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4 Things I Say Every Day When I Use My Favorite Tote

Updated on July 12, 2014

Nearly a decade ago, a good friend pointed out Omnisax reusable tote bags from Envirosax in a shop. Even though (to me) the price seemed high for a reusable tote, she spoke so highly of them, and the patterns were so pretty, I couldn't resist. It has since paid for itself 10 times over in convenience and bag discounts at grocery stores.

I still use that same tote every day to carry my purchases, stuff I need for wherever I'm going, and all the odds and ends I collect along the way. I always have a strong, pretty bag ready to go at a moment's notice. It reminds me of that time I spent with my friend and her great advice in recommending this bag.

I want to share with you 4 things I say every day about my favorite tote:

#1 - Yup, It Fits in There!

At the grocery store, I do my shopping with nothing more than my shopping list and a small wristlet purse in my hand. As I load my produce and other groceries onto the belt, I tell the clerk I have my own bag (for which she taps in a $.05 discount off my purchases). Inevitably, someone - another customer, a new clerk or bagger - is shocked as I pull a good-sized tote bag from my tiny wristlet purse. And I say happily, "Yup, it fits in there!"

#2 - Load It Up!

Most of the clerks at my local grocery store recognize me and my bag. When I am there, the bagger smiles at me and asks, "Load it up?" She knows the answer already, and I tell her anyway. "Load it up!" And she proceeds to get my week's groceries into the bag, including a heavy gallon of milk. Even after all this time, the baggers are still surprised by how much they get in there.

#3 - Just One Trip!

When I get home, do I need to take two trips to get my groceries up the stairs? Of course not. I don't have a million smaller, weaker plastic bags to carry. I can fit my Envirosax bag over my shoulder, and use my hands to carry anything else I've collected during the course of the day. My husband appreciates it because he doesn't need to help me bring stuff up, and I can happily announce, I made it in "just one trip!"

#4 - Just Give Me a Second

The best part? I immediately empty my Envirosax tote and put away my groceries. If my husband wants to talk or start work on dinner right away, I can say "Sure, just give me a second" while I quickly and easily roll it up and put it back in my purse, ready for the next day so I can use it and start over again with #1.

A Holiday Note:  Giving "Green" Cheer

In a fit of "green" holiday cheer, I purchased a set of these bags at a local shop to give as gifts. But they weren't just gifts. They were the perfect reusable, cheerful gift bags. They grabbed the attention of everyone in my family's living room, and they all loved receiving a pretty, practical gift. Each bag came with its own set of instructions for how to roll it back up. My nearly 80-year-old mom assured me, "This bag will get used."

If you're not crazy about the Botanica pattern above, there are loads of other patterns to choose from. Here are a few, and if you still don't see anything you like, click on any one of these and it will take you to Amazon where you can see even more selections.

Envirosax Omnisax Paris Travel Bag
Envirosax Omnisax Paris Travel Bag

Travel themed bags include this one featuring Paris, plus others including New York and Sydney.

Envirosax Omnisax Rolling Stone Bag #2
Envirosax Omnisax Rolling Stone Bag #2

The Rolling Stone-themed set of bags includes 5 different patterns featuring all kinds of swirls and fun retro colors.

Envirosax Wanderlust Grocery Bag, Set of 2
Envirosax Wanderlust Grocery Bag, Set of 2

The Wanderlust theme series of grocery bags highlights flowers in these two patterns plus several more in other color palettes. Click here to view more options.

Omnisax Tote Bag in My Tiny Purse
Omnisax Tote Bag in My Tiny Purse

Do you use reusable tote bags for your shopping needs?

See results

Envirosax - makers of Omnisax - is a U.S. company based in San Diego, California. They make Omnisax from polyester, a form of plastic, in such a way that they are strong, durable, and encourage reuse over the long haul!

Why else should everyone own at least one good tote bag?

What do you think of the Omnisax reusable tote bags from Envirosax?


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      This is the best way to reduce the amount of plastic dumped in landfills. Thank you, KampSeagull for the great recommendation!


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