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No Texting Please

Updated on October 4, 2014


  1. No texting while operating a motor vehicle. Your coordination is never appropriate to text while driving

  2. No texting during the movie.

  3. No texting someone why they are in another room in the same house. Seriously?

  4. No texting someone in the middle of a conversation with another person.

  5. No texting someone while refusing to communicate by phone, unless explained in text with a brief (I'm in a meeting) will call you later response.

  6. No texting while sitting across the booth from each other on a date.

  7. No texting while in the restroom. It's something unsettling about a woman walking into a bathroom stall still attempting to text.

To quote Emily Post regarding the proper intent and use of text messaging:

Text-messaging is not an alternative to using the phone when calling would be considered rude.

Dr. Robert Myers states:

If you want to make an impression today, put your phone away when you are at a social function. If someone invites you to dinner, focus on that person, not your phone.

Let us not forget the tragic, yet avoidable, deaths and injuries caused every year by people texting and driving. We have all witnessed that driver behind you that keeps looking up and down while you are struck in bumper to bumper traffic. While you might pray that they are paying attention and don't rear-end you, not every is so lucky to avoid that negligence of others. There are so many fatalities that occur every year due to cell phone distractions such as texting while driving. It can wait. It can wait. Texting and driving safety reported om 2011 that 23% of auto accidents involved cell phones. According to their statistics, a person is 23X more likely to have an accident while texting.

Texting is communicating with the absence of verbal exchange and meaningful dialogue between parties attempting to communicate. It is not appropriate to text messages involving issues of conflict. It is also not appropriate to text while your mind, thoughts, and attention should be focused on the task of operating heavy machinery or while engaging in complex tasks that require high amounts of concentration. Texting is also not the appropriate way to ask someone out on a date or communicate/court someone you are interested in dating. You have to pick up the phone and talk to someone in order to get to know them-no way around this. To all of you who think it's cool to sit at the bar or restaurant texting people, rather than interacting with those around you, you are so not cool.

In conclusion, text when appropriate conveying messages like:

I'm on my way.

I'll be there in 30 minutes.

I'm home.

I'm running late.

Texting does not foster true communication between parties. Texting will never replace, when appropriate, the sound of someone's voice or the inflection of someones tone that is on the other side of the phone. Texting leaves ambiguity allowing others to misunderstand or misinterpret your intent. Text with caution, in the appropriate seting, stationary, and while not engaged with others or causing disruption to others.

*Never forget your text= your transcript.Texting is speaking over a microphone because your messages can be viewed by unintended parties, forwarded to others, and retrieved. Welcome to the lovely age of technology to speak for or against you.

Annoying Texting

1. People that text you non-stop back and forth and when you pick up the phone to call them they will not pick up the phone. After hanging up 2 seconds later you get a text message that asks: What's up?

Response: What's up. Pick up the phone and find out. If you are so busy you should also be too busy to respond continuously by text.

2. When on a date, this is not the time to text people back and forth. You are being rude to the person that is in your physical presence and forcing them to partake in fractions of your presence.

Sometimes in this situation it is good to ask one of these two questions:

Is there an emergency?


Is this a good time?

This should bring to the other persons attention that they are being rude and should have better consideration of you, the person sitting across from them.


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