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best all natural sunscreen for kids

Updated on July 31, 2012

Protect Your Child the Natural Way

As parents, you want to keep your child safe and healthy, now and in the future. You want them to play outside as exercise prevents childhood obesity and other problems, but you also don't want them overexposed to the sun's rays. If you're concerned about potentially harmful chemicals being absorbed by your child's sensitive body, what can you do?

The answer's coming up below!

Green Parenting Needs Green Solutions

Protecting your children from the sun's harmful rays isn't easy when most products contain chemicals that might not be safe. Sunscreen is a must when summer comes; studies have shown severe sunburn increases a child's chance of developing skin cancer later in life. All natural, mineral-based sunscreens are an effective, safe alternative to traditional sunscreens, and won't damage marine life, so they're good for your child and good for the planet, too. Here are five top-rated, all natural sunscreens for kids and babies:


Chemical-free, non-toxic, suitable for children and babies, and water-resistant, the SPF 30 sunscreen contains mild, natural zinc oxide as the protecting agent, which guards against both UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreen also includes moisturizing shea butter, cocoa butter, and an array of plant extracts like sea buckthorn, organic oils, and other ingredients. If you can't find Badger Balm products locally, try (links below).


SPF 30+, the TruKid Sunny Days Face Stick for Kids is a water resistant, all natural, mineral-based sunscreen containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to protect delicate skin from plus soybean oil, coconut oil, almond oil and various plant extracts. Because of the almond and soybean oils, TruKid may be a no-non for children with severe nut allergies. Although marketed as a 'face' stick, this sunscreen can be used on kids' arms and legs, too. If the stick doesn't appeal, there's Sunny Days suncreen in a bottle. If you can't find TruKid products in your local shops, try (links below)

More Ways to Guard Your Child Against Sun Damage


Offers a range of SPF 30+ baby and kid-friendly, all natural, non-toxic, non-chemical sunscreens that are water resistant, PABA-free, protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays, contain no gluten or nut oils, and no soy, oats or dairy. The non-stinging formula means no tears if the sunscreen accidentally gets into the eyes. The product also contains Japanese green tea extract for its antioxidant properties. Can't find California Baby in local shops? Try (links below).


All natural sunscreen, SPF 15, lightly scented with chamomile and lavender oils. Titanium oxide provides sun protection. The formula contains wheat and almond oil in addition to other ingredients, so may not be safe for children with gluten or nut allergies. On the plus side, it's non-greasy and goes on smooth, so mommies will love it, too. Can't find Erbaviva in shops? Try (links below).


SPF 30+, safe for babies, fragrance free, containing organic calendula and lavender extracts, chemical free and water resistant, this sunscreen is also 100% vegetarian, and contains no petroleum or mineral oils. It is thick and shows white on the skin (which may be a bonus if you're trying to cover a squirming 18-month old), and has been known to stain clothing or other items if you aren't careful, so be aware. Can't find Earth's Best in shops? Try (links below)

Apart from sunscreen, be sure your baby or child wears a hat and sunglasses. As with all products you haven't used before, keep a watchful eye for allergies. With all natural, mineral-based sunscreens, you and your child enjoy a worry-free summer!

If you've found this lens helpful, please leave a comment and/or a rating! :-)

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    • Paula Atwell profile image

      Paula Atwell 

      9 years ago from Cleveland, OH

      Blessed by an Angel. Great job on this lens.


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