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Give Joy Permission to Speak

Updated on October 26, 2010

purpose to be joyful

Sometimes we mistakenly attribute the same meaning to the word joy as we render to a state of happiness. However this article is not about happiness which comes and goes with the passing of events but about joy, a blessing which should be in the heart of every Christian. Joy is mentioned among the fruit of the Spirit (Gal.5:22) and God is saying that I want to see a demonstration of your joy.

Joy is the calm assurance that whatever the issue, God is still the, “I Am”.

When you rejoice you are telling God that that he his the one who holds your tomorrow and since he holds your tomorrow you will not allow any toxicity in your mind or spirit. When you rejoice your strength is made perfect. In Isaiah 65:18 the Lord encourages us to rejoice forever in that which he has created. Now can you tell me one thing that the Lord did not create. Therefore regardless of what it may appear to be, take joy and rejoice.

Paul and Silas were beaten and placed in jail but instead of crying, instead of saying Oh me, Oh my, they lift up there voices and rejoiced in the Lord.

You see, they were placed in jail but their minds were not in jail but free. Whenever your spirit man becomes a part of the despondency to which your physical body is entangled then you have left faith and you have began to accommodate fear. There is no fear in joy; they don’t spell alike, they don’t look alike and they don’t sound alike.

John was placed on the Isles of Pathmos, he was in solitary confinement but he did not get bitter but he got better. He rejoiced and became strengthened so the angel of the Lord could minister to him the entire book of Revelation.

When God places severe circumstances in your life that's because he his about to take you to another level in him.

We mourn and cry when God wants to take us out into the deep but the larger catch is in the deep. How can our anointing ever increase if we are contented to remain in shallow waters?

At the time of Jesus their were three types of fishermen;

a. From Shoreline

b. Underbrush and further out from the shore

c. The deep

When you become content to remain in shallow waters your catch becomes very little or none. This small catch or none tends to make you bitter and God cannot minister revelation to your bitterness. God always wants to bless you but your bitterness prevents him.

All of us desire to remain in our comfort zone but as long as we remain in comfort we give up the chance to grow.

Naomi, who after tragic circumstances in her life, began to call herself “Mara” or Mary which means bitter. She decided to move from the place of death to the place of provision. When you are in a place longer than God intended your provisions begin to get small and then none. Your bitterness is not a reflection on God but a reflection on you. But God may be saying to move out into the deep. God is saying that there is something that I require to put into the earth realm but you are holding up the show because of your refusal to by faith move out into the deep. There is a “Boaz” who I have promised a mate and there is a “David” that must be birth so get rid of your sad sack countenance and come into alignment. God is saying, "Stay with the flow son, stay with the flow".

A seed must fall off the branch. Some of what you are experiencing is a “falling off”.

This “falling off” takes you from the comfort zone to where you are stepped on and run over but just wait for the rainy season. When the rainy season comes every seed will have its day, every seed will sprout and expose its true nature. The winds and the storms are good if you are in the right place. That man who is prepared for the rain and the storms looks out his window and calls it a blessing sent from God but the man who is unprepared will always blame Satan. The man whose house has holes, who did not study the Ant and learn its ways, he will certainly cry out and will even sometimes say that God is against him.

It is like a bad workman who will always curse his tools.

The Greek word for Joy is chara meaning cheerfulness that is calm delight.

This word is used in association with;

I. The joy Prayer – Phil.1:4

II. Obedience – Heb.13:17

III. Diverse Temptations Ja. 1:7, 2Cor.8:2, 2Cor.7:13

IV. Joy Unspeakable for the believers 1Pet.1:8

V. Partakers of Christ 1Pet. 4:13

VI. Revelation brings Joy 1Jn.1:4

VII. Face to face Relationship brings Joy 2Jn.1:12

VIII. Children Walking in Truth brings Joy 3Jn. 1:4

IX. Keeping Power of God brings Joy Jude 1:24

X. Keeping Faith Alive 2Cor.1:24

Nationwide Weakness

The weakness that is in any nation often results from the people turning away from their original declaration or the moral and godly foundation on which the nation was built. In other words they choose to stop rejoicing in the God of their salvation.

Usually the approach that was good in the beginning will usually be the same requirement for the maintenance and ultimate prosperity of generations. Therefore rejoicing with God is very beneficial.

One of my Apostle's saying is that you should dance with the man who took you to the party. Usually we begin with rejoicing in God but by the time the party is over we find ourselves dancing with another that doesn't smell like God, his walk is not the same because we been deceived into following another kind.

So we see that the enemy has embarked upon a systematic approach to deceive one nation into following the odious belief systems of its neighbors.

