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Murder for Money

Updated on December 9, 2014

Murder BY Money

It does not matter much which way you put it the facts remain that money is killing us and destroying the world. The crooks are out to get everyone who has a cent or two and they don't care how they do it.

Money and wealth are destroying us, just like the poisoned apple in fairy tales..

Dress it up, tone it down, even put a hat over it the horror is still there in whatever guise you chose. Man is so addicted to money and wealth that he is not only prepared to kill himself for it but everyone and everything around must also go. Money is a poison which strikes at the heart of the weak who want more, which kills the heart of those who loose it and which is stabbing us in the back no matter what we do.

But worse than the addiction by individuals is the addiction by governments to the resources which return billions of dollars and is killing people at a tremendous rate. Our leaders are addicted to money and the salaries they receive and the perks would be affected greatly if they stopped the gambling, pokies, money laundering, drugs and so on.

Many of our leaders are taking bribes and some are even involved in helping criminals escape justice. This is not said lightly but with conviction that corruption follows power and the two go hand in hand.

It does not matter which country we focus on but definitely some are more corrupt than others, especially if the leader is a dictator who kills off his opponents. This happens now in some places. Iraq and Iran are prime examples of this type of behaviour.

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The Price of Money

With the rise of Capitalism came something else.

Everywhere you look in today's world there are things on offer to take your money away. They target your weaknesses, needs, sex drive and essential pleasures to hook you in. Then there are all the added taxes, fines, mortgages, interest rates on loans, insurance, death duties and so on to take it from you in other ways.

The system says unless you cheat, steal, rip off others, con people or go down any of of the other hundred and one passages to wealth you are a failure. But try openly doing these things and you will quickly get locked up. So the real trick is subtle seduction and secret extraction of money in the least obvious ways. But it is still the same whatever way you do it. How many who are reading this are focused on inducing others to buy something that will return you a profit?

With the rise of Capitalism something else reared its ugly head. Jealousy. People are jealous of the rich and want to be like them. They see the extravagant houses, cars, yachts, celebrity status and private schools and the need to increase wealth to achieve these things is rife throughout every community. But they don't know how the rich get rich or what kind of scams, tricks, rip offs and other things are behind what they show to the world.

The media focuses on the rich. Some are paraded as gods and every aspect of their lives becomes headline news. How they love, how they hate, how they divorce, how they have sex. Its all there every day before our eyes. But why?

To me the rich are the poorest among us because they have a status to maintain. They must constantly be on the alert to maintain their wealth. They work at it probably from dawn til bedtime. Many will scheme and pass on bad examples to those who admire them. Rarely do they give back to society for what they have attained. They glory in their excesses and they promote the need for corruption to those less fortunate.

Having said that there are many among the rich who do give something back but only in small proportions. Billionaires are still billionaires because they don't give billions away yet that is how much they are accumulating. From the meager millionaire to the richest people on earth.their wealth comes from only two sources - the poorer among us and the environment. How often are your ticked and sucked in by the word SALE?

They deliberately keep the rest of the community chasing after money. They encourage them to spend big and they lend them finance by way of credit cards and mortgages to do just that. They operate the shops where people become addicted to shopping and they use trigger words like SALE and BARGAIN to hook people into buying.

Now just about everyone is chasing the dollar as they try to make ends meet. But is it a losing battle as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

Are You a Happy Free Spender? - Or is money too important to you?

Working for a living is often very hard and the rewards are not so great. But when the pressure is on to spend money many will charge up their credit cards and go into massive debt just to satisfy a desire or hunger invoked by trigger words and good advertising. The way around it for me is to never watch commercials if I can help it. I listen to a non-commercial radio station and do not respond to sales or bargains. When I want something I simply go and buy it whether it is on sale or not.

Do you respond to advertisements begging for your money?

We Dream About It - We sing about it

Enjoy this song while you read on

Gambling and the Mafia

What would happen if workers were told that 90% of their wages would go for taxes. The country would be in an uproar and yet people willingly pay this much and more into poker machines and other forms of gambling. But they don't see this as tax but a contribution to their entertainment.

