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Overpopulation, Religious Dogma, Politics, Economy and the Big Squeeze

Updated on August 29, 2017

The Big Squeeze

After publishing Spiritual Prophecy I have returned to this one which answers some of the difficult questions we should be addressing.

Many will take it as an attack on religion but it is really more questioning the intelligence of leaders who impose their will mainly formed by adherence to books written by men for power and control and by leaders of the economy who believe that more people mean more money, mainly for themselves.

Religion, the economy and politics are closely interwoven and dependent on each other. This thinking is suppported by the bible, only part of which is really from the Spirit. My lenses, listed below, address the origin of the New Testament which is largely used to justify population increase. And it addresses the followers of religions, commerce and politics, who blindly believe what is preached and told to them rather than using their common sense. I don't believe people are stupid as much as blinded by things they have never really examined for themselves.

The control and domination of people by religion and views of religious people has to be addressed as it is from such control that women, who were and in many cases still are, kept ignorant of their rights ar bearing the brunt of child bearing and large families. Under the guise of doing 'God's will' they are forbidden contraceptives. denied family planning and treated as nothing more than sex slaves by husbands, under those circumstances, who claim authority from the books and governments.

Global Warming and Overpopulation

Where did we go wrong?

Global warming, climate change and sea level rising are just some of the problems facing humanity. So are we simply burning our bridges for luxurious beliefs in philosophy, such as that perpetrated by religions, governments and short sightedness? What do you think?

There is no excuse for overpopulation except ignorance and government and religious domination of societies, which gives them more say than common sense. In fact, religion and some government policies kill common sense and we are paying the price. So what should we change to improve the situation?

Overcrowding in cities and the loss of agricultural land for housing is a burden we may never escape as the population soars. From 1.5 billion some 60 years ago to now over 7 billion and expected to be 10 billion within a few years is an astronomical figure that takes some getting the head around.

This is a controversial subject but all we have to do is look around at our cities, our disappearing forests, the over fished oceans, the loss of species, the number dying of starvation, and the terrorism and wars that never end. While many feel safe and secure in their environment and simply don't believe that what is happening to our world is terminal they are not alone. Politicians, church people, businesses and so on are lining up to poo poo suggestions that we are killing the world.

You can have your say here in several places. This is a debate on this important topic to maybe sort out how people think and where they are coming from in their beliefs and practices. If it serves to wake a few sleepers from their dreams and complacency than all the better.

Some Believe the World Can Absorb increasing population

Since the 1950s the population of the world has increased from around 2-3 billion to over 7 billion. That means it has more than doubled in 50 odd years and that at that rate by 2050 we could see some 14-15 billion people in the world, if the resources hold out.

But do you think global resources are limitless?

Unwanted child
Unwanted child

Overpopulation is Stressing Us Out

Suffering in any form is abominable

Overpopulation brings suffering to humans and animals. Masses of starving children is happening now. Babies are born that no one wants and street life and early death is what most face. Child killing or infanticide is occurring in the best of societies.

Many are murdered in their first few years of life, as noted on this lens. Common sense does not prevail where poverty, religion and overpopulation is rife. But we are all affected by this. If not now then in the very near future.

Many women in third world countries are ignorant of the availability of contraceptives while their governments won't allow education and insist on the status quo at any cost? But, even if they were available how many could afford them? But over breeding is a poor solution to poverty, especially where people are completely untrained in Western values and their forest, once depended on for food and medicines (including contraceptives) are no longer there.

Child abuse comes in many forms and allowing children to be born to suffer this fate is criminal. If they were never born they would not be abused in this way. If every married couple has just 5 children the population would treble every 20 years or so. Imagine that, in 2030 we could have a population of over 21 billion people. But that does not deter population growth. Some families are ten, twelve even fifteen and more child sized.

A few years ago a Catholic bishop stated on radio that if pregnant you must have the child because abortion and contraceptives are wrong. Later while speaking with him due to my disgust at his words he was informed on how I was dealing with a child abandoned by his single mum who could not care for him. At 6 years of age this child was suicidal, completely out of control, bowel incontinent and unable to focus his mind. It took him hours to swallow his food and often, if my back was turned, he would simply hide it.

