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Organic Under Eye Cream

Updated on December 31, 2010

Nourish Your Delicate Eye Area with Organic Under Eye Cream (Which Can Also Be Used as a Lip Balm!)

Nourish your under eye area with the natural anti oxidant protection of innovative preservative systems like rooibois tea, vitamin E, rosemary and neem oil to fill in eye lines, tighten skin around the delicate eye area, and revitalize. This from organic under eye cream from Chartreuse contains high quality, rich, and non greasy ingredients that are also perfect for the lips.. apply just as you would a normal lip balm!

Organic Under Eye Cream

from Chartreuse

What's in your conventional moisturizers? They may contain petroleum-based emollients such as mineral oil. These inhibit the skins ability to heal itself. And lanolin, while natural, is a common allergen that may be contaminated with pesticides. They are chocked full of preservatives such as parabens, which mimic your body´s own hormones and can have endocrine-disrupting affect. We use the natural moisturizing properties of organic aloe vera, shea butter and jojoba combined with the antioxidant prosperities of organic rooibos tea.

Drinking lots of Water

can also help to reduce signs of puffiness under the eyes. It's important to be gentle with this area of the skin.

Reduce the Puffiness Under Your Eyes and Learn to Apply this Cream - A video on treating under eye puffiness

As this video correctly suggests, an under eye cream with neem oil and rosemary is excellent for the delicate skin. This will show you how to apply this moisturizing cream to your face.

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Never Rub

the delicate skin around your eye. This product is best applied twice a day for best results. Use in combination with the organic facial cream.

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Go green with Chartreuse's organic facial products and reusable products!

Go green with Chartreuse's organic facial products and reusable products!
Go green with Chartreuse's organic facial products and reusable products!


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