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Noisy Neighbors

Updated on December 26, 2011

Neighbors back in the day were reliable and trustworthy.  Neighbors were the next best thing to having your family living next door.  NOT!  Those days of having neighbors you could trust like family are long gone.

The type of neighbors you have living next door now, they are not reliable nor trustworthy.  Neighbors are defined as jealous, thieves, or even nick picking people.  What advice can you give to people moving from their parents' home to their own apartment for the first time?  What advice can you give to people moving from their own home back to apartment living?   BRACE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF!

Due to financial problems, I for one have had to move back to an apartment.   It has been a nightmare.  It started with one incident and has blown out of proportion.  Before I signed my lease, I went to see my apartment again.  My neighbors living under me were home, and they were playing their music loud according to our property manager.   I told the property manager that it was ok, because it was during the day and not past midnight or early morning (3:00 a.m.).  The property manager turned to me and said  "it is still a little too loud and he planned to speak to them.

I moved into my apartment two days later.  My neighbors were not friendly at all.  The same day, they played their music extremely loud for at least forty-five minutes.   I did not complain about it.  I let it go.  The following week, both neighbors on the first floor under me began slamming their front doors loudly whenever they would leave their home.  The noise continued for at least two weeks.  If that wasn't enough the neighbors directly under me brought a minature poodle, who seemed to be very lonely.  The poodle barked all night while the neighbors were gone. 

I finally stopped by the office to drop off my rent, when I decided to talk the property manager about the noise my neighbors were making.  The property manager informed me that he had called and told them they were playing their music too loud.   The only problem I had with his statement was ...did he say that I complained about the music or did he let them know that he heard their loud music? I just decided to mention the slamming of the door.  The property manager said he did not know why the neighbors under me were slamming their door.  But the people across from them do have a problem locking their door, and there is a work order for having the door repaired.

I prayed for peace and got it for a while until New Year's weekend.  The neighbors under me had to babysit the poodle again, and this time they had the poodle for the weekend.  The poodle barked at the slightest noise, and this went on all night.  And on top of that, my neighbors themselves left the poodle by itself while they were out during the weekend.  Finally I said enough is enough.   Slamming doors and poodles being left alone to bark all night. Come on.

When I stopped in to complain about the dog, my neighbor had already complained about me.  My neighbor accused me of having my kids run up and down the stairs.   I don't have any kids.  The only people who have kids in the building is the people across the hall from the neighbors underneath me.  I told the manager, "are you kidding me?"  "If you know that I don't have any children, why would you question me about kids making noise in the hallway?"  On that note, I let it go again, based on this being a lost cause.

Three months later, nothing has changed, yes the people across the hall on the first floor had the door repaired.  Unfornately, both neighbors on the first floor are back to slamming their door, just not as much.  Everything was settling down, until I received a message on my answering machine from the property manager.  The call was about my neighbors hearing someone playing loud music and dancing from one room to the next.  I did leave my radio playing, but only loud enough for you to hear it, if you put your ear up to my door.   The dancing part, give me a break.

I left the property manager a message, because the office was closed.   This is beginning to be ridiculous.  Now is the time for a sit down, between the accuse (me) and the accuser (my neighbors).  Because someone is lying and being a nick picker, and I don't have time for this tit for tat.  If the property manager does not settle this problem better than what he has done in the past; I don't know what I am going to do.

Wish me good luck.   I am going to research regulations involving housing.   Maybe I'll just call Grace, the former lawyer on TV and get some advice.   For all new renters and returning renters BEWARE OF YOUR NEIGHBORS.







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