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My 5 Favorite Healthy Heart Picks from 50 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol by McGowan MD Et al.

Updated on May 17, 2013

Starting With A Philosophy of Healthy Heart and Life Style

Health heart is an important pursuit as one gets older. In pursuing healthy heart, it is helpful to start with a philosophy of living and life style and the connect between healthy mind and heart as a central driver of the body along with the brain.

So we are discussing healthy living everday and choices we may be able to see in pursuing a life style that fits our needs and wants in a way that allows a healthy life style.

Yep, dear reader you are saying it is easy to talk about "choices" when many Americans today have very few choices given the difficult economy and options available for earning a living and finding housing that fits our ability to pay in community that fits our life style.

In this long economic distress we have had in the past ten years, some of us who have been "middle class" all of our life all of a sudden are among the poor. So it is easy to lose heart in this environment many who face such distress of job loss or other health issues that puts heavy burden on our life style aspirations.


Now Is The Time to Continue Endurance for Health Heart and Mind Harmony

Light at End of Tunnel

But this Is not a time to give up. It is a time to persist in finding knowledge and connectons to enable mind/body and spirit/body connections in every day living no matter where each of us in life style choices.

Economic pie will no doubt get bigger, and some redistribution of the pie necessary in pursuit of equality, such as Affordable Healthcare, has already passed the legal hurdle to pursue equality and justice.

But before discussing my the five specific healthy heart picks, it is appropriate to ask this question which I hope conversations can help for each us to find the answer that fits us , from within. I have made some observations in asking this question, that I share below as part of this conversaions.

But the question is this : What Does it take to have Healthy Mind/Body Harmony ?

What Does It Take to Have A Sustainable Healthier Community Hub ?


My Healthy Heart Pick #01-- Breakfast


50 Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol by Mary P. McGowan, MD and Jo McGoan Chopra

(Contempoary Books, 2002).

This book is available at the Fairfax County Public Library

Farmer's Markets & Food Stores with Choices, and Choices - Yea, That's Democracy--I mean Choices in Health Food Options as we have in Fairfax Nova Community


Photo Album 01__Healthy Heart

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My Healthy Heart Pick #2 --Healthy Fries for Kids and Us Grown Ups


My Healthy Heart Pick #3 --Healthy Snacks


Photo Album 02_Healthy Heart Life Styles

Click thumbnail to view full-size

My Healthy Heart Pick #4 --Flax


My Healthy Heart Pick #5--Fish Oil Supplement


Photo Album__Healthy Life Styles

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YouTube--Cafe Twin Conversation #5 Fairfax C2C - Regional Music at County Fair and Town Fest

Trees are Part of Green Living both Urban and Rural


New Amazon

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Impressive lens. Your given info is great and some of your tips must be a must for everyone nowadays. Very useful report indeed:=)

    • Kaiote profile image


      6 years ago

      An amazingly specific lens, with a lot of good information. Thank you.


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