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The Case for The Moderate Party

Updated on August 4, 2012

the case for a moderate party

1. political gridlock is killing the American dream.

2. most Americans are moderate

3. Americans reject reactionaries on the far right and radicals on the far left.

4. The American dream is home ownership. Prices are historically low right now. There are ways to finance other than through mortgages. If not through banks, then through many other paths such as credit unions, government programs, buying at tax sales, buying at foreclosure sales, buying at drug pusher asset seizure sales, Habitat for Humanity, and urban homesteading to name only a few ways.

5. The American dream is having financial security and prosperity. It is having a nice house, a good quality of life, plenty of food to eat, and more. Any one who attends a good church knows that prudent saving and not overspending is basic and Biblical. One invests wisely. You get to choose among a huge list of choices: certificates of deposit, US Treasury T-notes, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and even personally taking interest in an entrepreneur and backing them. I covered having a nice house in the last point. Good quality of life is a matter of taking an interest in your community and doing volunteer work. If you are starving in America, then you need to do three things: apply for food stamps, visit a soup kitchen and a food bank, and grow a vegetable garden. If your situation is different, then get in contact with me or call up the local help line. The nearest public library will help you find the phone number or simply dial zero and ask the operator to connect to the help line.

6. The American dream today is to live better than their parents did. If this seems not to be the case, then you need to either get back in school or jettison this idea from "reality" television that it is easy. You have to work hard to make more money and have better things than when your parents were kids. And remember that most great fortunes were started at the bottom of the Great Depression. Since we are in a Second Great Depression, that means that opportunities abound if you bother to open your eyes and look: organic farming, green building, rebuilding city infrastructure, biotechnology industry, space industry, starting 21st century financial institutions, micro-lending, nanolending, investing in entrepreneurs, fusion, wind power companies, solar (but you have to be cheaper than the Chinese), geothermal HVAC, and new technologies. If you think that the American dream is dead, then you need to join the Moderate Party and find out how wrong you are!

7. When George W. Bush stole the election from Al Gore, I resented Bush but I did not want him to fail. The idea that you would want any president to fail is crazy. If they fail, you fail. When Barack Obama was elected (a complete surprise to me), the Republicans made an immediate decision to oppose everything that he did. Even when he proposed Republican ideas (like Romneycare). Now I personally don't care for President Obama's privacy policies and two decisions (which I will not name) that Vice-President Biden pushed upon him. I think bombing by drones has the effect that bombing always has on populations -- greater determination to hit back. I like the policy of privatizing space. It is why the space industry is the only industry that can claim to be truly booming despite the rest of the economy. The Republicans want the economy to fail just so that they can win the elections. The Republicans believe that government is bad and so when elected, they make sure that it IS bad. The Democrats meanwhile have done nothing about cleaning up the environment which would create jobs, create new companies and improve the health of people who would have that much less air pollution to breathe. We need a Moderate Party.

8. The American Dream is the idea that all people can have happy and successful lives if they work hard. I already covered working hard and success above. Being happy is a matter of taking your mind off your own problems and helping some one else. Ever notice that many rich people are obsessed with charity work? Those are the happy ones. The miserable ones become Republicans and whine that everyone is not as unhappy as they are. They cannot stand the idea that someone somewhere might be happy. Help America. Volunteer to work for the Moderate Party.

Johan Forsell

Johan Forsell speaking during the start of the Moderate Party's election campaign 2006
Johan Forsell speaking during the start of the Moderate Party's election campaign 2006

Who would join a moderate party?