So I asked this priest. "What will your organization do for children such as this who are born without love or need? I asked. "They are born and abandoned into society and will have shocking lives because of the rejection. What do you do for them because they have not much of a life to look forward to and are a burden on society?" His answer floored me. "There is nothing the church can do but we stand strong against abortion and birth control." In other words he passed the buck. But there are a lot of Catholic boys out there who think nothing of having sex with women. But they don't get pregnant so it is the girl's fault.

This type of thing is repeated thousands of time a week in western countries and its worse in others, as mentioned above. Children live on the streets with no one to help them in cities everywhere. In Mexico and other South American countries, there are so many that they are shot by police, as reported on television. Mostly they steal food and the drug problem is enormous. Hundreds live off rubbish tips and scrounge for scraps of food and things to sell.

Will Children Pay the Price?

History shows that as population grows out of proportion to the resources available it is the children who suffer the most. Child abuse can take many forms and anger reinforced by poverty and hunger is one of the triggers. While children are having a difficult time in overpopulated regions, e.g. Mexico, their lot will get worse.

Is giving birth to children who will be reared in poverty feasible?

Street Kids in Mexico

Poverty like this leds to crimes, death and murder. It also leads to an influx of illegal migrants trying to escape to a better life. The crush of mass exodus is just around the corner.

Chinese Baby
Chinese Baby

Practices in China

How good is this?

Secret footage from China showed abandoned children in orphanages. From newborn to a couple of years old the scenes often portrayed in the media are disgusting. Children tied up in cots, or seated permanently on potty chairs, high chairs and so on are in agony. Many just rock back and forth continually from pain and boredom. Their eyes express the pain of abuse, lack of love, lack of care and the lack of even a cuddle.

Another secret film from Tibet showed genocide practiced against the population. The reason China needs more room for its rapidly expanding population. People are murdered in the street if they demonstrate and are brutally bashed with wooden or metal batons. Attempted escapees are shot. One man in a group fleeing across the border into India told of being mowed down as they fled. It is all on film. He laid down pretending he was dead. The reason they are not allowed out - China does not want the world to see this side of their government.

Incredibly he went back to Tibet where he met others who told their story. One woman interviewed told of how she was sterilised by tube cutting and tying without any anesthetic. She claims it is done frequently to women of child bearing age. This is an example of genocide by default. The population is being prohibited from reproducing more Tibetans. Only Chinese are now welcome here.

These things are contradictions in government practices Children being born, on the one hand, who are unwanted and abandoned versus unwanted fetuses being aborted or a massive education campaign for family planning. Surely contraceptive would be a lot easier, safer and prevent the births in the first place.

What would you do? - If you were a government

There is a case for governments to control the number of children born within its borders. Should they do more or should they do nothing. This is probably the most perplexing question we face.

Would you restrict population growth

Chinese orphans

How great is it when people have babies that they cannot or will not care for. China is one country where population increase demonstrates what happens to kids as a result. It got o bad that now the one chld policy is enforced but children are still born (illegally) and abandoned in the streets when the parents are unable to keep them, legally. Is this fair? Is this where the rest of the world is heading?

The bible
The bible

Do Big Families Turn You On?

Or must we do something about it?.

A guy on television boasted that he had 11 children, a woman bragged about her 15 children and this happens on a regular basis. OK, but why? For every child born there will be at least 3 to replace it.

The Catholic Church, and many of its offshoots i.e. other Christian faiths, believe that the New Testament is ordering the production of large families. At least that is their interpretation of a document whose origin is suspicious to begin with and my research shows that it promotes untruths fostered by deceit Check out this lens

Over a quarter of a century of research the fraud behind religion and why preachers stick to their stories of make-believe and imagined rewards and punishments for dissenters came to light. Power mongering kings and their cohorts invented prophets for power and control, They needed many men to die on battlefields to prove their godliness against other kinds. So they encouraged breeding on an unprecedented level from which we have never emerged. Families also lost children at a great rate due to disease and other things. Having large families was once a necessity to see just one or two reach adulthood - but that is not the case today.

Is There a Hideous Side to Overpopulation?

Or should we just close our eyes and hope for the best?

Air Pollution

Have your say.

I have not asked any questions here so that you can make up your own and answer it. You have room to do that.

