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Organic Perfumes: All Natural Certified Organic Perfumes

Updated on December 31, 2010

All Natural, Certified Organic Perfume in 4 Fragrant Aromatherapy Scents, with Notes of Neroli, Bergamot, Orchid, Tuberose, and Vanilla

These all natural organic perfumes are made with a base of fragrant 100% natural coconut oil, infused with fragrant florals, aromatherapy spices, rare woods, exotic grasses, and sweet fruits. These are completely animal free perfumes, with no use of artificial fragrances, artificial colors, or genetically modified ingredients. Phtalate free, paraben free, petroleum free, and petroleum derivative free, these organic perfumes are made in small artisan batches.

Included in these scents are the intriguing scents of bergamot, neroli, vanilla orchid, tuberose, and other seductive, natural, chemical free scents. This mini collection is packaged in four distinct bottles, 4 ml each. These make a great all natural perfume gift set, or treat for yourself.

Each perfume oil is made with the highest amount of natural and organic ingredients possible and as a result, the color, consistency, and fragrance may vary. These variations do not affect the efficacy of the product and only reflect the possible variations of the natural sources.

Natural fragrances blend with your own body chemistry and will smell different on each person who wears them. They can be blended and layered to create your own personal scent. Using natural perfume is also better for you than wearing synthetics (and smells much better, too!).

Vegan friendly though a small percentage of beeswax is used.

Are Your Perfumes Giving You a Headache? - Do traditional synthetic scents give you a migraine headache?

Have you ever smelled someone's perfume that was so strong it gave you a headache? Modern perfumes from major manufacturers and brands contain synthetic ingredients that have been formulated to simulate other scents without the cost of those natural ingredients - to the manufacturer. You still pay a high price, but the manufacturer pays little. What you are paying for mostly is the brand, packaging, and the marketing. Essentially, you're buying chemicals with a nice brand name.

Often times synthetics are the perfumes that cause headaches. Are you using a perfume that gives you a headache, or has a perfume that you've smelled resulted in headaches?

Are your perfumes (or someone else's) giving you a headache?

See results

Have you wondered why perfume sticks to the skin? Most traditional synthetic perfume contains phthalates and plastics to make the perfume stick to the skin. Phthalates have been shown to cause kidney, liver, lung, and reproductive harm.

Most perfumes do not disclose their ingredients. These are considered "trade secrets," but usually cheaper synthetics and chemicals are used to emulate natural scents. However, not this perfume! Here are the ingredients in this organic perfume (there's nothing to hide here!):

Certified Organic Simmondisa Chinesis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride(coconut) Oil, Natural & Organic Fragrance (No synthetic fragrance, preservatives or artificial colors. 100% pure plant essences), Cymbidium Grandiflorum (Orchid) Flower Extract, Tocopherol (GMO free from a Plant Source)

Chemicals Used in Synthetic Perfumes

About the perfume industry (and why it's important to go natural with your perfume)

95% of chemicals used in fragrances are synthetic compounds derived from petroleum. They include benzene derivatives (used as an additive in gasoline and a sweet-smelling perfume ingredient), Propylene glycol (used as an ingredient in antifreeze and widely used in the perfume industry), Phthalates (Plasticizer used primarily in vinyl and also a perfume fixative), and many other known toxins and sensitizers.

The perfume industry is self-regulated. There is no requirement for ingredient or product safety testing before they are sold. Fragrant ingredients are considered "trade secrets" so there is no requirement for ingredient disclosure.

kesu organic perfume
kesu organic perfume

Kesu Organic Perfume

Seductive jasmine perfume with exotic, sensual spices

Kesu Organic Perfume:

Composed of warm amber and precious rare woods combined with the lingering aroma of smoky incense to create a seductively mysterious base. These elegant notes are layered with narcotic jasmine petals, Davana, exotic spices and fresh lime to create a unisex fragrance steeped in sensuality.

Blends well with Kizes

Also available as part of the 4 piece organic perfume set.

fleur savage organic perfume
fleur savage organic perfume

Fleur Savage Organic Perfume

Organic tuberose, neroli, and bergamot notes in this organic perfume

Fleur Savage Organic Perfume:

Floral fragrance composed of tantalizing tuberose and seductive jasmine petals that have been stimulating passion through the ages. The legend of the tuberose warns young girls to not breathe in its bewitching fragrance after dark, for fear of being overcome by desire. The voluptuous tuberose flowers are infused with notes of fresh Neroli, Italian bergamot and rich blond woods.

Blends well with Llang Llang & Kizes .

Available as part of the 4 part organic perfume set.

Lllang Llang Organic Perfume
Lllang Llang Organic Perfume

Llang Llang Organic Perfume

Seductive scent of tree blossoms with vanilla orchids and citrus

Llang Llang Organic Perfume:

The enchanting and seductive scent of tree blossoms arouses your primal desires, while the creamy, floral aroma is saturated with sugared citrus fruits and lush vanilla orchids to entice flirtation.

Blends well with Kizes & Fleur Savage

What a Natural Perfume is Supposed to Smell Like

How natural perfume is far different than chemical synthetics

Natural perfumes are not supposed to be overpowering, but subtle, blending with your unique body chemistry to create a different smell on whoever wears it. Perfumes can be layered and blended to create a unique expression all your own. The perfume advertised on this page is:

  • Petroleum free
  • Will have color, consistency, and fragrance variations because of the small batches made (and growing conditions of the ingredients)
  • Can be layered together
  • Is not likely to give you a headache - it is much lighter in scent, and uses natural ingredients that will invigorate, stimulate, and seduce
  • This organic perfume is made with 89% organic ingredients - as much as possible, and all natural

kizes organic perfume
kizes organic perfume

Kizes Organic Perfume

Sicilian bergamot, elderflower, tuberose and jasmine elements in this perfume

Kizes Organic Perfume:

The sun-kissed citrus notes of Sicilian bergamot and citron mingle with juicy clusters of elderflower blossoms and a sensual infusion of voluptuous tuberose, jasmine petals and the delicate orange flower to create pure pleasure. The fresh and playful blend of candied citrus is layered with luscious, creamy flowers to create a delicious unisex fragrance drenched in summer.

Blends well with Kesu, Llang Llang, Fleur Savage

Tell us what you think of these perfumes, what scent you might like the best, or share your thoughts about the perfume industry!

Thanks for stopping by!

How Do You Feel About Using Organic Perfume? - Are the scents alluring you? Have you tried these perfumes?

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    • profile image


      16 months ago

      Yes, I'd like to try organic perfume - are there any samples available? I hate the headache I get from most perfumes and body sprays! But I still want to smell pretty.

    • vermontmom profile image


      8 years ago

      Yes, organic is the only way to go in perfume! Why the cosmetics industry hadn't caught on is beyond me!


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