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American Values

Updated on August 3, 2015

America Betrayed

Revealed in the following poems is, of course, my opinion. My concern is for America and for preserving the freedoms I have,for so long, taken for granted. I am 66 years old. What and who I am today has been determined by a lifetime of choices with a few regrets, of course.

Today I am a father of two and a grandfather of four really great kids Will, Abby, Andrew and Lily. I'm blessed WAY more than I deserve and as I see it my first responsibility is to make certain they are all secure in Jesus Christ. This world is only going to last for a short time longer. I realize it's not politically correct but the way I see it is. There are two kinds of people ; those who are saved and those who are not. Jesus is the only way...

I am also a former Marine, (Vietnam vet,) business owner, coal miner and tech. teacher. I am currently working as a commercial pilot / instructor and aircraft mechanic / inspector. I am a "Conservative" and a sworn defender of the Constitution of the United States and here's what I think...........


He paid the price to buy us all

but He's getting very few.

We've grown accustom to the curse.

God, If we only knew.

It seems we're wearing blinders;

ourselves is all we see.

He wants to give us everything;

He wants to set us free.

Free from all the heartache

that grows from day to day,

sometimes it's near unbearable,

I can almost hear Him say.

"You people try to do too much

You're in a strain with all your might

I welcome you to join Me

because My yoke is light."

"I've cleared a path to follow.

I'll give you all my best.

By faith you fuel the journey

and I'll provide the rest."

Written by Bill Housley


To my Grandchildren Will, Abby, Andrew and Lily


To my grandchildren: Will, Abby, Andrew and Lily


On Christmas Day He left His Throne.

As a gift of love He came.

In Bethlehem a King is born

as the Angels praised His Name.

Born in a stable, cold and dark

just as the Prophet said.

All wrapped up in grave clothes

with a manger for His bed.

God Almighty, but human too

He grew into a man

firmly focused on our needs

and His Father's Sovereign Plan.

He lived a sinless righteous life;

preparing for That Day

when He would freely give His life

so you might ,one day, say,

"I love you, Lord, with all my heart.

Here I am, A sinner.

Please cleanse me in Your Righteousness

and declare in me a Winner."

"A winner over all those things

that You suffered for and Gave.

by Faith I claim Your Victory

and promise to behave."

" Jesus, help me to be Pure

in body, mind and soul,

that I might be a blessing,

that Love would be my goal."

"Lord, please lead me as I live

this life that only I can give

to others, freely, for Your sake,

now that I know just what's at stake."

"Cause, no matter what I gain in life

right up till That Day,

when all I am

is not what I have,

but what I gave away."



Written by Bill Housley


America's Decline

America the beautiful,

we've backed up far enough.

It's time to take our country back

It's time to get real tough.

As a child I do remember,

each day we'd pray at school.

Today you're risking jail time

If you break that unwrote rule

Evolution's just a theory

and it's hard to understand

Why give it so much credit

when it's just a Godless scam!

You can never mention Jesus!

It may convict them of their sin

and remind them of their evil,

the condition that they're in!

So it's ridicule and now rejection;

but it's us who'll suffer loss.

He's been there at least once before,

like when we nailed him to a cross.

God's blessing on this country,

it shows in many ways.

Now in the wake of His rejection

we've seen our better days.

He came;He died;He rose again.

He still loves us all the same.

He purchased our forgiveness.

Praise God! In Jesus Name!

Now this whole earth is groaning

like as, a woman's labor pains.

It won't be that much longer till

He returns and finally reigns.

Written by Bill Housley


Decades of backing up (progressivism)

To My Grandchildren: Will, Abby, Andrew and Lily

Six decades plus I've been around.

I've seen the change and heard the sound

of evil people in the news

but never recognized the clues.

They started many years ago

to take away and over throw

the life of freedom we all love,

the gift of Grace from God above.

They talked of love and peace and change

to get the votes to rearrange.

When all the time their real intent

was to infiltrate our government.

Affirmative Action a disgrace to all,

as it lowers the bar causing business to fall

Judged by our merit; not our color or creed

Dr. King preached to many about this real need.

No Child Left Behind is a similar pain

Kids aren't any smarter; they're just all the same.

Slower kids set the standard and hold back the rest

so they all make the same grade when put to the test.

We're taught evolution as fact in our schools

With, God out of the picture, we'll all become fools

God's word says creation and His Word does not fail.

But political correctness may land you in jail.

"Redistribute the wealth" is a plan Barak wrote

in disguise as our health care, crammed down our throat.

With Biden, Pelosi, Reed and the like

committing this treason far left from what's Right.

"Chi" Town politics in Washington at work

with transparency on C-Span by a partisan jerk

Reading his speeches with eloquent talk

Never even intending to walk the walk

Abort means Abort, but they call it free choice.

When it concerns unborn babies who don't have a voice

When a country that's founded on freedom for all

murders its children, yes, we're in for a FALL.

For you NSA guys reviewing my works

As key words suggest danger alerting you jerks.

I guess a red flag has gone thru the roof

when an American citizen reveals the real truth.

