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Pak-Istan. The Clean Land?

Updated on March 13, 2016

The word 'Pakistan' translates as 'land of spiritually pure and clean'. Please do not be fooled with that. It is the country where my family has lived for about 30 years. I have my Pakistani birth certificate. I went to school for 12 years. I can speak the language. I am adopted to their culture. But no I am not a Pakistani although I consider myself a Pakistani. What hurts most is going to the passport office intending to make a passport but being rejected for the reason my parents and grand parents were born in Afghanistan. What is my fault? It is not only my story but everyone elses' like me.

It is the country where things beyond your imaginations happen and have happened. yes, trust me for that. The ideology of Pakistan was based on religious identity of Muslims of Subcontinent of India. Which means Pakistani people first identify themselves as Muslim and then Pakistan citizen. Some use religion as a tool and an excuse to do whatever they want. Every individual is to be blamed in there for their ignorance and viciousness. Everyone has somehow shown their true nature. The politicians, so called Taliban, army, security guard and even public has done things totally beyond humanity. I am going to explain how.

In December 2007 I saw Pakistan once again lost a precious gem. Benazir Bhutto. The media used to portray her as a corrupted leader before her assassination. I did not know how much she had suffered throughout her life. Her family gave countless sacrifices. She lost her father and a brother. At the end she became the victim herself. The footage clearly shows her waving from the roof of her car, a hand appears from the crowd holding a pistol and fires straight on her head and then the suicide bomber blows himself up. It is for sure the most callous act ever done to a women, a wife, a human and most of all a mother.

Sometimes I wonder who is actually right? In Pakistan Taliban think they are right, I guess that's the root of all the problems and conflict in my opinion. Lynching a young women in public is right for them. Shooting innocent people with number of bullets in execution style is right for them. One teenage girl was brave enough to fight against them for not only her right but also everyone elses'. On 9 October 2012 Malala Yousufzai a 15 year old school student and education activist was shot in the head and neck by Taliban gunmen while returning home on a school bus. I could not believe how there were people who were happy about her being an attempt of assassination. I mean- are they even human? why would even people like that live on earth? what a shame!

On August 15 2010 Muneeb (aged 17) and Mughees (aged 15) two brothers were brutally beaten and killed by the 'people' and the policemen encouraging them. A robber does the robbery. The two brothers were on their way home after finishing from playing cricket. When Muneeb and Mughees were seen, some individuals accuse them as the robber. Everyone turns against them thinking they were the robbers. Every person whatever they can hit with beat the two brothers to death thinking they are doing good. How ignorant they are. Are they the judge? who gave them the right to do that? can the policemen be that ignorant? no proof, no evidence, no nothing.

On 4 January 2011 Salman Taseer the governor of Punjab province was assassinated by his own guard and was shot 27 times with an MP5 submachine gun near his home. sighs!! you cannot even trust your own body guard in Pakistan. Why was he assassinated though? Just because he was against the blasphemy law and on filling a mercy petition for Asia Bibi who was sentenced to death by a court under blasphemy law. Eight hours before his assassination he had tweeted, " My resolve is so strong that I do not fear the flames from without, I fear only the radiance of the flowers, that it might burn my garden down". The assassin was later on considered as a hero by some ignorant religious leaders. They do not have any shame or conscience in them.

Army, police, ranger and all law enforcement agencies remain like guardian angels protecting the citizens. However in Pakistan it is safe to refer them as 'angel of death' or even worse. In 2011 Sarfaraz Shah an unarmed Pakistani citizen was dragged by his hair by a group of rangers. He pleads for his life as one of the ranger's points his gun on his neck. The ranger then shoots him twice from a very close range on his thigh with his rifle. Sarfaraz bleeds heavily, he gets soaked in blood within seconds. He pleads the rangers to take him to hospital but the cruel rangers do nothing and Sarfaraz dies at the scene. It seems like there is no justice in Pakistan, everyone has become a judge. Who has given them the licence to take lives?

RIP to all those people who lost their lives for no reason and may God give them justice.


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