Overpopulation is at Crisis Point

You can argue this from every angle but the facts remain that in less than 60 years we have tripled the earth's population. So what of the next 60 years. That's when most of the audience here will be well into their old age but our grandchildren will still be in the prime of their lives. What is their future going to be?

Are you in favor of large families?

Population is expected to reach a staggering 10 billion in the next 5 years

Should we be limiting the number of children people have?

Running out of Time and Resources

Medical Team
Medical Team

How Can The World Cope With that Size Population?

The more people the more contamination.

The figures are staggering. Since 1950 the population of the world has trebled. It has gone from some 2 billion to over 7 billion in 50 years. Every person born requires food, water, housing and so on. Every person born excretes waste and pollutes the earth with contaminants.

Archaeology proves that civilizations with large populations collapsed under the weight of their own sewerage, loss of trees and desertification. But man learns nothing from the past and is hell bent on repeating it. "History repeats itself" is an adage we were all reared with. The world is dying now from pollution, changed climatic conditions and desertification through loss of trees.

Man the inventor learned how to overcome disease, how to cheat nature and take it all. Few kids now get measles, mumps, whopping cough, polio and so on. Plagues are down to a minimum and people live longer, many 100 years or more. In 1950 the life line averaged around 60 to 70 years. These 'natural controls' were removed so men could be gods over life and death.

Religions and governments are dependent on income and good economics. The more people there are, for instance, the more money pours into the coffers. The more people there are to work and pay taxes the more money Governments have to play around with and to pay themselves huge wages.

These are controversial topics and the alternative might be to simply help reduce the global population and to overturn some religious doctrine that is adding to overpopulation and, therefore, global warming. For every person there is a cost. Not only food, deforestation, pollution and babies but a world that is fast becoming too hot to survive in, We will all pay the price.

Animal extinction grows every day - The ones we have lost

these are only a few of the species gone forever. But as animals decline so do humans. This is just another wake up call.

Do We Need The Animals?

Is human population growth more important than animals?

Bee Decline

Bees are pollinators of plants that make up the bulk of our food. With their decline comes famine.

Should We Be Keeping People Alive? - Or must we limit the medication?

People live on because of vaccinations, medication, improved technology and all kinds of tricks to defeat nature. Is this wise? No one wants to see people suffer and we know that medicine is essential for most problems but there are times when death may be better than prolonged life. The trend now seems to be to keep everyone alive no matter what condition they have or how much their life may add up to lingering pain, and sometimes over a lifetime.

Should we withdraw medication when prolonged suffering is involved?

African ritual
African ritual

Ignorance and Religious Lies

Why can't we Ban them?

How many times do we have to listen to lies and misguided thinking before we wake up? Over and over the Pope declares that condoms are against Church doctrine. He forbids family planning, contraceptives and common sense approaches to population growth. In other words he does not care about how the population of the world is killing it.

In Australia our leading politicians follow Catholic policies and encourage large families with baby bonuses and other things. We are almost bursting at the seams now and our quality of life is very much on the decline. House prices have doubled even trebled over the last few years, food prices have soared, water has become scarce and we have too few services and professional people to go around, So what is the thinking behind increasing the population?

How many times have we heard the religious hierarchy and pope say that condoms do not stop AIDS. They either lie or are extremely ignorant because they should know, as any educated person does, that this is wrong. They are increasing the impact of this disease which kills great numbers of populations. But it also leaves little children orphaned and often without carers. We see scenes in parts of Africa with kids of 8 or 9 rearing their younger siblings by begging for handouts or slaving at jobs that many adults would have difficulty performing. Is this good Church practice? Or is it ignorance and lies? Must this be allowed to go on?

We think we are civilized but what exactly does that mean? That we look after our own and turn a blind eye to everyone else's problems? If that's the case then I am uncivilized.

We also see scenes in Africa, where the Catholic Church has great influence, of girls sold as sex slaves to men for marriage before they have even reached puberty. The result is extreme pain from fistulas and other things caused by immature bodies strained through bearing children.

How would you reduce the population?

If the world cannot sustain more than 1 billion people without oil, an example, what can we do to stop population increase?

Is education the way forward or should we start doing what China is doing with their one child policy?


