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Old Fashioned and Narrow Minded

Updated on May 30, 2016

Narrow-minded or being traditional?

There has always been this confusion of mine when someone does something different from the conservative way of being, in a society, they tend to get judged. Do these conservative people in the society tend to be judgemental because they are narrow-minded or is it because they are old-fashioned?

Women can't drink?

When a woman drinks or smokes, she is judged. Not only the woman, her entire family is judged. It is considered to be immoral.

Alcohol is injurious to health and if that's the reason why drinking is said to be immoral, it is acceptable. But does alcohol injure people's health based on their gender? Then why is it that if you are a woman, you are not supposed to drink? Isn't this sexism?

But isn't it against our culture?

On the other hand, when you look at it with a different perspective, women in our tradition, have always been considered to be a form of goddess Lakshmi. This is because, the well-being of the family depends on the well-being of the woman in the family.

Isn't that how our family works? Our mom is responsible for what kind of a person we grow into. It is a known fact that females generally mature faster in certain cognitive and emotional areas than males. Women are mentally mature than men. A woman can change a man be it in a positive or a negative influential way. This is exactly why a woman and her behaviour is very important in the family.

So, when a woman goes wrong, the entire family is affected which is why there are certain "don'ts" for women in our society.

So, Why is a women, drinking alcohol, not acceptable? Is it because of sexism, narrow-mindedness, male chauvinism or is it because women are just bound to follow our culture?

The length of a woman's dress decides her character?

Well, this is a common problem in the country. A woman and her choice of clothes are subjected to her own wishes. It has nothing to do with her character.

They say that when a woman wears short clothes, she is a slut. She is tempting men. Her intentions are to seduce men. She is asking to get raped. Rape has become very common and the rape criminals justify their act by accusing the victims as they say that she was asking to get raped by wearing short clothes, by roaming out at late nights.

Does this make any sense? You accuse the victim for your crime just because you cannot control your lust? You claim that you are innocent when you were the one who stuck your male part into an involuntary victim? Shame on this mentality and the people who bears such a mindset!

Or is this really about our culture?

But certain people claim that they only advise women to dress appropriately because that's who we are and our culture is our identity.

A recent incident

Recently I read an article about a television actress. This actress played the role of a hindu goddess in a series. When she went on a vacation, she tweeted a few of her bikini pictures and it stirred quite some controversies. She was verbally abused for dressing up in such a way because that's not our culture and it was quite unbearable by the public because she played the role of a female goddess. Eventually, she had to delete the pictures because she couldn't bear all the negativity.


Should we blame the society for being narrow-minded by not respecting one's personal likes and dislike and for not giving an individual, his or her own personal space or is it only because they are traditional and respect our culture and don't want to lose the identity of our tradition?


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