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Sex Worker: Victim or Criminal?

Updated on June 11, 2012

'Sex Workers'

Is a prostitute a victim or a criminal? What about the 'client'?

Women do not want to be prostitutes. Standing out on cold street corners, knowing if they don't bring home enough money they'll be beat, fearing the men they call 'clients,' this is clearly not a fun life, rather it could be classified as torture! A prostitute is no different than you or I- she's only been placed on a different track with little possibility, one she was likely destined to at birth. Regardless, prostitutes are routinely treated, charged, and stigmatized as criminals.

The man who sneaks out in his Honda late at night, the music turned down low, his heart drumming in his chest; he finds the corner they stand on in their high heels and short skirts. He's nervous so he circles the block twice, swiping the sweat off his head. His wallet is full of money, he has a 401-K and isn't aware that 'food insecurity' exists in America. He doesn't think about her now but his wife is asleep at home, just down the hall from his tucked-in twins.

The client enters the deal by choice while the prostitute sales herself because she has no other choice. Yet, our courts are continually more lenient on 'clients' than on prostitutes.

The majority of our lawmakers are white, upper class, males, therefore, the laws and justice systems here in America best reflect their needs, wants, and ideologies. Start listening for the facts instead of the easy to find stereotypes- then ask yourself: who benefits?


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    • Becky Bruce profile image

      Becky Bruce 5 years ago from San Diego, CA

      You're so right Ashely. I can't argue with you! I was thinking about this as I was watching that show "The Bunny Ranch" the other day. These particualr girls DO want to be prostitutes despite many other avenues. In this hub I was just referencing the lower-dollar prostitutes who work street corners and have pimps. Thanks for another perspective, I love hearing them all! :)

    • Ask Ashley profile image

      Ask Ashley 5 years ago from California

      Hmm....I'm not so sure I agree with your premise that a prostitute is either a victim or a criminal. In Nevada, some forms of prostitution are legal, so in that sense, these specific women are not then that goes back to your other scenario of being victims. I definitely agree some women are prostitutes because they were forced into it (i.e. sex trafficking or have no other means to get their bills paid)...but I'd like to give you a third scenario: women who are financially stable who sleep for extra cash (not to get by, but to live in luxury). I used to cocktail when I was 21 in a casino and some of my fellow coworkers made extra money by prostituting, though they called it "escorting." Being in a casino, there are several "high rollers" who are willing to pay thousands of dollars for one night. My coworkers didn't need the money...we made plenty from tips. They just wanted more materialistic in this case, they willingly wanted to be prostitutes. Anyway, just another perspective. I enjoyed reading your points and voted this hub up. :)

    • Becky Bruce profile image

      Becky Bruce 5 years ago from San Diego, CA

      Glad to know others have some sense out there :) Thanks for reading!

    • christin53 profile image

      Ann-Christin 5 years ago from UK

      I couldn't agree more women who sell their bodies are definitely the victims.

    • brackenb profile image

      brackenb 5 years ago

      Well written. Voted up.