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Predictions and Prophecies About The New World Order

Updated on July 12, 2014

We have all heard predictions of calamities and global changes, especially as the new millennium dawned. Scholars from various religious traditions have pointed out that the current world order bears a frightening resemblance to the circumstances that their scriptures claim will precede devastation. Indeed, many people claim to have had mystical visions, and some have proved remarkably accurate.

Other predictions have been propagated by fanatics and have proven to be remarkably destructive. Although many of these predictions have not proven true, many claim that they still have some merit. We have all had a bad feeling that prevented us from walking down a particular alley or driving at a particular time. We may never know what dangers we were protected from in those instances- we may even feel a little embarrassed – but the fact remains that we were none the worse for following our instincts. Some believe that these predictions and prophecies serve a similar purpose in the world community: They serve as warnings that our present course of action is leading us down a dangerous path, and if we are attuned to the root message of these warnings and change our behaviour in time, we can often avoid the catastrophes.

"Globalization And The New World Order",has examined a most prevalent predictions for the coming years, how they have begun to manifest in our current reality, and what we can do to improve the global outlook.

Looking at these events:


Bombs set of in market-places. Teachers and students shot in school. Infants snatched away when parents turned their backs. Women and elderly men mugged in broad daylight.


Churches back factions in politics. Imams sponsor terror. Clergy charged in genocide. Priests sexually exploit young people; church cover-up. Decline in attendance; church buildings sold.


Forests stripped for commercial ventures. Woodlands laid bare by the poor in search of fuel. Groundwater polluted, unsafe to drink. Fishing ruined by industrial waste and some modern methods. Air choked with pollution.


Per capital income for sub-Saharan Africa reported to be about $480 (U.S.) A YEAR. Corporate greed leads to business collapse, leaving thousands without work. Fraud causes investors to lose life saving.

FOOD STORAGES: Some 800,000,000 people worldwide regularly go to bed hungry.

WAR: Over 100,000,000 people lost their lives as a result of war in the 29th century. Enough nuclear weapons on hand to destroy all mankind many times. Civil was. Terrorism reaches out to engulf the globe.

PESTILENCE AND OTHER ILLNESS: Starting in 1918, the Spanish flu killed 21,000,000 people. AIDS has now become “the most devastating pandemic in human history.” Cancer and heart disease bring grief worldwide.

What Will The Future Bring?

The 21st century future is a subject of intense fascination. Who of us would not like to know what we will be doing next month, next year, or even a decade from now?

Serious problems and shocking events have become everyday news around the world!

What does it mean? On a broader scale, what kind of world will this be in the New World Order?

A “Map” to Guide Us

People speculate endlessly about the future, but sometimes their vision is more idealistic than realistic. Where can we turn for a reliable view of what lies ahead? Consider an illustration. Imagine that you are traveling by bus through a foreign land. Because the area is unfamiliar, you begin to feel uneasy. Just where am I?’ you wonder. ‘Is this bus really headed in the right direction? How far am I from my destination?’

  • By consulting an accurate map and by observing the signs outside your window, you can find the answers to your questions. The situation is similar for many today who feel anxious as they think about the future. ‘Where are we heading ?’ they wonder. Are we really on the roads to global peace? If so, when will we reach that destination?’ This Book Globalization And The New World Order is like a map that can help us to answer those questions. By carefully reading it – and by looking closely at what is happening outside our “window” on the world scene – we can learn much about where we are and where we are heading first though, we need to consider how our problems began.

Warnings throughout History

Warnings about cataclysmic events have come from many directions all around us for centuries. Some of the world’s most pious, ingenious and contemplative minds have endeavoured to alert us to the dangers of technology and of tampering with nature. Throughout history, science fiction writers, novelists and satirists have tired to awaken us to the ills of human pride and greed. Jonathan Swift, Lewis Carroll, Charles Dickens and Mark Twain gave poignant warnings of the harmful direction in which society was headed, as did Aldous Huxley, H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and Isaac Asimov. All of these great minds saw the signs of human demise. Many of them, such as Aldous Huxley in Brave New World, even turned to eastern mysticism and transcendentalism after modern materialism made them cynical. Questions like these arise in the minds of intelligent person. Although we should not overly obsess potential crises, we also cannot be oblivious, especially in light of what so many ancient prophecies have foretold. Let us therefore look directly at Globalization And The New World Order:The New Rules And How To Play The Game to deepen our awareness of what messages they hold for us.


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