The United States was once the "Rock."

but is now the world's "Laughingstock."

Her dignity is near deceased.

The cost? The Nobel prize of peace

I must apologize and say

to my kids and grandkids if I may.

The change was subtle as could be

but now it's clear, I plainly see.

Don't be deceived by what you hear

but walk with God and never fear

He'll lead you down His righteous path

while liars reap His Holy Wrath.

One day we all will see His face.

We'll take a knee and plead our case.

He'll say "well done" or "depart from Me,"

and this will start Eternity.


Written by Bill Housley


What were they thinking?

"Roe v Wade," was Satan's clincher

and this country's saddest time

They declared it open season

on our morals in decline.

Babies stripped of right to life

as illegals freely stay!

They ignore the Constitution

"Legal scholars?" they say.

Now they want to take our guns

and strip our rights as well

If they ever try to take this one

It'll send them straight to -------!

As a US Marine I swore an oath;

many others did the same

To protect The Constitution

and defend this country's name

I hate to see my grand kids

have to put up with this crap.

Our leaders, clearly Liars

and we've fallen in their trap.

Republican or Democrat

which ever, no one's care

Should vote for what is right for us

not agendas we don't share.

Yes, our country's all messed up

It'll take a major fix.

It's depending on the people,

not a magic bag of tricks!

It's our responsibility

to set this whole thing straight .

Our children and their children

can't afford for us to wait.

Written by Bill Housley


Revival is in order

From complacancy to apathy

towards the system we all trusted.

Now that Big Brother's in control

we're all fixin to be busted!

The IRS, our new Gestapo

or you might call it KGB.

Its purpose? Feed the monster

while starving you and me.

The sad but funny thing about it

and it makes me want to cuss!

We will slowly commit suicide.

Because the enemy is us!!

Khrushchev said it years ago

that we'd be conquered from within.

We've thrown our morals out the window

now we're paying for our sin!

Global Warming is their reason

To bring all governments together

Falsely claiming "science says"

"we'll all die from changing weather"

Looking thru our greed and lust

Makes it difficult to see

those events that threaten freedom

And steal our liberty.

I hate to say it, Grand Kids,

you're in a Fix to say the least

with a debt that's now unpayable

The Trillion Dollar Beast.

It seems Political correctness

Is the new law of the land

Our Constitution's under fire!!

Because our heads are in the sand!!

Our country's broke and we're at war

A debt of trillions owed

Terrorists within our borders

Rigged and ready to explode!

What some schools teach our children

I,m not sure how to take

Be tolerant! and never judge!

or be burned at the stake.

God's blessed this country like no other

all down through the years.

Its soon demise and destruction

Would bring a liberal to tears

Conservatives or liberals

It doesn't really care

Life as we've known it in the past

Isn't going to be there.

This poem's getting kinda scary

It makes me want to fight

For the Constitution/Bill of Rights

To defend with all my might.

I owe it to my children

and to those who fought and died

To defend it from this tyranny

and from these who plainly lied!

Written by Bill Housley


Don't give up!

America the beautiful

has seen it's better days.

Mass murderers since Roe v Wade.

We'd better change our ways.

God Bless America we say.

He has down thru the years.

But our lack of being faithful

has brought our God to tears

I don't think He can bless us

when, what He conceives, we kill

For the sake of our convenience

While Ignoring His Good Will.

Once the greatest nation;

since we lost it in the poles

our beloved Constitution

Is becoming full of holes!

Our first amendment freedoms

are going up in smoke.

To this administration

that seems to be a joke!

Now they're working on the second.

Perhaps I shouldn't tell.

If they come to get my weapon

it'll send them straight to .........

I'm looking soon to see the fourth

completely to go under.

With many soldiers in the streets

going forth to plunder.

Martial law will be the straw

that breaks this country's will.

In the name of our security

Forcing patriots to kill.

Written by Bill Housley


As Obama watched

As Obama watched the violence build

at the US Embassy,

Four men, now heroes, bravely fought

In a place called Benghazi .

Expecting help would come real soon

cause it's not too far away.

But the order came, all "Stand Down"

when there should be "No Delay."

Four Americans fighting to their death

to defend the USA

while our leadership in Washington

Decides to run away

Yes, my fellow Americans,

each one, a Hero's death, for sure

This ex Marine salutes them

and is praying for a cure!

A cure for all the ignorance

in America today

Of all the monumental failures

What else can I say?

Our government's mentality;

here's what they think of us:

"Let's put illegals on free rides

and Vets under the bus."

The US Constitution;

we're all under that same law.

It provides us all protection;

court enforcement is the flaw.

God Bless our unborn babies

who don't have a voice;

depending on their Mommies

to make "LIFE" their choice.


and the list goes on and on:

The FBI and the AHCA

and of course the Pentagon

Political Correctness

is our Government's new normal.

Deception,lies,and cover-ups;

yes, we're all in serious trouble.

This trouble could begin the end

of life for big and small.

But rest assured, God's in control

and His Grace is free to all.

Death and Hell is a sure thing

if in the World you believe.

