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Updated on July 2, 2017

The first time Manny Villar admitted he is running for the Presidency I thought he could be a good choice. Of course that early, I was then not yet decided who I would gonna vote for that important position. Nevertheless, I saw nothing bad about choosing Manny Villar. If it is only Joseph Estrada and other nuisance candidates that he would be competing with then Manny Villar would surely be my final choice.

However, many months have passed since the day I thought Manny Villar would be a good choice for the most powerful position in the land, now I have changed my position. I am already singing a different tune. Now if you will ask me who my bet for the position of President is, I will tell you this: “Anyone except Manny Villar and Joseph Estrada.”

Why did I suddenly change my tune? Well the answer is simple. Of course right at the start I have not liked Erap but why suddenly Manny Villar became one with Erap in my list of most disliked candidates? My countrymen my answer is simple. This is not to mention the C5 extension issue anymore in which I think Manny Villar has not convincingly cleared himself. Well what suddenly turned me off is this. I could not take how lavishly this man is paying his way toward the most coveted throne in Malacanang. I could not take the way he is fooling the people especially the poor by saying that he wants to stop their poverty. He is obviously using the poor to build up his career. This is the same strategy of Erap and this is the reason why Erap hates Manny Villar. According to Erap, Manny Villar is just a copycat. Oh well they seem to deserve each other.

Do you see how Manny Villar has been spending his billions in his various TV campaign? I could never believe a man who spend this much could really care for the poor. If he is after alleviating poverty then he could have rather directly invested all his money for projects that will make the life of the poor easier. He should rather be a Philanthropist rather than a President. Why wait till he becomes the President of this land before helping the poor reach their dream of becoming better off. Many Villa is obviously capitalizing on the weakness of the poor people. Of course, the poor people are always looking for a hero who could save them from poverty and Manny Villar is painting himself to become that hero of the masses.

But  Manny Villar can never fool me. He said in one of his campaign ads that if he wants to gain more money then he could always just go back to business. But I don’t think Manny Villar ever left the business world. He is still very much into real estate business I think and into many other related businesses perhaps. Obviously, the agenda of this man is  to gain more power and more wealth. He could very well do that when he is already the President of the Philippines. He will then have all the power to protect his businesses.There are previous Presidents who did that and Manny Villar is set to repeat this history once again.

He has spent too much if only to gain edge in this election. What if he instead built free hospital or school or housing for the poor with that billions? If he instead did that philanthropic act I don’t think he needs political advertisements anymore. The people will be one in voting for him this National Election. But he did not do that and opted to enrich the TV stations more with the minute by minute electoral campaign ads. How sad!


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    • debugs profile image

      debugs 7 years ago from Odessey777, Umbris

      See my blogs... there are some secrets there you guys should know.

    • Greenlily profile image

      Greenlily 7 years ago from Philippines

      You are very right Eileen

    • profile image

      eileen 7 years ago

      Greed begets lies. There is no escaping for MV. His time will come. Even the ghost of his dead brother will haunt him.

    • Greenlily profile image

      Greenlily 7 years ago from Philippines

      How can someone whose mother is a market vendor be poor. I know vendors are making lots of money! So Villar you are lying!

    • profile image

      edwin 7 years ago

      this guy will do anything to get your land, one is double title. so those who will vote for this guy check your land title fist. don't check it in las piñas, if your from that place. SRA is one of his dummy company.

    • profile image

      MAY 7 years ago

      God save us please from this man,,,

    • profile image

      kat3n 7 years ago

      anyone BUT NOT villar and erap.. God save us!!

    • profile image

      tonton antogop jr 7 years ago from cebu city, philippines

      hey guys...noynoy's hacienda luisita and SCTEX imbroglio are far worse that Manny's alleged controversy. We have a taste of Noynoy's mother (may she rest in peace) and i was infact a supporter of her but our country was even pushed almost to the the buttom. Another Aquino, NO WAY. VILLAR is the MAN.

    • profile image

      Glenda 7 years ago

      I am not voting for him either. He is the secret candidate of Malacanang and that I have just recently confirmed. Imagine Manny Pacquiao greeting and thanking Manny Villar in one of his interviews after his recent fight. Manny Pacquiao is pro administration so why he is mentioning Manny Villar? Just read between the lines. So I have reasons not to vote for Manny Villar. NO! NO! or Villar!