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Going off the Grid as the Invisible Man - How to Disappear

Updated on April 10, 2012

Only you know why you want to disappear. Perhaps you are escaping from an abusive relationship, avoiding family, escaping overwhelming debt or running from the law. If you really want to be invisible to those who will try to track you down, you must go to extremes. The tips below will get you started on your quest for privacy in a world that is becoming harder in which to hide.

First, move as far away from your old home as possible. Getting out of your state or province is vital, a completely new country is even better. Depending on what country you are moving to, this may make the process of establishing a new identity much easier.

Next, you must create an entirely new identity. This involves more than just a social security number. Change your name. Choose a common first name, but not common to the point of suspicion. Make this name completely different from the one from your former life. Choose a new date of birth. Do not just change the birthdate and month. Changing your age will make it more difficult to find you. Change your address and phone number as well. Using a different phone carrier and utility providers can help avoid cross-referencing.

When you are setting up your new identity, do not reference your old persona in any way. This means do not use old school or medical records, your birth certificate or even personal or professional references.

One of the most difficult things to do is cutting ties with friends or family. If you are to the point that a new identity is vital, you must do it completely. If you urgently need to contact someone, use a public computer with internet access. You should preferably go to a different state, and use an anonymous email program.

Get rid of any old credit or ties to this credit. This means that you need a new car, tagged with your new information. It is vital that you pay cash for everything.

You may think attending church is a relatively safe way to socialize, and enjoy your faith. However, be cautious even in this environment. If you donate money, do so with cash and do not give the church your address.

Getting and keeping a job is tricky. Do not use old job or educational references. If possible, get a job in a completely new field. This may require some creativity when filling out applications, but with some patience you will find a job. When you are on the job, avoid getting too close to co-workers. If you change jobs, provide no forwarding information and do not let your boss know where you will be working.

Do not open a bank account for any reason. Cash your pay checks at the issuing bank and pay your bills with cash or by purchasing money orders.

Keep your home free of things that could spark suspicion from neighbours or law enforcement. Be a good, quiet neighbour. Do not have outdoor pets that annoy others. Keep your yard clean and well maintained. Finally, do not have suspicious guests or guests at unusual hours. Anything you can do to avoid law enforcement is advisable.

If you visit a doctor, dentist or hospital, utilize one from another town and provide fake. It is best to keep your medical records from becoming over-complicated, and authorities can cross-reference information such as dental records or blood type with your old data.

Mail can wind up becoming a nuisance and is an easy way for you to be traced. Sign up for a PO box or mail forwarding service so that no mail under your name will come to your home. Finally, never sign for an insured or registered letter. Tell the mail carrier that whomever it is addressed for is not at the address.

You must consider many things when you want to disappear. Always be alert and never provide more information than is needed. By following this advice and using common sense, you too go off the grid, at least in the eyes of those who wish to track you down.


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    • profile image

      Nobody 5 years ago

      I need to do this ,I just have one Big problem I have no more money.

    • profile image

      Nobody 5 years ago

      I need to do this ,I just have one Big problem I have no more money.