It is, however, tax to the owners of the gambling site, be it a casino, a club, hotel, lottery, or whatever. Ever notice how rich the bookies are, or the owners of a casino. Or, for that matter, the CEO of the banks, Insurance companies, money lenders, and so on. Why are they so wealthy? Because the majority of the population has an inherent weakness. They cannot refuse to give them money in the name of gambling.

Did you know that insurance is also gambling? You pay out so that in the event that something happens to your property or your life you will get a large sum of money to cover it. But the amount you spend in trying to protect yourself feeds the boys at the top. You may never need to claim on the policy you have with them. Even if you do the amount you have already paid in response to your fears is probably a lot greater than anything you will claim back. Do you know also how many people drop their policies after a year or two because it become too hard to keep it up. So its money for jam for the rich guys. Also most go through life with probably no claims at all so they have paid a hefty tax to satisfy their fear that one day the sky will fall in,

Watch the workers on pay day. They go to their club, pubs, casinos, bookies and so on and lay on their bets in the hope that somehow they will win their fortune. Many will come away broke. Why is this the case when they work all week to earn the money yet give it away so willingly?

The greatest inspiration to gamble on anything is FEAR. Watch the ads for insurance and see how much fear they invoke. So people willingly pay to satisfy their fear of the unknown. That's why religion is so wealthy. People pay in expectation they will not suffer in the after-life but how much do they endure to secure this make-believe future in eternity?

Everything paid for that does not produce physical goods is a tax against your wages. But the world of advertising is a magical place where the minds of most of society feed.

Are You a Gambler? - Or do you think it is another form of taxation

The owners of gambling houses rub their hands together and laugh all the way to the bank when pay day comes around. They don't care that some poor soul just lost everything. They don't care that children can go without food because the parents lost all their money. They don't care that many will suicide because of their addiction to gambling. What about you?

Is gambling a paying proposition?

We Glorify It - We worship it

Look at this video and see if it's alright in your book

Chasing the Money Cow

There is no such thing as rich where money is concerned. Many so called wealthy people are miserable, depressed, alcohol induced, lonely and suicidal. So money is not the answer to happiness.

The happiest people in the world are those who are simple in their taste, who live life without worries and who embrace and love the world and those around them. This is not a description that fits too many rich people.

The National Geographic Channel often features a segment called "Banged up Abroad". It portrays how drug barons trap young people into being mules to bring in drugs illegally to their own countries. It often brings me to tears to see how gullible our young folk are in their chase of the money cow.

One relevant case to explain here is that of the so-called Bali Five. These are a group of young men who set out from Australia with the intent of bringing back drugs strapped to their bodies. The father of one of them, Jeffrey Rush, caught on to their plans and notified the police in the hope of stopping them. The police, on the other hand, let them go and notified the Indonesian police of the plot. The five men were stopped at the airport, searched and jailed for drug smuggling. It is an offense that bring the death penalty in that country.

Two of these smugglers got jail sentences of 20 years but Jeffrey Rush and the two ring-leaders are facing the death penalty. Jeffrey was only about 19 or so at the time and this has devastated his parents and most of Australia. We don't have capital punishment here and most drug dealers get only around 7 to 10 years.

In another high profile case a young, very attractive woman, is serving life for smuggling drugs in her boogy bag, an offense that she may well be innocent of. It appears that the jail time she is serving is bringing about her insanity. She was given a twenty year sentence which has now been reduced by 5 months.

As the television documentary shows young people like these are offered a holiday abroad and a few thousand dollars to bring back a parcel or two. They usually have no idea what is in the parcel. When they arrive in the designated country it is not as they were promised. They may find themselves prisoners of the drug barons who seize their passports and often relocate them to isolated accommodation in the country. As they don't speak the language and are illegal without their papers they are stranded until the criminals return with their drug laden bags, or whatever.

They are then taken to the airport to board a plane home. Often they are picked up by dogs trained to sniff out drugs or by border police who notice their nervous demeanours. These couriers will then get long jail terms in appalling jails and will have to notify their parents from there that thy are detained as a drug smuggler. In some cases the women may be pregnant and have to bear their babies in those horrible places. The infants are then taken from them and handed over to family members.

