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New York Times

Updated on December 21, 2016

New York Times

I am creating this lens to help the New York Times get back to it's former glory. A strong and vibrant news media will help keep our Democracy safe and is one of the necessities of government oversight. Our elected leaders must be held accountable by a trusted media.

The following are my suggestions to the New York Times.

- Oct. 2008

Advice to the publisher of the New York Times

  1. Don't mix news with editorials.
  2. Present the news in a fair and balance way.
  3. It is OK to give your opinion in the Editorial page but never in the hard news pages.
  4. Have a more balanced editorial staff. The country is split almost 50/50. Even if you are a liberal media, you need to at minimum give the other side some voice. Otherwise, you are cutting off half your readership. Just not a smart business decision.
  5. Print an assortment of reader's letters with opinions from all sides.
  6. In the book review section, make sure you review the top selling books from your own list. Even if it is a book by a Conservative.
  7. State your political positions clearly up front so the readers know where in the political spectrum your paper and editorials are coming from.
  8. Use some common sense when addressing news that have national security implications. Don't publish articles that can help our enemies.
  9. Follow your own guidelines and don't mix politics with advertising. Do not offer discounts to certain groups unless it is available to all groups.
  10. Just print the facts and let the chips fall where they may. When an honest mistake is made, don't try to make excuses. Just print a correction.
  11. Don't be lazy with fact checking. Always have multiple sources to confirm a story.
  12. Don't accept story leaks from any one in or out of the administration. They usually have an agenda.
  13. Be very careful choosing front page stories. Over 100 front page stories on one topic is excessive and demonstrate a bias.
  14. Check the credentials of your "so called" experts. When someone makes predictions that are wrong 80% of the time, it is time to find another expert. Monitor and assess the works of your staff periodically. that is how you achieve quality. It is true in manufacturing and the same applies to news reporting.

Reader Feedback

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    • breakfastpop profile image


      2 years ago

      I was a subscriber for over thirty years, The paper started to go to hell years ago, and it will not make a miraculous recovery. The reporting is shoddy and it is so left wing that it is off the charts. Let's face it, the NYT is a propaganda outlet and nothing more.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      From the homepage of Wednesday's New York Times: "Could obesity in a pregnant woman influence the eventual political outlook of her child?"

      Other upcoming stories from this hard-hitting, serious news organization:

      > Could who you marry be determined by your fabric softener?

      > Could your grandchildren's views on abortion be influenced by whether you choose soup or salad?

      > Could you change the sexual orientation of your third cousin by simply increasing your fiber intake?


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