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Nerdfighters Fight Against WorldSuck

Updated on February 19, 2013

Fighting Against WoldSuck

Sometimes the world can seem overwhelmingly well, sucky.

People may cite increasing apathy among youths, need for gun control, less government intrusion, and so on.

I thought I would spread the word about at least one social movement that has really helped me feel better about the state of the world, youth, and my ability to make a difference.

I am a nerdfighter! What is a nerdfighter? Well I'll explain it and just what we can do to decrease WorldSuck. I say "we" because you can be a nerdfighter too if you want to. =)

DFTBA (Don't Forget To Be Awesome) Image from Amazon

What Is A Nerdfighter?

We definitely do not fight with nerds, or anyone else for that matter. With the possible exception of passionately debating political, scientific, or other issues important to each individual. The community is global and connected via the internet, primarily YouTube. People within the community hold regular real life "meet ups" all over the world.

Nerdfighters may or may not identify themselves as nerd, geek, dork, Trekkie, otaku, etc, as well as nerdfighter.

Nerdfighteria (the Nerdfighter community) began as fans of the Vlog Brothers, Hank and John Green and their YouTube project Brotherhood 2.0. Over the years additional projects have sprung from the Vlog Brothers and the community, often both working together.

A website, where people can post and discuss ideas for the community, plan meet ups or just get to know each other online. Some other projects headed by the Vlog Brothers and participated in heavily by nerdfighters include Project For Awesome, VidCon, and educational YouTube channels.

Additional YouTube channels;

Truth or Fail - like a quiz show

Crash Course - an educational channel covering History, Ecology, English Literature, and Biology

SciShow - awesome science information

This community promotes education, local, national, global activism, and respect for others.

Anyone that identifies them self as a Nerdfighter is a Nerdfighter. Age, race, sex, nationality, nerdiness, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation do not prevent anyone anywhere from being a Nerdfighter ever.

Nerdfighter FAQ - With John and Hank Green


French The Llama! It's a thing. An exclamation of surprise, outrage, etc..

Community Activism Is Encouraged

This community has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to support worthy charities.

Just recently nerdfighteria joined together in the Project For Awesome for the sixth year. This project has been led by the Vlog brothers from YouTube, John and Hank Green.

What an amazing year this event has had, over $400,000 raised for charities. The charities to receive funds are voted and decided on by anyone that went to the website and voted. The proceeds from the fundraising are divided among the top ten most voted for organizations.

All organizers of the Project For Awesome are volunteers to keep overhead for the project to a minimum. Volunteerism is a big part of the community. As is raising awareness of ways to reduce the levels of suck in the world.

Organizations like KIVA and This Star Wont Go Out are heavily supported year round by Nerdfighters.

This Star Wont Go Out is a foundation that provides financial assistance and support to families going through the heartbreak of a child suffering with cancer. KIVA connects people through the internet allowing people to loan as little as $25 to allow an entrepreneur around the world to build or grow their business, this improves both the individual's life and their community.

Since learning about nerdfighting I have made my first KIVA loan. Lending to people around the world via KIVA has helped my son learn about microfinance and other cultures. I have had no loans defaulted on and am re-loaning my original $25 over and over with no plans to stop doing so ever as long as this program exists.

I've also been inspired by this community to be active in local charity activities.

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