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My Thoughts on Life

Updated on January 14, 2011
My senior picture
My senior picture

Connecting with the past to better your present

With today's technological advances and the myriad of things you can do to make your own world more and more people are losing a connection with their past. And why would you want to look to the past? I mean its over and done with right? Time is moving ahead and so should you... I agree with that statement, to an extent but I also think the past has a bunch of interesting stuff that shouldn't be left behind.

Looking to the past can do so many wonderful things. Just the other day I found my high school yearbook from my senior year. I looked through it and I reminisced. However, rather than dwelling on that girl who was prettier than me or that creepy guy who always tried to sit next to me at lunch I looked at the good things. I always thought I was pretty and my senior picture proved me right. I looked back at all the clubs and sports that I was part of too. I don't even remember what some of the acronyms for them mean anymore but I was part of something that was great, or at least the picture makes me think so. And of course I looked at all the notes people wrote me in my yearbook. Since you choose who signs you should only have nice things written down. I did. It felt awesome reading all the kids notes, they thought I was awesome, they were glad to have met me, they wished me a happy summer. All of that was in my past but rereading it made me happier that day. A happy you or a happy me means that my day can be better, my tomorrow can be better, and all that jazz.

Of course if you don't have any of the happy memories I had from my yearbook you can always just laugh at the ugly kids.


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