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Narendra Modi: A politician With a Difference

Updated on September 14, 2013

What made me write about Narendra Modi

I never had any interest in politics, specially in Indian politics. In fact I voted for the first time when I left India and migrated to New Zealand. Speeches delivered by politicians were so stereotyped that I was hardly interested in listening to them. There is a small story about why I suddenly started taking interest in Indian politics. One of my friends on face book shared a video labeling it as "Hilarious". I watched that video and it was really hilarious. The video was a parody about Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi where two actors were mimicking their styles. On the same you tube page, there was a video marked as "Narendra Modi's Interview". I accidentally clicked on it and started listening to it. I was about to close the video when I heard a few words like productivity, growth, efficiency etc. It was quite unusual as mostly politicians in India avoid using these terms and are more interested in talking about other politicians. All of a sudden, I was interested in his interview and listened to his complete interview. Here was a politician who was talking about his strategies, policies etc. that he adopted in the last decade to complete his various projects in the state of Gujrat. Then he discussed about his results and how the results can be further improved. The language that he was using was more like a CEO of a company rather than of a politician. That day I realized that by the grace of god, India has finally found a politician who can reform the country with his effective leadership and honest approach.

My Analysis of Narendra Modi's Interview

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

So let us analyze one of his interviews that I watched on You Tube. Our analysis will check whether his replies match any standard management technique if you are handling a project.

So let us begin:

Narendra Modi (NM): We had acute power shortages in the villages of Gujrat.

Management Technique (MT): Identify the problem.

(Mostly our politicians are expert in hiding the real problems and inventing hypothetical problems like Ram Temple and secularism).

NM: We will overcome this problem in 1000 days.

MT: Set a realistic target to solve your problem.

NM: We need poles, cables, transformers etc. to achieve the final result. If we don't have enough resources within Gujrat, start procuring from the other states.

MT: Make a list of components required to make the finished good and start the procurement process.

NM: Make teams for various jobs based on the expertise required to execute the jobs. e.g. teams for pole erection, cabling, installation of transformers etc. Each team will be headed by a manager who will be accountable for the job entrusted to the group. Each group will have a job schedule and all group schedules will be interdependent.

MT: Delegate but delegate responsibly. Co-ordination between the groups is key to the success of a project.

If overall co-ordination is not maintained, the whole project will end up in a disaster.

We have seen many such disasters in the past. When food is to be stored, cold-storage s are not there, when cold-storage s arrive, there is a power shortage to run them and by the time power is arranged food is already rotten and there is nothing to store. And that happened after spending millions of rupees.

Finally Narendra Modi achieved this project within estimated 1000 days. And mind you, he never needed to change any employee to achieve this. The whole project was completed by the efforts of the same employees who earlier sat in their offices like a couch potatoes. That is why I say, if the leader is strong, followers can move mountains.

Try these books if you want to know more about Narendra Modi or if you are interested in Indian Politics

Convenient Action
Convenient Action

I have written my observation about Narendra Modi's work. You will love to read about the similar things from the horses mouth. Yes, this book is authored by Mr. Modi himself


Narendra Modi's Interviews

You watch these videos to listen to his interviews and I am sure, you will start agreeing with me.

So, What is my final point?

Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi

Point here is not about one's agenda. We are not discussing what is good and what is bad for the country. The main point is how you are going to achieve your agenda. Just before every election, politicians start giving statements like "We will definitely make temple in Ayodhya.". I am not here to advocate whether it is a right agenda or not. But I question these politicians that will you be able to make the temple just by shouting slogans? Where is your road map to fulfill your agenda? Other day I heard one politician saying that we will do anything to maintain secularism in this country. Now, my question is what is this "Anything"? You want to maintain secularism!!! Very good. But what steps you are going to take to achieve your goal?

Is democracy a right approach for a successful governance of a country

This module was a result of an after thought that came to my mind when I was making this lens. Do you think, a company can be successful if its CEO and other directors are elected by a voting process instead of appointing them because of their management expertise? Will it not be disastrous thing to do? Then how come the prime ministers and members of parliament are elected by masses and then we expect them to do justice to the management of the country? It is just a thought and I will appreciate if you give your views about it in my guest book section.

Is Narendra Modi a right choice to take the country to the next century?

Is Narendra Modi a right choice to take the country to the next century?

See results

Do you prefer to watch than read the lens?

Give your comments stating whether you agree with me on Narendra Modi's Style of functioning

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    • msnz profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @SBPI Inc: I agree but then why the whole world is going GAGA over democracy??

    • SBPI Inc profile image

      SBPI Inc 

      5 years ago

      Democracy = mob rule


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