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My Sweet and Bitter Reflection on Philippine Prosperity

Updated on June 3, 2013

Poverty, population explosion, illiteracy, economic instability, crime, and corruption are some of the problems that confront us Filipinos. We all know that these are only summon us Filipinos to show our strengths especially that our country is now on her way to national development. My sweet and bitter reflection on Philippine prosperity is what on my mind when I tried to anticipate what life our country could offer in the future. This will be achieved when all of us will help together to achieve national prosperity.

I will present here the sweet of the success and the bitter reflection of the present condition, the challenge towards the road to success and the pain of changes. This comparison will bring us an eye-opener towards national prosperity.

In order to achieve and become an advanced nation, we should remove first the obstacles that might deprive us in acquiring that goal.

Poverty, as far as we are concern, many Filipinos are experiencing destitution. But what is the real cause behind on this bitter reality? The truth is, sad to say but I have to, that many of them are idle, unwilling to work, and most of all, nonindustrial. Some of them are always government-dependent people. Idle people act as a sponger, yearning for some alms. They always seek government’s assistance. The observation of the majority is why they don’t find a living to support their basic needs instead of fishing for assistance. As a saying says “Don’t ask the government what they can do to you; Instead, ask yourself of what can you do to your government”.

Another problem is population explosion. This is the most sensitive issue in our present society. To solve it, some lawmakers suggest establishing a law called “Reproductive Health Act” to have a sound family planning to prevent unwanted pregnancy. But because of this bill, many people, in different walks of life, still arguing about this matter. Many are pros, but some are cons. According to the pros, it is the time to have an act to limit the creation of mankind to prevent poverty through proper family planning. In contrast, according to he cons, this soon-to- be act is a simple means that we are now tolerating abortion in our country. Few observant gave their point of view, however, for them, there is nothing wrong to be questioned about this suggested act as long as there is no abortion to be included in the family planning method, but this is a long process of discussion in the Philippine higher house before the law will be implemented. The majority should be the basis in finalizing this reproductive law.

If there is a rapid population growth and poverty in our motherland, illiteracy will then arise. Why? It is because some families cannot afford to send their children in school. Not only that they are suffering poverty, but also they have many children to be sent in school. That is why their lives are getting harder and harder.

On the other hand, some people, especially the youth, don’t want to go in higher education. They are contented holding their high school diplomas. Their reason is that, they cannot afford the tuition fees. But that is only an alibi. The truth is, they are afraid to continue their studies because they think that it is hard to study in college level. But, if they really want to pursue their dreams, there are many ways that they can use.

Yes, they are right, it is hard to study in college. But they should reflect and wake up that, “ It is better to taste the hardship of education than to taste the wretchedness of ignorance”.

Another problem that we are facing is economic instability. Many people are unemployed. Some are underemployed. Yes, they are bachelor’s degree holders. Yet the course they took up for almost four or five years is now useless because there is no job opportunity available for their course. They end up finding another job even if they cannot apply what they have learned in their college days, just to have some money to spend for their livings.

Because of high rate of unemployment, crime occurs. Some unemployed people are jus stealing others’ property to support their families’ needs. They even kill their own kababayan just to have money. They even push illegal drugs to become rich in the society.

And last but not the least among the defects of our community is corruption. This is the mortal enemy of the society. I think corruption starts from the people in the higher positions down little naïve people. I don’t know why they are corrupt; perhaps they are just greedy, money-hungry. But why they always keep on being hoggish to the wealth of our nation rather than to become a good model for the people. To serve and to do their sworn duties and responsibilities that they have promised during the campaign period.

See? We Filipinos have many defects to eradicate in our community. But how can we eliminate these defects in our society? Who will be the solution to these defiant? My answer would be WE, FILIPINOS ARE THE KEY TO OUR OWN PROSPERITY. The sweet of Philippine prosperity is in our hands. We will help together to achieve it even bitter challenges will be experienced but achieving the dream of prosperity is like tasting a glass of honey that all of us will be benefited.


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    • conradofontanilla profile image


      6 years ago from Philippines


      We agree on goals, but differ in the diagnosis of our society and means to attains goals. Most of your analysis border on the areas of reform not restructuring of society.

      I have a Hub "The Unfinished Philippine Revolution of 1896-98."

      Economic instability is rooted in neocolonialism and feudalism. Indolence is an effect not the cause of poverty. Corruption is largely an effect not a cause.

      You have not mentioned the Catholic church as a cause of our problems.

    • yougotme profile image

      Renz Kristofer Cheng 

      7 years ago from Manila

      This is interesting, and I agree to most of the things you've mentioned in this article.

      However, I may not fully agree with you with your claim that the decision of students to stop pursuing college is due to their personal choice. This may be the case for some, but definitely not for the majority. This is still a problem of having no equal opportunities in our country.

      Continue writing shineOasis! You're doing great! :)


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