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Minnesota Weather: Blizzard Warning - No Travel Advised - Schools Closed

Updated on February 3, 2016

Yes - Ground Hogs Day - 6 Weeks Until Spring


It Was February 2

Yes. It was a day, not unlike any other day... I got up, drove to work, etc. We have windows on the east and south side of our building and were comparing the scene out the windows as the storm arrived.

"Look! A snowflake!!! It's 9:27 a.m." a coworker shouted. She was being funny, but in the next half hour, that one snowflake seemed to multiply. Apparently you cannot leave two snowflakes together, since they apparently breed. Soon, like at 9:34 a.m., just a few minutes later, there were millions of large flakes swirling in the air outside the window.

It Started With a Few Light Flakes

Out the south side, you could see that it was windy. The snow was fiercely blowing across the cars in the parking lot and they were accumulating snow. The snow seemed to be a sticky snow. It was catching on the glass and on the windshield wipers and was making mini drifts across the cars.

It was eerie. Out the west window, there were leaves dancing about. It was almost like they were hovering. Like there were mini tornadoes swirling them about.

I Drove Home at 11 a.m.

I had the afternoon off and I had Wednesday off since we were supposed to do taxes on the 2nd. That was cancelled. We rescheduled them for next week.

So. I drove home and the weather was somewhat mild. A little windy. A few flakes. Not much accumulation yet.

As I Walk Around

I noticed that the yard and driveway is covered with drifts of snow. Drifts are odd since they seem to accumulate and grow in spots. The wind is blowing. When I look out the north window, I notice that the snow is coming towards the house.

It feels warm outside. It's not a crisp cold. You can feel pressure when you walk outside. I stood outside the door and the wind surrounds you and pushes against you. There is a sound, almost a roaring sound. The kind of sound that you get when you put your mouth in an O shape and inhale. Must be some sort of vacuum noise.

Intense Wind




The Dog Was Out a Few Minutes


My Yard


My Yard

The picture is my driveway out to the shed. Distance 200 feet. There is a strong wind blowing half dry snow across the yard. Some sticks to the growing drifts.

Its surreal. The reality is that my husband will have to bucket the snow across the yard and move the majority of the snow to a different spot other than the driveway. I'm sure that it will be difficult.

The bobcat with the bucket and plow is located in the shed. He'll have to shovel a path out of the shed first. Well. I'll help him. I may not be going to work on Thursday. Hopefully the storm will subside by then.

I Did Stop at the Grocery Store

Yes. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and stocked up on bottled water. If we lose electricity, we'll have no water. We have a portable generator to make sure that some things have power. We have stuff in the freezer, and if we had to, we could hook the generator to it and keep stuff cold.

Perhaps hooking up the generator to the television would be first priority. [just to keep entertained for the first leg of the storm...] Oh, well. The power isn't out yet, but food for thought.

We burn wood, so we'll have heat. We do have candles and we do have quite a few lanterns that I purchased over the years that burn lamp fuel.

Blizzards of the Past

As I recall, there were big storms when I was younger. I remember a few storms where there was snow two foot deep and dad was outside making a path with the snowblower. The kids would burrow in the snowbanks and make tunnels.

Being a kid after a snowstorm is fun. There's fort building. There's sledding. Well. Sledding if you can reach a hill to sled down. I remember walking home from school during a three day blizzard. When I was five, I recall being in some storm in Duluth. Grandma's power went out and I distinctly remember being in a sleeping bag wearing my snow pants. They didn't want me to be cold.

Being an adult in a snowstorm, not so much fun. It is a lot of work. There is sidewalk shoveling. Driveway clearing. Everything is covered with snow. When you use a plow, you have to be careful of buried objects. I'm sure there will be some damaged items that we'll have to replace come spring when we can see the grass again.

Health Problems

Snow shoveling is hard work and one must be cautious of over exertion. Heart attacks are common with people who shovel. Back aches are also common. Snow is heavy and you are lifting out in front of yourself with a scooping motion and swinging the shovel and throwing the snow to a different spot.

Makes me tired just to imagine it.

This is the Storm I'm In

How About You

Have you been in a blizzard?

See results

Let's Hope This Passes Soon

Hopefully, there won't be much accumulation. The potential of drifting snow: back in the 1960's, there are a few pictures of people standing on roofs, and the snow has reached the gutters. That is possible in one of these storms, just with the way the wind swirls the snow around.

It may be only 8 - 10 inches of snow fallen, but when you start blowing it around, it piles up in huge amounts.


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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great read.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      2 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Snow that reaches the gutters is pretty deep! We've had very little snow in the last few winters where I live. It sounds like you're well prepared for a blizzard.


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