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Updated on February 23, 2016

Linked Vietnam "hollow" after 1,900 billion cheated of thousands of victims

22/2 afternoon, days after news company leaders Links Vietnam has offices located at Floor 4, Building 29T1, urban Trung Hoa - Nhan Chinh (Cau Giay district, Hanoi. Hanoi) temporary arrest detention, reporters were present headquarters of this company.

As noted by reporter, all activities of this office has stopped. Two glass doors were locked entrance, the entire campus hundreds of square meters of floor apartment no trace of furniture, no signs or staff working silhouette.

Hotline phone number on the website of the Company Linked Vietnam also locked can not be reached.

Protection of this building, said in May 6/2014, Vietnam moved to Co. Linked locations. Around May 11/2015, the company began operation stop signs, then the entire staff of the company was not seen to work, or to the very scattered. Tet moment, everyone in the office furniture company also shipped out.

According to the sales people at the foot of this building shop said, when the company was operating Links Vietnam, to visit the home of people are quite busy.

According rice bartender here: "The employees of this company to a multi-level dining regularly at my shop, they looked spruce, who always seemed to have money and live quite liberal. In this building there are a lot of companies, but the company's own employees Links Vietnam, we can not be confused because they have uniforms and name plates hung on the clothes. "


Linked Vietnam "hollow" left thousands of people at risk of white hands.
In addition, the following information about the shady activities of Vietnamese companies Links uncovered were some reports that residents who live in this building has seen quite bizarre manifestations took place at the company office. Especially the number of employees in the office on the 4th floor in just one week has not come to work as usual. Not only that, sometimes there are people dressed in rustic, provincial accent on the handle records and papers to the front office asking to see company leaders.

England H. a 10-storey building of households in 29T1 said: "Previously, each time to have a coffee at the service layer, any day he also caught a few employees of the company offered to participate. Once I intend to participate in one code (the amount of participants - PV) have a value of about 8.5 million. After suggesting employees should buy 3 or more codes to incentives, I wonder should not buy anymore.

"Now, when the company dissolved I still find myself lucky for not participating. A few days ago I've seen many people in the countryside up here. They said they had sold cattle to participate, now know just cry demanding money in vain, "he H. adds.

Taking advantage of the night, thieves broke into the headquarters of CPC User Agreement, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province and took nearly 500 million cash payment of staff salaries Festival in the area.
23/2 days, police Dakrong District, Quang Tri Province said, are continuing the investigation, tracing the perpetrator has caused the theft at the offices of the CPC last User Agreement.

Talking with PV, Ho Chi Cuong, Chairman of the CPC, said the incident occurred on the night of 3/2 (ie 25/12 of At MUI). Around 4 pm the same day, the budget officer received nearly 500 million commune, this is money spent on salaries and allowances in January + 2 for communal and village officials. Due to the treasurer late afternoon only 40 million grant, the remaining funds put in the safe in the room Finance - Accountancy at the communal office.

However, morning 4/2, based on the cashier assistant fire detection door lock was broken saw. Inside the room undisturbed, a safe angular moved and unlocked, and some 496 million documents in a safe stolen.

Receiving information, Police and Public Security Dakrong Quang Tri Province were present at the scene to investigate. The incident was also reported to the DPC for processing instruction.

Mr Cuong said that, on the evening of 3/2, communal User Agreement sent directly headquarters staff to schedule, but the time of the incident, the officers are on patrol.

"The amount of money lost also includes social activities of the Committee. The amount spent on salaries, allowances taken away, the next day was to advance DPC 300 million to reissue for about 27 staff and 70 part-time village officials "- Mr. Cuong said.

Police said Dakrong District, recently in the province occurred many thefts in the state agencies, but have not found the culprit.

According to your share, you are Phung Thieu Lam boy (born in 1993, residing in Ben Thuy Ward, Vinh City, Nghe An), third-year student at Hanoi Architectural University are playing with the life and death by disease myocarditis. Currently the liver, kidneys and the heart of Lam were decommissioned and artificial must run to recover, a lot of money. Lam family were very tired and impoverished because of the amount of medical treatment for children too big.

"I know the amount of student support is very small, such as sea salt than the Lam family debt that are suffering, but our actions will continue to add impetus and strength to Lam wins this disease.

I will not ask for help from anyone at all, because you are also a student as I have no money, only new genuine labor creates value.

Therefore, please help me to share this information, for more widely known, and I will have more money to support her. I will work every time, including 1, 2 am if you need to. I will take the cheap, very cheap, and you call me. Please help me to share this information, please save my friend "...

Above is the share of the boys touched Phan Ngoc Quy information posted on personal pages. Segment share has received tens of thousands and hundreds like shares in the past two days non-stop social networking.

You learn by taxi driving significant help cure diseases (Photo: P. Binh)
You learn by taxi driving significant help cure diseases (Photo: P. Binh)
Talking to us after the end of the day the car hoe at 21h30 minutes, you said that you are studying in the 5th - Biological Sciences Food (Hanoi University of Technology). Lam and children learn together in the third grade in Nghe An. After Lam hospitalized, she and some friends come forward to act as your supporters to donate money. Particularly you, I just ran enlist taxi driving school, around Hanoi delivery ... to have money to support your healing.

With rustic accent Nghe An, Quy said: "Three days ago I ran the car, just the delivery, has received support from donors ... is 10 million. In addition, the money transferred into your account in no time you Statistical group but has also been in charge of your family and move to continuous updates on Facebook.

