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The Party of No has ruined our international reputation and our relations with our black community.

Updated on March 17, 2015

The Party of No has ruined our international reputation and our relations with our black community.

The unifying thread of the Party of No’s personality is their contempt for us all.

Who knows what the twisted Party of No hoped to accomplish by sending the letter to Iran?

The Party of No always lambasts President Obama for abandoning antiquated laws and our constitution. The GOP letter violated the 216 year old Logan Act. Was it treason?

The Party of No hopes to force the U.S. into a war with Iran and the U.S. mainstream media is already giving the warmongers propagandists’ opportunities to brainwash our populace.

The Party of No doesn’t care about the security of the U.S. as Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamene said that the letter from Republican lawmakers shows “disintegration” in Washington.

U.S. citizens have had enough of the Party of No.

We must confront the Party of No.

Who knows what the twisted Party of No hoped to accomplish by sending the letter to Iran?

The March, 11th, 2015 article “Senate Historian Can’t Find Anything In History That Matches GOP Iran Sabotage Letter” states “Republicans who are already reeling from the letter that 47 of their senators sent to Iran were dealt another blow as the U.S. Senate Historian’s Office can’t find another example of this type of behavior anywhere in Senate history….

The Iran letter was bad enough, but the intent behind the letter was even worse. Republicans have gone from wrecking their government at home to making the world less safe for all humankind.”

The Party of No doesn’t care about the security of the U.S. as Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamene said that the letter from Republican lawmakers shows

The article “Iran’s Top Leader: GOP Letter Points To US ‘Collapse Of Political Ethics’” states “Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called the letter a sign of “the collapse of political ethics and the U.S. system’s internal disintegration,” according to the official IRNA news agency…

Khamenei said that whenever the talks approach a deadline, “the tone of the other party, particularly the Americans, becomes harsher, harder and more violent. This is part of their tricks and deceits.””

The U.S. mainstream media is already giving the warmongers propagandists’ opportunities to brainwash our populace.

The article “WaPo Gives Lunatic A Column To Urge 'War With Iran Is The Best Option'” notes that the Washington Post shouldn’t have given GOP propagandists a vehicle to continue its warmongering as it states “Muravchik's thesis (if such sophomoric drivel can be so dignified) is that nothing will prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons and the United States should start bombing them now.”

The Party of No has ruined our relations with our black community.

The March 12, 2015 article “Rudy Giuliani: ‘Darren Wilson Should Be Commended For Shooting Michael Brown’” states “Following the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, Wednesday night, Rudy Giuliani said that former officer Darren Wilson did exactly as he should have done, and was to be commended for shooting an unarmed teen…..

Of course, it’s the victims’ fault, because they were criminals, they were resisting arrest, so they deserved to be killed. And there’s nothing wrong in police departments’ cultures that perpetuates killing unarmed people, because if people would just do what they’re told, when they’re told, they would get to walk away with their lives.

Giuliani also said, last December, that we sometimes need more white officers in black communities to keep black people from killing each other.”

Giuliani is a former GOP presidential candidate because of his tough on crime stances and also because he hates Democrats and has no compunctions in voicing these thoughts.

The February 23rd 2015 article “Giuliani: Obama under communist influence since age 9” states “Ex-New York City Mayor and former presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani’s recent string of inflammatory remarks about President Barack Obama continued on Friday when he told the New York Post the president has been under communist influence since childhood.”

We must confront the Party of No.

Democrats should take the stance that Diane Nash, civil rights pioneer, took.

The article “Civil Rights Leader Refused to March with George W. Bush in Selma” had this quote from Diane Nash “I decided I wasn’t marching anywhere with George Bush. The Selma movement stands for nonviolence and peace and democracy and fairness and voting rights. And George Bush stands for just the opposite. He stands for violence and war and stolen elections and, for goodness sake, his administration had people tortured. I think this occasion was not appropriate for him to be [at]. I think for him to appear to be leading people involved in the nonviolent movement in this country — for photographs of that to go across the world, would make it look as though we have sold out.”

The Party of No has ruined our international reputation and our relations with our black community.

The Party of No Iran letter has made the world less safe. From Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to our citizens all segments of the world realize the treachery the Party of No has perpetrated.

The Party of No’s twisted psychology forces them into betrayal of our international interests therefore it is consistent with their twisted psyche that they also ruin our domestic race relations.