But put your Faith and Trust in Christ

And a Crown of Life receive.

Written by Bill Housley


Could this have been intentional?

One has to wonder; was it their plan?

To achieve some hidden end

Of something unamerican

Which seems to be their trend

The Obama-ministration

seems up to something queer

This shouldn't be a big surprise

Their actions make 'that' clear!

Benghazi smells of treason

but the truth we'll never hear

from a bought and paid for Media

whose cahoots are very clear.

Now Al Queda has control

of many U.S. weapons

and our training base near Tripoli

"For what," one only reckons

Perhaps they'll use them for 'good' things

Like promoting love and kindness

If one believes this for one second

You might be one that's mindless

And then there's Hillary's

"What difference does it make"?

"I'm sure it was the video

cause I made no mistake "

All in all, one clever plan

by this administration

to avoid, yet, another scandal

thru someone's resignation

Or they'll pin it on a scapegoat

Suspend with pay, of course

and use their fifth Amendment right

To cover up the source

In any case, it's not their fault

and if it comes to shove or push

If things get tight and all else fails

they'll just blame it all on Bush

Written by Bill Housley

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I'm never closer to reality
as when I first wake up.
My mind just goes to thinking
Of course with coffee in my cup

It seems, I've only had a moment
Of relief from all my woes
Now from laying in one place all night
I'm stiff from head to toes.

As I stumble to the bathroom
Scanning yesterday's event
Wondering how I'm gonna fix that thing
On so much time was spent

I feel just like old Charlie Brown
with a cloud above my head
but perhaps today I'll have good luck
things might go my way instead

I guess I shouldn't be naïve
To believe it'll change itself
I need to take it by the horns
and put self pity on the shelf

After all Is said and done, I know
It's not me that called that shot
but a loving God in heaven
Who loves me an awful lot

It must have been all for my good
All things happen for a reason
I'll learn from this and surely grow
It will only last a season

God has a plan which cannot fail
The big picture , if you would
Sometimes real bad things happen
But God means them all for good

Written by Bill Housley


It's from my heart I'd like to say
Before I waste another day
I've watched you grow tho from afar
I barely know just who you are

Your pictures show your growing older
As I proudly add them to your folder
I can document your life so far
but I still don't know just who you are.

Well wishing cards from time to time
The holiday and birthday kind
To tell me how I'm missed as well
But paper words can never tell

How a grandpa's love, ignored at best
Might make a difference in the quest
to prepare and teach you how to cope
thru understanding, faith and hope

With all life's problems great and small
to walk courageous thru them all
Yes, Grandpa's love is always there
Tho sight unseen in constant prayer

I pray to God that every day
He'd grant me patience in the way
And keep you always in His care
Until the day that I might share

Yes, share at least a part of me
Face to face that you might see
A glimpse of hope from God above
And understand a grandpa's love.

Yes , grandpa loves and misses you
And hopes you sorta miss him too
But Jesus loves with all His might
As He offers you and all the right

The right to freedom free and clear
So you'll never ever need to fear
Just walk with Jesus is my prayer
And then never hesitate to share

Love so amazing, His life He gave
For all the world He died to save
everyone from their every sin.
Just make Him Lord then enter in

This world is in a strangle hold As greed perverts both young and oldWe've given in to Satan's claimOur hearts and lives for him to reign
Big brother's here in a big wayAnd getting stronger every dayHe watches everything we doTo take control of me and you
The end of life as we have knownIs close at hand We've all been shownWe've thrown our morals to the windAnd shamed our God. For all have sinned"Some stick their heads where they can't seeWhile others pray on bended kneeThe prophets warned of the last dayWhen hearts grow cold and fall away
Rejecting God makes satan strongNow wrong is right and right is wrongGod's Truth denied in every wayBy even Christians; what can I say?
Apostasy, the Bible sharesWill separate the wheat and taresIt's sad to say, a simple searchShows so many hypocrites at church
Tolerance, the world's new gameDefies God's Word and Jesus' nameSame sex marriage, it's latest trendReflects of Sodom's tragic end
In Romans one God makes it clearHe'll not be mocked; The end is nearTurn from your sin. It's not too lateAnd don't become a reprobate
God shared His love at CalvaryHe shed His Blood for you and meHe died an ugly death that dayThe reason's clear! Sin's price to pay!
Appointed once to die, we mustThen at 'The Judgement' place our trustIn our good works, despite sin's priceOr in the Righteousness of Christ
If you're ashamed of what He's doneAnd see yourself as number oneYou've missed the point of why He cameIn His Book of Life, to write your name
For all have sinned and fallen shortNot even one, a good report It's only by God's Grace we'll winOpen that door and let Christ in
You'll always reap from what you sowBut it all comes down to who you knowJust place your faith and hope in HimConfess and He'll forgive your sin
He's waiting now for your decisionTo lean on Him and His provisionClaim His free gift. Avoid the sorrowHe'll clear a path; by faith you follow We have the choice to make things right Not by our own but by His mightConfess your sin and then repentMake Christ your Lord, the One God sent


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