Drug Dealers Kill - The product they deal in also kill

While drugs are a money cow for dealers they hook people to their products and every hit makes them richer. Every hit is also a nail in the coffin of many users, so what should the law do about them?

Should drug dealers face the death penalty

Banged Up Abroad - Caught

The Road to Riches

Or the patway to hell

Many see opportunities in the criminal world as a way to riches. And many will make it. They drive around in big cars, own lots of property and skite about their wealth to anyone who will listen. But who are they really?

The difference between the super rich and the drug dealers is not that great when one considers the means by which the former make their money. Drugs are only the substances taken into the body for a fix but they also comprise anything that makes us want to explore the abnormal. That might be movies, books, games and even things like bad behaviour, the occult, bungy jumping, sky diving and so on. At the other end of all these things are the money makers. They are just as addicted to their drug as any other user.

Following the Industrial Revolution and slavery money began to have new owners in the form of the nouve rich, those who had never owned much before but through some stoke of luck suddenly found themselves in the money. The thrill of this was coveted by others who also wanted to become rich overnight as it were. That's where lotteries and gambling became popular.

But why do people give their hard earned cash for the thrill of an occasional win followed by huge losses. If you are addicted try some the following remedies to help you see through the fog.

Encouraged to give a little in the hope of a big return is an addiction that many 'players' cannot escape.

I opened a gaming account to try it out for a little while to see what it does. The influence was amazing. The local TAB offers accounts to anyone who would like to partake. Having put $20 in the account I tried a few times to see how it works. It was like magic, There is no contact with money and when the horse doesn't win and your balance goes down its easy to just transfer some numbers from your Credit Card and you are away again. I stopped after about $60 but how many can't stop?.

Pornography is worse than gambling as the heartbreak affects others. Whether it's a child, parent, partner or friend there is help here. Try the filter for FREE. Many children are already addicted and suffer through changed behaviour, altered sexual habits, loss of friends, "Today, more men, women, teens and children are exposed to porn than ever before." Unable to stop on their own without help you can intervene to get them straightened out. If you are addicted then do yourself a favor - QUIT NOW

Social sites like Face Book are another form of addiction for young kids. The harm done to them can include bullying, introduction to adult sites, predators and other things than may even result in their suicide or murder. Its happening everyday and your child might be a target. If you suspect she/he had an addiction then don't hesitate to get the help required. This program is install and forget and your child is protected immediately. Don't take a risk on losing your most precious asset - a child you have reared and nurtured from a baby. Would you, could you, ever forgive yourself if one day they failed to come home. It happened in Sydney a few months ago when an 18 year old girl went out to meet 2 men she met on FB. They murdered her.

Banged up Abroad 2


But should the wealthy be admired or scorned?

When the Rich Get Richer - The Poor get poorer

The balance between rich and poor is so far one sided that there is no way the rest of the world can catch up. So is it fair that a fraction of the population, some put it as low as 3%, should control something like 95% of the wealth?

Do you support the rich getting richer

Rags to Riches - Even this is sung about

Enjoy Elvis's version of the song

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    • CampingmanNW profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice lens on the evils that can and are associated with great wealth

    • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      7 years ago from Canada

      As always your articles are very thought provoking. This one covers many controversial topics from drugs, gambling, and addiction to simple contentment in life.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Money is a necessary evil but it has to be earned by honest means. Money cannot make you happy but lack of money can make you miserable.

    • ChrisDay LM profile image

      ChrisDay LM 

      8 years ago

      Somehow the pursuit of money provides an excuse to put morals, ethics, honesty, common sense and integrity on the back burner.

    • ZenandChic profile image


      8 years ago

      I don't feel this way towards money. Have you ever read Gia's lens on money? It has a positive way to have a relationship with money. I know a lot of miserable poor people exist as well as poor people who are alcoholics and have similar problems. I know that there are wonderful people who are wealthy and they are happy too. I guess I don't see money as the issue, but rather it is that happiness is an inside job. Great lens with much to think about for sure.

    • Sami4u LM profile image

      Sami4u LM 

      8 years ago


      Nice work really makes you think.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Great lens! - Kathy

    • TriviaChamp profile image


      9 years ago

      Thought provoking.


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