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    • profile image

      DeMon Spencer 

      3 years ago

      Love reading your thoughts and ideas. Someone needs to speak the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may make uninformed republicans feel. I try to do the same thing with my blog Socially Urban.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I like some of this -- but disagree with your characterization of GOP as Party of NO.

      That's true enough, I suppose, but not effective. It does not carry much power or import, IMHO. If they were only the party of no, that would not be so bad. Rather, they have become the party of hate.

      They really have. The more hateful are their leaders, and the toxicity has spread to their entire party. I know a former mayor of my hometown, very nice guy, reasonable, bi-partisan. He even got a lot done for our city when he was a mayor, 25 years ago, as a young man.

      But now, I see him online, and he has a following. People I knew and liked and went to school with, church with, follow him. Nearly every post he writes, is now hateful. For example, he and his formerly sane followers post stuff about Obama deserves one thing - then shows a middle finger. Or shows liberals as welfare mavins, and at best minimum wage workers. On and on. And on.

      They cheer, they hate. No discussion of policy, no factual representations at all, just one hateful smear after another hateful smear.

      The mayor seems to be the leader of this particular group,. But he has competition. Others try to out hate him. He has to step up his game.

      And so it goes.

      Now, were did that hate come from? From a duck?

      Hate comes from hearing. Just like hope. And both spring eternal.

      If you watch FOX SPEWS for the last 14 years, you do not just disagree with Obama, you hate him. HATE.

      Yes, there are avowed "liberals" on FOX, surrounded by haters, and they are ineffective anyway, surrounded or not. Worse, FOX SPEWS has made hate radio seem legit. Hate radio is worse than FOX SPEWS, but not by much, and its the same hateful competition-- gotta be more hateful than the next guy.

      One person says Obama is a socialist -- that's going to get trumped by Obama is a communist. That's going to get trumped by Obama is Muslim. That's going to get trumped -- up the ladder on and on -- by Obama is a Muslim out to destroy the US.

      The race to more hate. Like a body taken over by cancer, GOP has become a hate cult. Not a party of no.

      This is not the first time

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      TEA PARTY IS SO BLAH BLAH BLAH being a republican is a totally a waste‼️

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      bradmasterOCcal obviously completely ignores, is ignorant of, or in denial of the economic crash under GOP policy and subsequent recovery under every Democratic administration consistently shown over the last 30 years. What I don't understand is if he really thinks we are stupid enough to believe his bullshit, or if he believes his own bullshit. It is also possible that the GOP cannot accept that their philosophy is totally wrong because they would blow a fuse realizing they have wasted most of their life following a phony ideaology which has essentially amounted to a con. Or there could be more sinister motives, like a divide and conquer strategy (See Paul Weyrich). Whatever it is, I am tired of it, and I think growing numbers of Americans are growing weary of this BS as well.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      Your opinions are totally wrong.

      As long as you and the others keep thinking that one party has a better idea than the other party, you are wrong.

      US History has chronicled the failure of both parties when they were in control. We got to this continued decline of the US because of the work of both parties.

      Obama has not helped, and his recent attack on Israel to side with the terrorist Middle East states, especially Palestine is dangerous to US.

      Cat got your tongue

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      You are so right! The GOP has alienated American citizens & people abroad. Now more than ever before the gap between the two parties is huge! Can't blame Obama for it all. But it sure got pointed out while he's in office. They have shown nothing but hate & ignorance. I appreciate our President, but I am really glad he's on his way out. He has been the fall guy for a lot of issues.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I was going to respond to your comment. However, I realized how tired I am and the amount of energy it is going to require to do right by it. Have a goodnight.

    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      Brad Masters 

      3 years ago from Orange County California BSIT BSL JD

      What have the democrats accomplishment in the last six years?


      I you read my hubs you will see that I think that both parties have contributed to the decline of the US.

      You offer no solutions here other than blame the other party.

      President Carter didn't properly deal with Iran, and now today we have Iran is a possible nuclear threat.

      Getting out of Iraq has enabled ISIL and ISIS to become a clear and present danger to the US, and its people.

      Neither the republicans nor the democrats have any solutions. Over the past one hundred years, with control going from one party to the other and back didn't result in a positive move forward for the country.

      Loyal party voters are responsible for much of this as the party then does what it wants to, and both parties are diametrically opposed in the goals. So the country goes from left to right and back over and over. Each party in control tries to undo the work of the other party.

      The solution is not to have the democrats in control, they failed in 2008, and neither will control by the republicans be a solution.

      The solution is for the voters to become independent and force both parties to put better candidates out there, and if they can't compromise with each other than there is no solution.


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