How much are we controlled by corporations and governments into over producing and by religions which want more worshipers.

What Do You Think? - Do Church Leaders deliberately lie

Its either ignorance or lies that is leading us to tolerate doctrines that states that families must produce on a larger scale.

Should we tolerate lies that prevent birth control

Muslim women
Muslim women

World Leaders and Religion

They also lie about the matter

Religion is a mainstay of good government, except where it is out of hand and without direction. That is the case in some Muslim countries where religion is the government and the Emir in the Mosque is the law. It is like communism where politicians have such control over the population that no one can speak against it.

it is not so long ago that Christianity took the same stand. Who can forget the Inquisition, the witch hunts throughout Europe and the genocide of civilizations in the Americas, Australia, Africa and just about everywhere else where countries were stolen and empires flourished. We look back over that history now and many think of the conquerors as great heroes but they were really mass murderers and thieves.

My research shows that most religions have a common ancestor and we are looking back in history, through Islamic eyes, at how religious leaders dominated and controlled their flocks in the past. It is tribal based leadership where members of the tribe cannot step out of line or they will be killed or face some other type of punishment. And Islam does kill its own on an ever increasing basis.

One of the most pathetic things heard this week is from a group of Muslim women, heavily veiled, who have suddenly been allowed to learn to read. They expressed their joy at finding their way around their own cities because of reading street signs. They also stated how wonderful it is to be able to read a recipe, or to know what the headlines on a newspaper state. Through them it hit me how without female education men can dominate them to such a degree that they remain house bound and nothing more than child bearers.

Some Islamic groups are more strict than others. We know that in some regions women are free to do almost everything they want but in other places they are not. The Taliban, for instance, insists on the wearing of berkers by women because they are nothing and should never be seen in public. We have seen television footage of women being publicly stoned to death for crimes such as adultery or whatever.

The symbolism behind the berker is frightening, especially to women of the west. It is hard to watch women who wear them among your own community when all other women are free.

Women who don't know that the government in their country is prepared to help them are vulnerable and can be victims. If they don't know that the country in which they live forbids this kind of abuse they are even more vulnerable. The Australian governments has put out brochures and television ads advising women of their rights in abuse case but if the letter box is locked and the television is a no go zone how do the women see them?

When women in berkers are spotted walking around the streets of some Sydney suburbs people want to yell at them. But more important we should be yelling at the government for allowing them to be so dominated that they do not know that under Australian law they can take them off. In temperatures that reach over 40* Celsius on many a summer's day these women must swelter and almost die in those claustrophobic things.

This is not religion but control that forces them to wear these things. Under Shiite rule they can be executed for appearing in public without a cover to hide them from view.

Islamic Treatment of Women - Why should we allow this?

When Islamic women come to a free country they are not usually free. The right to be free has never been given to them and the brain washing of most of the men is something that cannot change.

Should Women Be Kept Ignorant - How can we stop it.

If is is not possible to reverse the brainwashing, as per the above video, should we be allowing them into our democratic countries.

Do you think some Muslims are a threat to democracy?

What Goes On in the World

Some of it is too horrible to report

There are two sides, or perhaps more, to this debate. We know there are very rich Islamic countries where women are educated and have lots of money and other things. But do they have control over how many children they have? We know there are sides to religions which do good and that many of the hierarchy in them are appalled at the actions of individuals. We also know that the western countries, particularly in Europe, have a declining birthrate. In fact, the following arguments are more specific to those regions where the poor are ignorant and exploited. It is these countries that need the most help and food hand outs alone does not do it.

There are also many in the world who, given an inch, will take a mile. They exploit on an unprecedented basis. They take and give little. They are exhausting the natural world. Their only concern appears to be money and yet many of these belong to religions which exonerate their behavior. Words like "go forth and multiple" and that man is made in God's image" and so on spurs them on, as well as the thought that God gave man dominion over the earth.

Until some 30 to 40 years ago infanticide was a form of abortion. In that case women had no choice but to have children. As the child was born it was prevented from breathing either by drowning, burying or holding a hand across the nose and mouth. This is shocking but unwanted children were not given the chance to live as they are now. That does NOT MEAN that I am in favor of infanticide but it is still going on in many places.

