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Great Anti Obama Bumper Stickers

Updated on July 19, 2012

Are you NOBAMA? Show it!

Make your car or truck a reflection of you and your political distaste! Get your NOBAMA point across with these quality anti Obama bumper stickers that will outlast heavy rain, intense sunlight, the most severe traffic jams, and liberal scorn. These political bumper stickers are 11" x 3" - Large enough for any message. Made from durable vinyl with a strong adhesive back. Printed with water-resistant ink that won't fade or run. No minimum order.

Search Politically Incorrect Guides
Search Politically Incorrect Guides

Politically Incorrect Guides

Setting the record straight

Search Politically Incorrect Guides

Everything well, almost everything you know about American history is wrong because most textbooks and popular history books are written by left-wing academic historians who treat their biases as fact. But fear not: Professor Thomas Woods refutes the popular myths in The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History. Professor Woods reveals facts that you won't be or never were taught in school, tells you about the "Books You're Not Supposed to Read," and takes you on a fast-paced politically incorrect tour of American history that will give you all the information you need to battle and confound left-wing professors, neighbors, and friends.

Are you NOBAMA?

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    • Resident-Nerd profile image

      Resident-Nerd 4 years ago

      Perfect!! Not much else needed. Thanks

    • HalloweenRecipes profile image

      HalloweenRecipes 5 years ago

      Too funny! I had seen some of these bumper stickers, but only a few. You did a great job finding so many!

    • Metalpriest profile image

      Metalpriest 5 years ago

      Awesome collection. Well he won again!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Of course! Too bad he won again! Great lens!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      I wish I could insert an image here, but it's copyrighted any way, so that wouldn't be cool... but, you've seen it, haven't you? The one with the multiple frames of the dopey guy laughing so hard he falls on the ground and tears are leaking out of his eyes?

      That's me right now. And there isn't enough room on the car for all those bumper stickers... We need a billboard instead!

    • profile image

      RangerMgr 5 years ago

      Great selection. I hope we will not need them anymore after Tuesday.

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Really a very nice (and huge) collection.

    • kabbalah lm profile image

      kabbalah lm 5 years ago

      I hope he started packing. Takes time to move.

    • SquidCrew1 profile image

      SquidCrew1 5 years ago

      These are a trip.

    • jolou profile image

      jolou 5 years ago

      Yes, I hope Romney wins.

    • Michey LM profile image

      Michey LM 5 years ago

      You have a great variety of bumper stickers, some of them I didn't see it yet!

      Did you notice that he made the same promises he did in 2008, just repeat them in 2012?

      Did you notice that he doesn't even pronounce the work deficit.... how we can hope he will fix it?

    • Escapes2 profile image

      Escapes2 5 years ago

      Very funny!

    • mrsztuczkens profile image

      mrsztuczkens 5 years ago

      extremely funny ;)

    • profile image

      ElaineK 5 years ago

      Too funny!

    • profile image

      AnnaleeBlysse 5 years ago

      I like the "Capitalism - fun while it lasted" sticker.

    • Deadicated LM profile image

      Deadicated LM 5 years ago

      Great Lens, this is a President who has chosen to wipe his butt with our beloved Constitution. I like the one that has his logo for the "O" and says "Gone 2012".

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      @GiaDoberman: Put them on a magnet! You can buy it buy the roll.

    • GiaDoberman profile image

      GiaDoberman 5 years ago

      I really like the bumper stickers but wouldn't put them on my car. The value of my paint is worth alot more than Obama.

    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 5 years ago from New York

      Great bumper stickers. I love the video too!

    • ikehook lm profile image

      ikehook lm 5 years ago

      @Edutopia: I don't think anyone claims that Bush was a real conservative, but seriously Obama has already increased the National debt well past what Bush did in 8 years. Any deficit spending should be stopped regardless or what party is in the white house.

    • TheHealthGuy LM profile image

      TheHealthGuy LM 5 years ago from U.S.A.

      ObamaNation - "I", it is way to much "I" and man when he made fun of the Bible (you did catch that right) that just boiled my boogers. And then his wife during the demo nomination victory speech said something like -"This is the first time I have been proud of my country." (you can find both on youtube). I can NOT for the life of me understand why so many Americans fell for this guys smooth tongue.

    • profile image

      Edutopia 5 years ago

      I find the inclusion of the bumper sticker that tries to tie Obama to the USSR hilarious considering Obama has been a stronger fiscal conservative than Bush Jr. was so far.

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 5 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Punxsutawney Phil says "Vote for the other guy!" (Groundhog's Day blessings to you!)