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How to Organize a Fundraiser Event that Makes MONEY

Updated on February 1, 2013

Anyone can make real money

Making money by holding a fundraiser can be very rewarding in many different ways. I always say in my articles that research is key and this isn't any different. Squidoo alone has several really good articles and you should read them, or at least some of them. Don't be afraid to ask questions, we've all been at the point of organizing our first events and are willing to help the next person.

Bake Sales, Quarter Auctions, or Sub Sales...what's the right fundraiser for you?

So you're thinking about hosting a fundraiser event...

If you are in a position to host a fundraiser event this is a great place to start. There are so many fundraisers out there these days and knowing which one best suites your organization is important.

Let's assume that you are on a small committee and you are in charge of organizing an event that will create cash for your organization. The best thing to do is think out side the box, no pizza sales, no candy sales, get really outside the box.

Quarter Auctions are one of the most fun fundraiser events and can create quite a bit of income, however they are getting harder to hold in certain states, thanks to the Gaming committees. So how can you as an event planner get all of those great vendors into one location and make a great and terribly fun fundraiser?

Start your quest off by talking to people you know that sell makeup products such as Avon and Mary Kay or maybe your favorite Thirty One Purses reseller, get a list together of home based businesses and see if anyone would be interested in a Sales Saturday and if they would be willing to purchase a table at your event. A table/booth shouldn't cost them more then $20-$30, the more vendors you have the more you are making for your organization. Normally for a Quarter Auction vendors would have 3 items they auction off and they would make the quarters from their items, in an event such as this you will want your vendors to entertain the idea of raffles off their tables, this is a good way for them to get some new contacts and it will be a draw to get people in the door. Another big money maker for you and your organization is to make sure that there is food available for sale, items such as hot dogs and BBQ are easy to walk around with while they shop and are easy on your budget. Also having a bake sale during the event is another great way to make income. Most times you can have people in your organization bake items and donate them to your event.

Location, Location, Location

Holding your event in the right location will make or break your fundraiser.

Fire companies are one of the best places to hold an event such as this for several reasons, but do your research FIRST.

First make sure the fire company that you are thinking about holding the event at is in a town where people like to support their fire company, no use in having your event in the middle of nowhere with little or no population. Fire companies that hold bingo nights are great because they will make several announcements about your event during their event. Most fire companies will charge between $100 and $200, however sometimes you can get them to let that slide if you offer to have one of their members or several around to also sell games for the fire company. Fire companies that have a small games of chance license can sell pull off tickets and raffles that benefits them and their fundraisers. It's a great way for everyone to have their cake and eat it too.

Some hotels that have large ballrooms are great too but they can get expensive to rent.


you can not NOT advertise

I can not say this enough, you NEED to advertise and market your events. Why go to all the trouble of creating an event if no one is going to know about it. For most events word of mouth is not fast enough, you only have a short amount of time to get this information out to the public and get them interested and most of all have enough time to get their friends and family interested.

Fliers are a great way to post your event, think about anything that stands still. Laundromats, restaurant information boards, are great places to post your event. In my experience stapling a flier to a pole alongside the road is a waste of time an money and plus it's just ugly.

Whatever venue you booked for your event is the perfect place to post a few fliers. If you are holding it at a fire company ask if you can hand fliers out on bingo night or if they will put them on the table with the bingo cards so people can pick them up.

Getting the word out is so important and having fliers that look clean and informative is a must. Having fliers made and printed does not cost that much, chances are you can design your own flier and just have it professionally printed on a decent grade of paper. Think about your color choices as well at what information your decide to include on the flier. Hot pink is a great eye catcher however black writing isn't always easy to read on it. A bright yellow with clean black fonts will usually do the trick.

Don't get Overwhelmed

While all of this may seem to be overwhelming and a lot of work, no one ever said organizing an event won't come with some headaches. Chances are people will drive you a bit crazy. Setting some work hours is a great idea.

Just a TIP: is a super easy place to create an email account just for your event, it will create one email address you can use that the only things that go on there are emails for your events and can be used for future events. You can also share spreadsheets with other people on your committee as well to show your progress.

If you are looking for some super easy ways to make money for your organization with out having to plan an event keep an eye open for my next articles that will let you in on some super easy ideas that can have you making money within days.

I don't believe in get rich quick schemes so what you read from me will be tried and true.

Amazon is a great place for Event Planners - everything from hot dog wrappers, to insightful books

Investing in a few books is a great investment if you are truly looking to make money. There are many ideas that go over-looked and you might be surprised at what other successful people have to say. Plus a few essentials that you'll need.

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      What about things like raffles, 50-50s, and silent auctions? Do you include them?