For that reason I have described it as a natural practice among those people who use it. The Kung bushmen of Africa were one such group. The woman went out on her own into the scrub to give birth. This nomadic tribe had practiced infanticide since its beginning and there was nothing against it. Women could only feed one baby at a time so a second child requiring to be breast fed was not allowed. She could also not carry two babies. Bear in mind these people had no prams, no support, no baby food or formula other than what the Kalahari Desert provided.

The same type of things happened in India, China and among many other peoples. But now with the influence of the religions in their societies they have learned not to do this. But they are not allowed contraceptives or abortions so the children are born that might otherwise have not been allowed to live, That does not mean that I, or any one else, condones it but we should be giving these women education into family planning and helping them to have smaller families.

In Mexico where children live on rubbish tips scavenging food and bits of anything to sell the sight is pathetic. This is also the case in regions of the Philippines, India, and elsewhere. So why don't the western "civilized" countries do something to prevent these children being born? That's what I am asking? Where is our obligation to them?

Why doesn't the Catholic Church, the main influence in these regions, step up to the plate and take care of these little ones. Once they are born not even the church wants them, or so it would seem

Have your say.

If you have a different view you would like to offer then please do so here. We want to hear from you.

Catholic nun and priest
Catholic nun and priest

What the Clergy Say

In poverty stricken third world countries they are the law.

We are all feeling the effects of global warming and climate change. But how many are aware of the real cause and the danger we face as a result of overpopulation.

Not only Africa, India, China and other Asian countries are causing major problems along these lines but South American countries, like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and so on, are also high up there. These are countries dominated by Catholicism where family planning, abortion and contraceptives are rarely even mentioned, if at all. Women in these poorer countries follow on from their parents and do whatever the clergy demand. That means they have children, one after the other, after the other, and families of 10, 15 and even more than that, are common.

A woman shown on TV a while back from Fiji, another Catholic dominated community, told of how she lost her job and now received some $7 per week with which she must keep her family. Because her children attend Catholic schools she has to pay some of that for school fees. She said she must give at least a tenth of it to the church and because she has borrowed money from a bank she is repaying that loan. When it was tallied up she has less than $2, after rent, to feed her family of 5 for the week. She often skips her daily ration of rice so that the children can have more. I listened to this with tears in my eyes.

That story is happening all over the Islands, throughout India, Mexico, Brazil. Argentina, South Africa and elsewhere and yet the Organization they pay tithes too has an income second only to the entire USA. They pretend to do good but the trick is to get millions of people working for them for free and they and others donating a large percent of their income. The more children they have the more secure is the Vatican's future.

That means encouraging their flocks to produce more Catholic children. Its all about economics, not truth

When you look at the garb of a Catholic nun the outfit they wear is no different to that of the Muslim woman. Their priests have the same outfits as those of Islamic emirs and the hats are identical to ancient religions as well. So why do we tolerate it? Are we all ignorant and afraid to speak up?

Religion has it root in the past where men made up rules based on their imagination and sun worship. Isn't it time we changed that?

The Lies of Catholicism - This video is shocking

You might not understand Spanish but you can certainly understand the symbols and lies used by the Church in this video. The symbols from Egypt and Islam are taken from the sun, the oldest and first known divinity.

So why should anyone believe what they say? Why should they be preaching their lies and misguided principles to the multitudes in countries where people are uneducated and cannot check out the truth of what they are proposing? We do not need to produce masses of children to please God. In fact the reverse is true. Overpopulation is a contributing factor to climate change and loss of resources. It is killing animals, plants and ultimately us. We are breeding ourselves to extinction.

It's a shocking indictment of what we tolerate and condone. If you are of this ilk then think again about what you are supporting.

Have your say

You can put in your own question and comments here without fear of retribution.

Should religions be brought to account?

In the New Testament it states that Jesus Christ told people to go forth and multiply. But this was written by men of power for power and control. < a href="">You can read about it here. This is what Christianity uses as an excuse for massive overpoppulation and lack of family planning and birth control. But it is a trick as religion profits by their numbers and having more born, as say Catholics, keeps the coffers full. So do you think that we should be questioning whether religion is actually to blame for overpopulation and, therefore, partly responsible for climate change?

What would you do to change the situation?

