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Wife Sharing in India

Updated on April 12, 2013

Women in India are misrepresented in their society by their government and authorities in their local villages. The population of women in India is slowly diminishing along with their social status. The ratio of men to women has been altered by the demands of a patriarchal society to value the lives of men. In the past couple of decades over 12 million baby girls have been aborted from their mother's womb which has caused a great decrease in the population of women and an increase in the population of unmarried bachelors. India is a patriarchal society that sees the sole purpose of women's existence to serve the men by taking care of the household, the children, and their private needs.

The objectification of women is not a new issue in India. Many men are beginning to buy their brides from another country. The rise of sex trafficking, rape, and violence towards women is no coincidence. Women are forced to marry men twice their age, give birth, and take care of the house. Since there is a shortage of women many of women are also being obliged to have sex with her husband's brothers. These women also end up bearing the children of her husband's brother.

A women resisting to a man's demands could lead to violent repercussions sometimes even death. Many wives are violated and beat on without any valid reasoning. Wife sharing is becoming a big trend in smaller villages. Although it is very illegal in the country, local authorities and neighbors simply look the other way and offer no assistance to these poor women. Many of these women are not allowed to leave their homes by themselves so their chances of getting real help are very low. Even if they tried to run away they would have no where to run to, and no one that would take two seconds to listen to them. It's a very tragic situation for the women because they lack any chance of escape.

One way to end the terrorization and objectification of women in India is by helping better their school systems and making the level of education higher for the common villagers. Currently NGOs are working to implement programs to help the conditions of these women by helping them attain new opportunities by making schools, hospitals, and help centers more available to them.


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    • spiderlily profile image

      spiderlily 5 years ago

      While the situation of women in certain parts of India, primarily villages is dire not all Indian men are evil or sexist. In cities you see educated women wearing western style clothes, you see fathers educating their daughters. I believe that in time India will become a much more modern nation. Unfortunately progress takes a lot of time.

    • sameer.anand profile image

      Sameer Anand 6 years ago from Pilani (India)

      Thank you very much youcanteatmoney for publishing this hub.

      I agree with you that equality of women in Indian society both socially and politically have always been an issue of debate. Dwindling sex ratio and injustice against women must be checked and that too with priority over other tasks.

      India has an organization at the center called "Rastriya Mahila Ayog" concerned with upliftment of women status in society but they have been only partially successful.

      But luckily society is posing a lot of imp over this topic and these ill practices have largely been eradicated from the cities. Rural areas however still need some real upliftment.

      I hope India will strive hard to achieve it in near future.