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Social Justice: From Passion to Action

Updated on November 30, 2014

To improve society, an individual has to be willing to take on societal issues and develop ideas on how to resolve those issues. Social justice is critical, because it is an individual’s responsibility to protect and support the rights of all people. Social justice is based on a belief that all is entitled to fair treatment and fair allocation of societal resources.

For someone to accomplish protecting the rights of others, he or she has to be a leader in advocacy. A person must understand that he or she is always playing the role of an advocate when thinking about other's well being and best interest. By advocating for others, one can be considered a social change agent, because he or she is empowering the client to take control of his or her situation, which will help improve society.


Take Action

Recently, I attended a forum related to veteran issues and how to improve the quality and accessibility of health services for veterans. During the forum, I was able to express some of my issues with the quality of women's veteran health services. Although there is an increase in the number of women veterans who serve, there is a limitation in the healthcare services offered to women veterans. Many Veterans Affairs' hospitals do not offer a gynecologist on site or sexual trauma coordinator. It is important to get the word out about improving services and the impact it can have on the community. Going to open forums can be a good way to educate others and network with others who have similar interest to help your cause.

Another way to advocate for change is to become actively involved in the political arena. Becoming a legislative advocate is not as difficult as one thinks, it just requires an individual to write to his or her representatives. Taking the time to craft a letter to local representatives can have a major impact on changing policies and laws. Meeting with lawmakers to state the purpose and agenda can have a significant impact, as well. It just takes one individual to stand-up and organize a forum with other supporters to invoke change.

Also, utilizing technology in this day and age can help reach a targeted audience. Using social media is an effective avenue to reach a large audience that normally someone might not be able to reach out to with traditional communication methods. Over the past decade years, technology has revolutionized the way people interact. The world can access, obtain, and share information in less than a millisecond.


To improve society, one has to be willing to stand-up and take an active role in bringing about change, In order to bring about change one has to develop ideas and bring solutions to the table. As a leader, a person must understand that he or she is always playing the role of an advocate when thinking about others and the best interest of the people and the organization. By advocating for others and what is important, a leader can be considered a social change agent, because he or she empowers follower to take ownership and play a pivotal role in bringing about change.


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