we say its wrong and why is that even put in place? To keep people in check.

Wake up people, see that we are being held back by society, see that we are going in circles and see that the rat race we are running in is put in place to put the select few out there to fill their bank accounts with more and more money. When in fact money is complete B.S.!! We have been told day after day to find something you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life, am I wrong? So, what if we get paid for it then if we love doing it then we will do it for the sheer joy of our accomplishments filling our bank accounts is just the upside.

To counter my argument you might say that with out money people wont do anything. Which in fact is wrong, in fact people will do and explore new horizons just because of the sheer joy of knowledge and furthering the human race through their accomplishments. For example I love to write because I can better express myself and my ideas through the words
I put on paper. People like programming through the work of coming up with the next best thing that helps people do and achieve more using the technology that they designed. So what is money for? To control the masses and make people believe that without following these certain steps that society has put in place that you will go now where in life. When half of the lower, unimportant jobs that there is can be done by machines that were developed years ago can accomplish better than human hands can. The only need that the human race has is for scientists and artistes. To further human progression and thinking to come up with the next best ideas and the next greatest novels that will make the next generations genius want to follow and produce their ideas into the field that makes us as a hole progress an better.

Call me a radical, call me insane but deep down you know and feel that the words I am putting to page are true. Come on people we need a change we need to dig ourselves out of this rut that we have put ourselves in because if we don't we will be extinct way sooner than we should be. We call ourselves and intelligent species yet we let the people that only care about themselves and how much money they can milk out of us run our society. You know in your hearts this wrong and you know that money is a mistake that has set us back many years.

Think of a life to wear you never had to worry about your next pay check, world hunger would become a thing of the past. Religion would not exist because we would finally come to terms with the fact that no matter how smart we are we are still just a biological species that developed in better conditions then the rest. Religion is B.S. it is just another way to control the collective thinking into believing that if we don't follow these certain guild lines and restrictions the we are doomed to an eternity of pain and suffering. How is this right? How could a god give use the choice to choose for ourselves what to do and make of ourselves and yet punish us for not doing what he expects of us? That doesn't seem like free will at all, no in fact that sounds like fascism. To be forever in torment over the choices I have made even if the don't directly affect anyone but myself is wrong. If an all loving god actually existed than he would accept me for the mistakes I made instead of laying out this plan and saying that if I don't follow it then I'm going to hell.

We need to stand together on a united front cast the concept of money out the door because I promise you that if we don't we will forever be holding ourselves back from the true potential that mankind can achieve. Money and religion alike are a method of control to hinder us from moving forward together as a people just so that our leaders and the people behind the curtain can benefit while the rest of us are left out in the cold to fight and die to keep ourselves and our family's alive for just one more day. This is wrong and you know in your heart it is so I beg and implore you to see reason and logic behind my words and stand up and shout that we are headed in the wrong direction and before long we will found ourselves on 't we the brink of war and extinction. Wake up people because if you don't we will not last long enough too see what the human race could truly achieve.


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    • Instigator profile image

      Instigator 6 years ago from Logan, UT

      I don't agree, money drives humans to fight among one another for profit. Money runs our society and it is running it straight into the ground it is holding us back from advancing technologically because people refuse to fund certain projects that could have a profound impact on the human race. Wars are fought over money, stocks are exchanged over the amount of people being check into hospitals and the amount that die there. The War in the Middle East for example, the only reason it was started was for the profit the U.S. would get from the oil and opium crops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I find it funny that two days before 9/11 the invasion plans had been drawn up and put on bushes desk, then two days following that 9/11 occured giving us the excuse we needed to invade and wipe out the Iraqi military set up a democracy controlled by the U.S. all for what? So that we could lessin the worth of their dollar and buy out the oil and opium productions at half the cost. Money in it self isn't evil but the people who use it and exploit others for their own personal profit are. I invite you to educate you self on the subject at hand by watching this documentary:

    • dallas93444 profile image

      Dallas W Thompson 6 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

      Money is simply a system of "barter." It has always and will be always around. Money is neither evil or good. You decide. Perhaps the "lack of money" and greed provides the motivation for people to have the wrong motivations...

      Saying money is "bad" is like saying food is bad. Both can be. We get to decide. An example: "Speed kills." It may, or it may provide the opportunity to go to the moon... You get to decide...

      One must be responsible... and prudent.

      Perhaps do all things moderately...


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