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Modern World War

Updated on September 30, 2017
A soldier marching forward
A soldier marching forward | Source

The history of war

Some may ponder on the issue as to why countries for decades and centuries indulge themselves into invading and the conquest or conquering other countries when the outcome of a war is normally hundreds and thousands of casualties and it's just going to lead to more social and security concerns for both involving parties.

There were many factors for leaders to immerse themselves into the world of war. While some argue the need to salvage the poor citizens who are controlled and abused by tyrants and dictators, most take into consideration of the possible economic benefit, for example crude oil supplies.

The modern warfare

However, the downside of war is the extensive amount of capital expenditure spent on the arm forces until they achieve there initial objective and the casualties caused in the process. Moreover, the economic benefit may not be reaped after decades of restructuring and reforms which translate into more budget needed.

On top of that, do not forget that there are now UN and allies formed all around the world which may cause a havoc no matter who declared war anywhere and with anyone.

In view of the above issues, war has evolved from the conventional killings into trade related strategies which involves minimal intrusion into other country's territories but in the long term causes as much damage to the country's economy and growth which ultimately means no good news to the losing end.

But how...?

The idea of economically dominating another country is thrilling yet horrifying to a certain extent.

While the more straightforward way of torturing your enemy is -- trade sanctions.

As mentioned there are governing bodies and allies all around the world which links countries together. Hence, trade sanctions will unite the like minded countries against the latter and cause damage to the country's demand for products as well as exports and capital injection for development.

What if your enemy is also your friend? You can't just suggest a trade sanction without basis to support such a drastic measure! Some countries are able to manipulate or rather control the appreciation of their currency to be more competitive over the other. While others seek to impose hefty import taxes on goods and services from foreign countries on the excuse of protecting local businesses.

While protection to a certain extent is needed, excessive protection given will ultimately benefit business owners the most but at the same time make the poor citizens pay more than what is deserved.


In a nutshell, there are no perfect scenario where all the countries around the world are winners and development always progress in a steady pace. It is only men's nature to act on his personal interests and benefit. While it is up to the leaders around the world to protect their own countries from possible trade dominance from others, for powerless citizens like us, what we can do is to diversify our investments into different investment vehicles to safeguard ourselves from home ground inflation and economic crisis which will happen sooner or later.

If we can't be the soldiers of this brutal war, we can at least build ourselves a safe house within our means.


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    • AshutoshJoshi06 profile image

      Ashutosh Joshi 

      15 months ago from New Delhi, India

      I think the warring or warmongering nations already have that cost pre-calculated. Although its not simple profit-loss but the benefits that they may reap surpass the cost incurred and that's precisely the thought process. The benefits are not just direct benefits by plundering resources or imposing duty/regulating trade but also there's the geopolitical aspect.


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