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Natural Memory Foam Mattress

Updated on October 15, 2012

Natural Memory Foam Mattresses

Natural memory foam is now available for anyone who has either had a bad experiance with their mattress and wants something 100% natural and has the same luxury and comfort offered by memory foam or they just want a good quality bed and like to buy extremely high quality products which contain no chemicals or offgassing from the memory foam. Check out the new myessentia memory foam mattresses as they have a great selection

Natural Memory Foam Mattress
Natural Memory Foam Mattress

Natural Memory Foam

Does it really exist?

Yes it does - I'm going to plug this Company as I've used a standard memory foam mattress for some time now and wished I'd gone with this company. I'm lucky to still have it as its just amazing to sleep on but have since found Essentia to not only be better for my peace of mind but offer finding out more about how memory foam mattresses are made, I decided to go looking for natural memory foam mattresses and this company offers everything I am looking for in a mattress. Have a look at their catalog - click on the butterfly to view more!

They ship to the USA and Canada! - My Essentia only sells natural memory foam products - including sheets and doggy beds!

Memory Foam Mattresses on Amazon

Ok why is this here? Just to show you the price difference in memory foam mattresses vs natural memory foam mattresses. You either pay for your health or you pay for your health later in life right? :)

Have a look on amazon, if anything you could try to look for a latex mattress but essentia is also worth comparing to!

When did I find out about them?

Having slept on a memory foam mattress for some time now I've decided not to get rid of it, simply because that means going back to a nasty hard orthopeadic mattress which is not your average, its actually a solid type bed rather than a firmer spring feel so no thank you - having slept on memory foam and used it for a while I've not become ill or got sick from it so thats the good news, the better news is I have found a place which does do natural memory foam, the company which makes this type of natural mattress is called myessentia and have been making their products naturally from the very beginning, infact they are the only company which has a natural memory foam mattress in existence at the moment as their product is 100% natural rather than using any blending of natural oil or material to sneak their product spiel in as having natural ingredients rather than being made 100% natural in a way which uses water as part of its manufacturing process! Also no dangerous chemicals or off gassing type materials are used in any of the process so that means you can be sure you have a product which is just as good as any memory foam mattress on the market but also you can relax in knowing that you can buy a memory foam mattress which is 100% natural and has a long warranty which gives you peace of mind and a piece of luxury in your life :)

Alot of people dont usually question the dangers or off gassing of memory foam mattresses, I guess thats because we like the smell of 'newness' or at least that oh so goooooooooooood smell of plasticky freshness is a confirmation for us, anyhow that leads us on to the next problem which is when the smell doesnt go away, infact this is the biggest problem which has some people complaining which is what you find circa 2005-2009 depending on if they are making the facts up (trust me, some of them have the most illogical reason to blame the mattress such as "I HAVE NOW MOONSHOT THE MATTRESS INTO DEEP SPACE AND I STILL HAVE PROBLEMS TO THIS DAY!" which i find ridiculous as that would suggest the mattress wasnt the problem - logic and FAIL does not or should not be combined like what we just witnessed in the example above. [how can someone be so stupid like that i dont know but the point is dont treat all the comments like gospel but figure out where the consensus is with the whole forum or blog or whatever you do you research on =-= there are some good blogs out there which discuss this =-=

Anyway I would've been scared away if i read those reviews but dont worry - I'm still alive and wouldnt give up my memory foam mattress without a damn good reason as to why. I guess the mattress was a well produced one which did off gas but for only a couple of days (4 days max) but now it is great to sleep on - I bumped into my essentia as I was paranoid and wanted to know if I could get a good natural memory foam mattress and these guys seem to have the answer, so if you are interested in getting a natural mattress then run along and give these guys a visit, they are well worth the time and the reading to find a VERY Good product!

Check out the butterfly for more information on these 100% natural memory foam mattresses

Natural Memory Foam

Does it really exist?

Natural Memory Foam MattressI once thought memory foam was just made of petroleum products but it has recently caught my attention that memory foam can be made by natural products, infact it doesnt use any of the dangerous chemicals at all that conventional cheap manufacturers still continue to use, infact you would think big companies such as Tempur would have a model of memory foam mattress which would be natural but in the whole world only 2 companies actually manufacture their foam without further people involved, that is Tempur and Myessentia.

Of course there are other memory foam manufacturers but these two companies seem to manufacture their own line!


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    • Squidrocket profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      What kind of essentia mattress do you have? :)

    • Squidrocket profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Thanks for commenting on my natural memory foam mattress lense, I've got to agree there is nothing better than memory foam for sleeping on! Sure thing Charwoo I'll give your lenses a look soon!

      Thanks for commenting!

    • lbuben profile image


      7 years ago

      Love those mattresses - have one!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hi, interesting Lens! Hope you come to see my lens too!


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