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New Direction of Serbia? - New President : Nikolic Tomislav

Updated on May 22, 2012
New president of Serbia, Mr. Nikolic - celebrating and announcing his victory to media.
New president of Serbia, Mr. Nikolic - celebrating and announcing his victory to media. | Source

People choosed "new way" ?

About 9 years of being president, Mr. Tadic has finally lost his place in President Palace.

With final results that Republic Commission for Elections published, Mr. Tadic lost for about 2% from his opponent, recently elected President Tomislav Nikolic - the new President of Serbia.

Many predicted that Mr.Tadic will win on second round of president elections too, but an huge surprise came at about 5pm when an about equal results of both candidates - came to rise on "hand" of Mr. Tomislav Nikolic - which, at last - gave him victorious place in this, last round of president elections.

This all complicates things in Serbia, because Parliament will be - as we all hear - of Democratic parties, and once again Serbian Advanced Party - on head with its leader Tomislav Nikolic, will be in opposition. Imagine, the opposition leader is now a president, and the parliament is made of their opponents the democratic "forces" that were ruling in past 8 years already.

Pro-European forces lost on Serbian elections 2012. Is this an new era in Serbian politics?
Pro-European forces lost on Serbian elections 2012. Is this an new era in Serbian politics?

For sixth time, same choice !

People of Serbia, just few days ago, on 20th of May 2012 - went to choose, on second round of presidential election, their new president. A lot of analytics were made, a lot of predictions, even betting clubs were in - they were giving different quotes for these two candidates.

What happened?

Amazingly low rate of those who voted, have marked this elections as well as victory of opposition that has been rated relatively low because of its past and its role in some of the Government in time of Milosevic's regime and its role during 90's in Serbia (ex- Yugoslavia).

Mr. Tadic has lost the elections. Candidates, Mr. Boris Tadic and Mr. Tomislav Nikolic have met already for sixth time in second round of presidential elections. As many, now, analytics say - the fact that these two candidates have met for six times, was one of the crucial things that have had an impact on Mr. Nikolic's win. People wanted changes, so actually these results for Mr. Tadic after 10 year of being president are marked as good.

Analysis of loss

It is obvious that win of Nikolic, marked hugely as "anti-European oriented man" , which has been promoted to "Vojvoda" - from it's ex-party boss Vojislav Seselj, that is now in Hague awaiting for his sentence, is an extreme surprise to people in Serbia, and strong signal to European Union.

Under the leadership of Boris Tadic, Serbia has gain the "candidate" status for EU, visa-free regime for EU countries (practically Schengen zone), and attracted some major investors like "Fiat", "Panasonic" , "Ikea" , "Mishllene" ,and many others. But, the unemployment rate is 25-28%, one of the biggest in region. 2/3 of nation is living under the limit of "normal life", which means that over 3 million people earns no more than 250 euros/ per month.

Another fact, that was crucial for losing this elections for Mr.Tadic is that he made some promises that weren't realized, or they have been but not on the way like he told. For example, he promised giving people shares from big national companies like "Mobile Telephony of Serbia" , " Gas Industry of Serbia " , " Electro-distribution of Serbia" ... It was promised that every citizen, that's over 18, will have a right to take 1 share from all of these three companies. All of this promises, just one came to "the light" - 1 or 2 shares from "Telekom Srbija" and "NIS" (National Gas Company), but he has promised that those shares will be at least 1.000 euros, but eventually - they are 66euros, and that's the most that they've got.

Generally, people were disappointed. Unemployment, an huge percentage from high-educative personnel. Many "System Network Administrators" , then many doctors, surgeons and many other high educated people are without job or left without job - without any compensation.

The worst health care in Europe, is just one more thing that had an influence on people to vote against Mr.Tadic. But, these elections were mostly - as people say : "Choosing anything but Tadic" , or "Choosing the less evil" - where voters haven't find in Tadic nor in Nikolic the "less evil" so disappointing "voting list" was another "push" for voters not to vote.

Serbia in future, or past?

By win of Tomislav Nikolic, opponent candidate of Boris Tadic - where do You think Serbia will go ?

See results
Interesting picture : Two opponents, side-by-side on their bill-boards.   Big, negative campaign against Tomislav Nikolic gave an additional "minus" to electing Mr.Tadic as president.
Interesting picture : Two opponents, side-by-side on their bill-boards. Big, negative campaign against Tomislav Nikolic gave an additional "minus" to electing Mr.Tadic as president.

Nikolic won - what now ?

Many analytics and hight representatives, with Mr.Tadic himself, called this elections "historical" and "in a way, these elections are actually referendum : for EU or not to EU ? " - but not many believed in this, when it comes to voters, because they know Nikolic's policy after he separated and made an new party - which is pro-European oriented, but with Kosovo in it.

For many people, and as I saw foreign media - Nikolic's won has been marked as won of "nationalist" and nationalists. Nikolic is known to domestic voters. He has been in Milosevic's government, and in his time - Yugoslavia has separated, and became what it became...Several independent countries, and Serbia with lost Kosovo.

Nikolic was "a choice" against poverty, against huge unemployment, an "no" to selling "national goods" and vote against policy that "EU doesn't have alternative" . He believes that EU has an alternative, and that we should "look for partners on East and partners on West". As he told to media, he will "continue European path of Serbia, and he will continue to retain good relations with neighbors - Croatia and Bosnia - but he underlined that he will give an strong support for Serbs living outside Serbia, especially in Croatia and Bosnia - because, as he thinks: " Serbs have never been more discriminated, and right-less " .

"Negotiations with EU should begin as fastest as it can, just after building new government and naming new MP's ".

Many predict that with having an president from opposition, and having government that comes from past regime - from Tadic's party - will lead to an unstable situation in Government as well as in Parliament.

Europe representatives, and first signs, that came from EU are "congratulations" ,and trust in Nikolic's words that he will continue to represent Serbia as democratic country, that respects human rights, and continuing European path of Serbia within Transatlantic integrations (joining NATO).

As Nikolic said, and as he claims, the matter of joining EU should be voted on referendum, as well as thing with joining NATO. " People should give their voice, and if their opinion is that EU will have some benefit for Serbia, and for them-selfs, then I have nothing against it". This wouldn't be strange if these were word of some Democratic Party representative, but Nikolic comes from ultra-nationalistic party, which was under lead of Vojislav Seselj - currently in Hague, accused for War crimes.

Transformation of Nikolic, as a person, and his separation from "Radical Party" (the ultra-nationalistic one), was key of his success - many say. People can't even say what is the difference between politic of Democratic Party, under the leadership of Mr.Tadic, and Serbian Advanced Party - on head with Tomislav Nikolic. His win came very fast, just after three years - after separating from "Serbian Radical Party" and creating new one.


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    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Soutcentral Europe


      I was one of those who was deep skeptic about this new Government, but... Respect for what they've already did!

      Amazing how political analysis missed the prediction. New Government surely brought this country to the more better stage, than it was before.


    • lafamillia profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Soutcentral Europe

      I appreciate Your thinking, but try writing on English... And, yes, the answer is NO.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Mnogo si glup! Jel ti prepisuješ tekstove sa RTS-a?


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