Parched farm land
Parched farm land

The Facts about Global Warming

In light of the ever increasing population

The world is a finite resource. Already millions of acres of once fertile land is now desert. As man seeks to grow more the forests are removed and water is drying up. As cities grow the congestion gets beyond tolerance. Yet we are in a catch 22 situation.

Governments think they need increased population to pay for the increase in population. More roads, more services, more homes, more transport, more sewerage, and so on, But they are doing it with less because we have more unemployment, more need for food, houses, roads, transport, and so on. This means a never ending circle of nonsense.

How do we change it. Frankly it looks like we are beyond the point of no return. For every man, woman and child alive today there will be two or three to replace them in the near future, and they probably will still be alive as well. So more deforestation, more land turned to desert, less fresh water, more pollution and ultimately the collapse of civilization. That means anarchy, killing on a large scale, fighting for the remaining food, water, and so on.

Man learns nothing from history because most of the human race is kept in the dark. Men are not nurturers but dare devils who seek to fight, to take, to succeed at any cost. Do they care about the future when they are so reckless with their own lives. Just because it is not happening in your area now does not mean it is not coming to you.

When will you WAKE UP!

In the past when and where water became an issue massive wars were fought for control of rivers and even dams. We are facing wars on an unprecedented scale because of the limits of resource and the fact that water is drying up. Does the Church care? Not a hoot! Do the Muslims care? No! They will consider themselves all martyrs for Islam. No one will emerge a winner from what is coming and no one can reverse it. We are locked into out folly and we will all pay a heavy price.

Do you drink water - and eat food

What will you do with the thirsty millions flood into your area and there is no water and no food?

Will you fight the masses?

Crucifixion of God men
Crucifixion of God men

When the Time Comes

The end is not that far aware

Mothers will scramble for the last drop of water to give to their children. Men will fight like crazy for their rights, Children will die because they have nothing to sustain them.

There will be few, if any, animals alive, because more of them would have been eaten, There will be no trees, or very few, because they were all removed to make way for houses and agriculture. There will be no transport because the gasoline is all gone. There will be no markets because the growers have all gone. There will be no fish because the oceans are being fished out and everything is dredged. There will be no birds because they depend on forests and trees for survival.

What a sorry, miserable, criminal act we are performing against nature. Against God who created everything and put us here to enjoy it. But it is all coming to a head because it was promised. Man will suffer intolerable defeat because he believes religion before nature. He has taken the lies and ignorance of a few old men and has believed the fairy tales told to him of this great heaven and hell and eternal existence that will be his after death. He has believed that some Saviour God, born of a virgin will come and save him

The Pope lies about that too, or is extremely ignorant. There is no such thing as a virgin birth because genes are required of both parents to create an offspring. But in the old times, long before it was realized that men fertilized the ovum to produce a baby, men thought that women were impregnated by the sun. That is the Spirit of light. Conceived by spiritual power.

In ancient times men died on the cross at dawn in their hundreds to be the next Father god. There is evidence of this in rock art, archeology, and in the very words we speak. My research into the origin of language and religions uncovered the fraud, the lies, and the conspiracies that have led us to this point. Its all been for power and now we will die because of all those who made money and achieved power at the expense of the whole world.

When it was realized that men are required for the act of human procreation patriarchy was born and women were relegated to the lowest point. Men wanted the glory for themselves. They had invented the Heavenly Mother God and now they died to rise up and fertilize her. In glory and great speculation they became the Father god, an honor then reserved for the king. Now the Pope proclaims himself king of the church and because he can't physically fertilize Mary, the old name for the sun, the virgin birth is maintained.


Its religious lies and ignorance that is killing us and we are past the point of no return. So what do you say now?

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    • Nito Gnoci profile image

      Nito Gnoci 

      21 months ago

      You seem to parrot everything you hear from the corporate media. You also embrace bizarre conspiracy theories. Why not free your mind instead?

      1) Birth rates are plummeting all over the world:

      2) You wrote: “But in the old times, long before it was realized that men fertilized the ovum to produce a baby, men thought that women were impregnated by the sun. That is the Spirit of light. Conceived by spiritual power.” What is your evidence?

      3) About peak oil:

      4) You seem to think “the water is drying up”. But when water goes up to the sky doesn’t it fall back down as rain?