Just as in the days of Joshua and the possession of Canaan noted in the book of Numbers so it is today that the Lord wants us to abstain from all appearances of evil and to put out from among us those foreigners who are so incline.

What do I mean by evil?

Well I mean any thing that would jeopardize the foundational rights of a country.

All devised systemic approach of the enemy that will lead God’s people into recalcitrant and distorted patterns of living that will abort their true purpose and promoted destruction of life, liberty and success. They should be cast out. Drive out the scorner and contention will cease.

If this behavior against the godly foundations upon which any country devoted to God was built is allowed to remain and continue, and if the governmental leadership acknowledges the condition but refuse to abate it then such leadership will be guilty of duplicity for they in effect are denying the nations God given purpose and affecting their joyous living.

When purpose is delayed in the life’s of the citizens of a nation it isn’t long before confusion takes its seat in the place of majesty and that is exactly the state of so many nations.They have given sovereignty to the spirit of confusion or babel (Babylon).

Delayed Purpose

The enemy wants to not just delay purpose but deny purpose. Many have gone on to the after-life never having realized their purposes.

Denied purpose will cause;

a) Lack of joy; we have ceased to rejoiced and be glad for creator who by his profundity, mercy and his gracefulness made available to us the blessed foundation, Nehemiah 8:10

b) Forgetfulness; but Paul told Timothy (2Tim.1:5) to call to remembrance that unfeigned faith; we have forgotten that it was the Lord God that made us and gave us this land; who with his own hands brought the free gift of salvation;

c) Loss of identity- we have picked up the identity of the enemy that gratifies itself in the wisdom of man which is evidenced by our behavior as brute beast,

d) Confusion – now we fight against each other; there is no loyalty; confusion denies you the right to unveil your true purpose; confusion is like a cancer that can only be put in remission by the confused being led to the place called Revelation. In this place called Revelation, clarity is administered by the grace of God, repentance and forgiveness must be made and a newness of life determined. When you have come to this place you can say, “Thank God, for even though purpose was delayed, God has not denied it.

e) Loss of health – health care s a billion dollar industry that sucks the life out of our economy with numerous ailments

The Problem: No Joy

People who have not made a resolve with the detrimental events of their past are usually candidates for lack of joy. For instance the man who was severly wounded as a young man and now his movements are limited to a wheel chair; the woman who was raped and now is unable to form a social bond with her husband; the prince who is now living as a pauper because his fathers kingdom was over-throne and he was exiled and the medical school student who because of a brain surgery which left the student with limited ability was not able to complete his goal of becoming a doctor; they must all come to a resolve and move on with what is left.

It was Elisha that said to the widow woman in 2 Kings 4:2, "What hast thou in the house?

We must understand that as long as there is life in the body then there is some thing in the "house". What is in the spiritual temple?

The woman said all that was left was a "pot of oil". Elisha implied that the God of Israel can do wonders with a "pot of oil" that is given to him.

What you have is all that God needs.

The pot of oil is symbolic of the precious Holy Spirit within your temple which God himself has placed there so in other words, all God needs is a willing vessel. He does not want you to paint up yourself like Jezebel did to impress, express or impact, rather he desires for you to supply the vessel which he can pour into so you can be a blessing to all that you encounter.

Don't be concerned with the past but let your life be a open revelation of the future. The last book in the bible is the book of Revelation and God doesn't want you to spend all your days in Genesis but move with him all the way to the book of Revelation so purpose and joy may be glorified in destiny.

Now your purpose and your joy are like two elements that need each other to glorify the living God. Too little of joy and not enough purpose is a false balance and visa versa.

In Proverbs 11:1, “A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight”.

We have all seen people with a “load of purpose” but no joy and you ask how that can be possible. It is almost like they are telling you that, “if the enemy can steal my joy he can keep it” and so they go around having so much purpose but very little or no joy.

Most often we freely hand over our joy to the enemy and then we go on to complain about the resultant state of affairs. The children of Israel in the Wilderness had purpose but exhibited little joy.

Permit me to take you on a little exercise:

Hold out both of your hands face up and imagine that the right hand is filled with purpose and the left is filled with joy. Now put the together and bring them up towards your chest and say this prayer. Lord I thank you for giving me your purpose and your joy. I received it when I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior and Lord. Now Lord I repent for allowing fear, doubt and helplessness to hide them to prevent me from fulfilling your glory upon the earth. I now ask the Holy Spirit as my senior partner to assist me as I break free of fear, doubt and unbelief so that I may be used to glorify God, in the precious name of Jesus, amen.

PS. If this article has been a blessing then let us know. Also let us know if you want the remainder of this article.


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