At first, as well as your children, not hopeless because Lam was too ill health. However, the past few days, with the help of machines and medicines, the situation seems to evolve Lam us should you as extra motivation for learning by doing, hopefully help little for your family. "

Your friend, Phung Thieu Lam lying comatose in a hospital bed. (Photo: P. Binh)
Your friend, Phung Thieu Lam lying comatose in a hospital bed. (Photo: P. Binh)
"I shed tears before the hearts of the children"

After a few days shuttling up and down as motorbike taxi driver on the streets of Hanoi, you still have not turned off your faith will save you. Two days to the motorbike taxi ride, clinging clothes you have thick dirt, you go sandals were also worn, battered both heels touching. In the days of the cold Hanoi, I still did the same sandals old motorcycle wriggled across the busy street to pick up a small coin to get more money for your treatment.

Reportedly, you have 4 siblings. The sister was married away from home, also going as far announced. Every parent at home with you at the same meager pension. "Normally I still do add enough job, from tutor, sell books, sell guava ... I also set up a group of motorcycle taxi in the Polytechnical University to earn money to cover education and gain experience", You talk.

Previously, you lodge outside but not enough money. I would like to move into the dormitory of the school to stay, but today many do not have time to drive all the things I should have sent home by a friend, go all day, that night for dinner and rest. Although rolling work-study, but she was anxious because sometimes during school hours, I can not hear the client machine or slow reply message. I also know, when posting to facebook, it's not right with your everyday personality but she is not no other way, because that is the fastest way for you to have more customers to earn money to help you cure.

Phung Thieu Lam image you are healthy recovery. (Photo: Facebook characters)
Phung Thieu Lam image you are healthy recovery. (Photo: Facebook characters)
Share with us, sister Thieu Thi Oanh, Lam said her mother, 29 noon New Year, her daughter suddenly with symptoms of headache, fever, nausea and were taken to emergency at Nghe An General Hospital .

Due to the severe illness, you are family moved to Bach Mai Hospital. Here, the doctors diagnosed children with myocarditis. As of this time, the family had to buy two machines to support treatment for more than $ 200 million, not including other costs can not entirely from statistics that borrows from both sides relatives. To sustain life for Lam, the cost of treatment in the coming days may be in the tens of million / day.

"Right now our daughter is still in a coma in a hospital bed at Bach Mai Hospital. Thinking of you and your daughter, I touched unable to speak. I'm guilty too, but she could not stop, could not stop the love that you're studying for her daughter. Our family has children too much debt, "she choked Oanh said.

(AP) - People have been fed up of what is called inertia. Time "cover their ears hat ni", "silence is golden", "shut eat money" has no place in a society in which, no less intellectual, even higher when "the place".
>> 15 days in his capacity as Secretary of Hoang Trung Hai, Dinh La Thang

(Illustration: Ngoc Diep)
(Illustration: Ngoc Diep)
These days, public opinion suddenly "hot" by the two major cities in the country two, two-front secretary Dinh La Thang and Hoang Trung Hai has made impressive job for the people of not only two this local but nationwide.

Why has this phenomenon?

Firstly, should review some of the work of the two new secretaries. If in HCMC, Secretary Dinh La Thang are interested in the smallest things as requirements signboards in a street, making his way to the Vietnam heroic mother picked up the phone or recommended to buy milk for her children Vinamik Cu Chi and especially publicly personal phone numbers are in Hanoi, Hoang Trung Hai, Secretary along with his colleague Nguyen Duc Chung Chairman 'attack' on the "bottleneck" of ethics breast.

According to Unity, consecutive 3 dispatches of Hanoi is issued within 3 days of the year with enhanced content inspection duties, improve service quality in public administration bodies in the province at the same time strict handling units to happen the people of long neck wait staff ...

At meetings with the departments in the province, the head of the Hanoi - Hanoi Party Secretary Hoang Trung Hai and Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee Nguyen Duc Chung also stressed "the work as much as water chaos Red river "and require public servants to terminate festival capital immediately started work, TP will take measures to examine and monitor issues.

In fairness, that's the job, these actions can not say that big, of strategic importance, but the very being of public concern, according to this reporter by some perhaps.

First, it represents a spirit on the right, not "probe, hold the" inauguration of new people and express a determination to change.

This is something that not only the people of these two cities is the belief that people's expectations of the country.

Second, the work on however small, but it represents the torus bar, take care of the people, for the people and their determination to resolve the smallest of things.

Third, perhaps more difficult to say, the people of today and the volatility of life today do not accept the "quiet renh roasted". Frankly, people were fed up with what is called inertia. Time "cover their ears hat ni", "silence is golden", "shut eat money" has no place in a society in which, no less intellectual, even higher when "the place".

Also be "alert" before, entirely possible the recent decision of the position is not necessarily true. But the mere fact that dare to think, dare to do, dare to take responsibility convinced confidence from the people.

One thing worth noting again, that they are all leaders are considered young adults in the "breath of fresh air" 5 years ago.

Talking like that is probably not very accurate with the Secretary of the Customs by then, he was the Deputy Prime Minister, but he belongs to this generation.

Recall 5 years ago, a generation of young ministers have created a "new wind" and then 5 years, most of them have been successful.

Going back to the work of the two new secretaries and do not dare say anything because sometimes "Staff at the workers, into the natural in". It was not meant to blame objectively something to say here is that the people, the country is the desire of people to take action.

Action, action and action.

That's the message people of the country leaders sent to all ministries, 63 provinces and are anxiously waiting for a response. If anyone sit around waiting for "loss supplement" is a crime against the country, with the population.




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