      5) About the bee panic:

    • Nito Gnoci profile image

      Nito Gnoci 

      21 months ago

      I don’t know if you are intellectually honest or afraid/intolerant of those that differ with you. Will you respond to my comment?

      Your article is filled with complete nonsense. Just a few examples:

      1) You seem obsessed with the overpopulation myth. Consider the facts:

      2) The Chinese government (which by the way hates religion as much as you do) did not invade Tibet to get land for the surplus Chinese population. Few Chinese people live in Tibet, most of which is not suitable for habitation.

      3) Australia is not “busting at the seams”. It is one of the least densely populated countries.

      4) About condoms:

      5) Many imperialists hated religious folk as much as you do. Have you heard of Jules Ferry? James and John Mill?

      6) The native population in the Americas died mostly because of diseases unintentionally brought from the Old World. It is inappropriate to morally condemn Europeans much less Christians.

      Here’s Jared Diamond: “Infectious diseases introduced with Europeans, like smallpox and measles, spread from one Indian tribe to another, far in advance of Europeans themselves, and killed an estimated 95% of the New World's Indian population.”

      7) You wrote: "The same type of things happened in India, China and among many other peoples. But now with the influence of the religions in their societies they have learned not to do this. But they are not allowed contraceptives or abortions so the children are born that might otherwise have not been allowed to live,"

      Absurd! Millions have been killed by abortion in these countries. Many unborn women have been killed because they were female. Many have been forcibly sterilized.

      8) Dense population does not = poverty! Some densely populated countries like the Netherlands and Singapore are very wealthy!

      9) “Go forth and multiply” comes from Genesis not the New Testament.

      10) Christians are involved in many charitable activities:

      Please try to calm down, get your facts straight, and control your antireligious bigotry/fanaticism.

    • Rankography profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you for raising some very important issues and I am going to add this lens to my Best Lenses lens. You really write from the heart and it shows. Blessings

    • TransplantedSoul profile image


      7 years ago

      This is a great discussion topic. hard to get answers for anythihg, but the discussion is as important.

    • viscri8 profile image


      7 years ago

      these are issues that will be sorted by the pressure that nature's balancing power brings upon the world -- its just that the solution will not be of individuals ' liking. For the moment, keep well though. Blessed.

    • juditpaton profile image

      Iudit Gherghiteanu 

      7 years ago from Ozun

      i am worried since we got over 5 billion, but seems that nobody takes seriously this question, congrats for the courage, and i am pleased to see that people cares actually, but do not know what to do.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      A very interesting lens but your ?'s are ones with answers that puts everyone on one side of a fence or another. It's almost as if we are pitted against each other already. Change can be made for all mankind. The answer to all the ?'s is when is the change going to occur to guarantee the life of all mankind here on the planet we now live on. I did enjoy the points that needed to be brought up but the ?/answers did not fit in with the module they were in. Many folks probably skipped the questions. You should add a Neutral answer to all of the above modules (my opinion only). Well done lens.

    • Heather426 profile image

      Heather Burns 

      8 years ago from Wexford, Ireland

      Interesting and thought provoking lens!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Great Lens.Thanks for sharing with us

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for being willing to write how you see things. May we each have the courage to be true to some vision better than greed and ignorance!

    • howtocurecancer profile image


      8 years ago

      I favorited, I like the subject.

    • ChrisDay LM profile image

      ChrisDay LM 

      8 years ago

      Yet again, you've hit the button. If we don't address this stuff, we bring about our own end.

    • myneverboredhands profile image


      8 years ago

      Very brave of you to write about all subjects at one page-lens. I've read this lens from beginning to the end, I've answered some questions... but I don't understand how come it started with global warming and overpopulation and ended up, attacking a religions?

    • MargoPArrowsmith profile image


      8 years ago

      I answered several of your questions, but don't think they took.

      None the less, you are brave to do this. I don't agree with several of your points, but do think that we have to be careful about too many people. But it is a very complex subject.

    • BuckHawkcenter profile image


      8 years ago

      You have made some very valid points here, and clearly concerned over our current situation. Not sure that I can say religion as a whole is bad, but I can agree that too many times an organized religion does not support that which it claims to. And I do see that over-population will be the earth's demise, unless nature can step in. Over all, you have done a tremendous job of presenting your case.