1. anyone who labels themselves a moderate could be a Moderate

2. liberal Republicans who are tired of being ignored

3. conservative Democrats

4. liberal-leaning conservatives who cannot bring themselves to call themselves a moderate (much less a liberal)

5. conservative-leaning liberals who are afraid to admit it

6. centrists -- not too many people would apply this label to themselves because most don't know it means moderate

7. middle of the roaders -- self-explanatory (I hope)

8. independents -- the Holy Grail is to get millions of these

9. swing voters -- they swing back and forth from voting Republican one election to Democratic the next

10. none of the above -- there are actually activists working to make this a ballot option

11. activists -- speaking of which, they are more interested in causes than labels

12. progressives -- supposedly the opposite of moderates but the overlap in general interests may be almost one hundred percent

13. the unregistered adults -- register them to vote and they will probably return the favor at the polls

14. the new poor -- they remember being middle class or rich and they want to rebuild their finances

15. seventeen year olds -- they are about to turn 18 so start early (like when they are seven) telling them about The Moderate Party.

16. the middle class

17. entrepreneurs

18. minorities

19. the poorest of the poor -- Offer free programs that help even the generational poor to get out of poverty. If the Democrats and Republicans want to let people stay poor, then that is their loss if we get the votes of the poor.

20. artists

21. writers

22. scientists -- a huge segment that has always been overlooked. If lawyers and actors run for office, why can't scientists run for office?

23. libertarians and former libertarians -- not all of them are far right Nazis, Fascists and totalitarians

24. greens

Cecilia Magnusson

Cecilia Magnusson, Swedish politician of the Moderate Party.
Cecilia Magnusson, Swedish politician of the Moderate Party. | Source

What can you do?

1. start a Moderate Party committee of interested people

2. organize

3. hold a rally

4. give speeches to groups wanting political speakers

5. refer people to this Hub or start your own

6. tell me how I can improve this Hub

7. create resources for The Moderate Party, use your imagination in this endeavor

8. look for people willing to run for office on The Moderate Party ticket, vet them to make sure that they are not secretly a triple ax murderer since it will come out, and then create a political action committee to get a slate of Moderate Party candidates elected.

9. get the Moderate Party on the ballot in every county of all fifty states as well as in DC, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, American Samoa and Guam.

10. simply tell people you belong to the Moderate Party and be a good member of your community

11. answer peoples' questions about the party as articulately and politely as you can

12. if you do something embarrassing, then publicly declare that you are no longer a member of the Moderate Party because you do not want to disgrace the party. As soon as you get out of jail or out of rehab, then rejoin the party. Welcome back.

13. register people to vote as Moderates

14. in political discussions, point out that extremists destroy nations while moderates preserve nations

15. get out the vote -- offer rides, make reminder phone calls, bring a big umbrella if it is raining so that getting wet is not a lame excuse

16. get entrepreneurs to join the party no matter how poor they seem because one day they will be rich and will contribute to the party coffers

17. offer free classes on getting out of poverty that feature: guest speakers who did it, practical advice, consumer tips, helping people start checking & savings accounts, getting out of debt, cutting up credit cards, starting businesses. etc.

18. offer adult education, going back to college, GED, literacy, and English workshops.

19. offer referral to free health resources

20. create opportunities for artists to create art for The Moderate Party

21. encourage writers to write for The Moderate Party. If you are a writer reading this, then I encourage you to write articles supporting The Moderate Party, to start a blog that supports The Moderate Party, and to post on forums about The Moderate Party.

22. encourage scientists to run for office on The Moderate Party ticket. If they say that scientists avoid politics, then point out Einstein and others who stepped up when the nation was in danger. The two party gridlock is destroying America. The Moderate Party is an alternative to that demise.

Filippa Reinfeldt

Filippa Reinfeldt, the wife of the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Photo taken during the Stockholm Pride 2009. Chairman of the Moderate Party Youth League, Niklas Wykman, can be seen in the background to her right.
Filippa Reinfeldt, the wife of the Swedish prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt. Photo taken during the Stockholm Pride 2009. Chairman of the Moderate Party Youth League, Niklas Wykman, can be seen in the background to her right. | Source

Where do I find other Moderate Party members?

In Sweden. There is no Moderate Party in America at the moment. You can correct that by starting a Moderate Party chapter or committee in your town.

for more information

go to the Wikipedia article entitled:

Moderate Party


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