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 

      8 years ago from Southampton, UK

      Lots of thought provoking questions and an excellent lens. My last few entries in the polls did not show up, so I don't know if they were taken or not, but they were definitely controversial. I think it's time for me to write an article on population control.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Something that is difficult to appreciate is just how fast things can go from bad to worse. Al Bartlett (University of Colorado) made a career of trying to raise public awareness of this issue. You can hunt down his talks on YouTube - I also put together a lens summarizing his main points, if you're interested. Thanks for your efforts here.

    • lollyj lm profile image

      Laurel Johnson 

      9 years ago from Washington KS

      I read an article recently that said if only one major Christian denomination in America used it's investment portfolio to help others it would totally eliminate hunger and homelessness in this country. The article named the denomination and quoted its most recent value in investments. The monetary value was in the high billions. If the article was accurate, does this make organized religion a business instead of God's work?

      Interesting lens. 5 - fave -- lensrolled. And thank you so much for the Squid Angel blessing to my Homelessness in America lens.

    • LoKackl profile image


      9 years ago

      Prickly questions. Courageous lens. SquidAngel Blessed

    • paperfacets profile image

      Sherry Venegas 

      9 years ago from La Verne, CA

      In the early nineties I heard a talk on NPR (National Public Radio) radio about the folly of overpopulation by a woman from Australia. I do not remember her name but she also talked about the idea that humans overrate themselves compared to the world as a whole.

      Your subject reminded me of that woman and her interesting and I am sure shocking views to many.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This lens definitely stirs things up. I followed the link from the critique me forum. I think you should incorporate the religious aspect of this debate in your title. What seems to be an economic and environmental debate turns into a strong religious attack. I understand your argument, and I disagree with it, which is the point of the lens. The generality of the title is misleading.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      As others have said, a very powerful lens! You bought issues forth that I never really thought about before. Although I disagreed with some parts and maybe at some points your tone sounded a little "harsh", that still doesn't stop it from being a great lens! This will keep the gears churning in my head for a looooooooooong time!

    • justholidays profile image


      9 years ago

      I would say that it is a very good work of research and writing. However, I consider that every country has to have its culture and cannot be judged in the alder of my civilization. Although I'm against the right of intervention, I also believe that it is necessary to control the number of births, in any case in the developed and emergent countries. It's indispensable to our survival.


    • almawad profile image


      9 years ago

      You are totally misinformed on many matters ... You got no knowledge on the different attitude of different people . You take the third world's countries as a big mass and you give generalized opinion on them .

      Once at the university at the Arab faculty the professor rebuked a student because he chose the topic of his thesis "Rights of women in the Muslim world" - there is not such thing that Muslim world - you can analyse women's right from country to country and you will find very different things in Saudi Arabia and in Indonesia or in Marocco ...

    • jennysue19 profile image


      9 years ago

      As a pagan, I hate the way we are destroying our planet which is Mother to us all. The Virgin Mary is simply a Christianisation of the idea of a Mother Goddess and in many very old paintings she is portrayed in a very similar way to the Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis. Many places in Europe now sacred to Christianity including Lourdes were pagan shrines long before Christ was born, also the places where Joan of Arc and St Therese were supposed to have seen visions of 'The Virgin'. We don't disrespect our mothers and so we should not disrespect our planet which is what we are doing by over population. However some of the questions in this lens are not well phrased and will discourage debate on the original subject.

      Also the 'scientific' arguments are inaccurate. There are both plants and animals that can reproduce without male and female being present. Some animals are hermaphroditic (both male and female).

      We are not going to solve this problem by 'bashing' the religious leaders who speak against contraception, it will only make things worse and cause more wars. War is not an acceptable way to limit populations as the people who suffer most are women and children.

    • Kylyssa profile image

      Kylyssa Shay 

      9 years ago from Overlooking a meadow near Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

      Wonderful and powerful lens. Great job!

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 

      9 years ago


    • groovyfind profile image

      Samantha Devereux 

      9 years ago from Columbia Mo

      Interesting read, I'm not a huge fan of the all or nothing questions. I'm an atheist but I feel religion has it's place for many people &amp; that's none of my concern.


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