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Is the planet doomed along with the future of humanity?

Updated on February 5, 2011

Are we doomed? and if so, how will it end?

I've noticed that most people, if you ask them, have a lot to say and a lot of ideas on the subject. Will we be wiped out by a meteor, disease, poverty, over-population, climate change or zombie apocalypse?

Please feel free to leave your own responses in the comments section below.

Are we doomed? Here are a few of my thoughts.

The truth is, I don't think we are doomed at all. And I will explain why. But first, I admit that up until recently I felt that destruction was imminent and inevitable. I had a negative and cynical view about the future. But lately, I have been trying to focus on what is actually in my personal control. I have begun to feel positive that change will happen and the world will become a better place. At any rate, I believe that while we are still here, lucky enough to be given a life on this planet, we should be grateful, and make the most of what we have by taking care of nature and each other.

Of course, I know things could go very wrong for the human race, very quickly and in any number of ways.The thing that worries me most about the world right now is the economic system we have. It is a system that essentially rewards greed and lends itself to corruption, exploitation and poverty. The system depends on consumerism, slavery, waste and pollution.

So how can I be so hopeful? The first reason is simple: I am soon going to be a parent. I could not justify bringing a child into the world if I didn't believe these problems were changeable. This is how I started looking for things to be optimistic about. Thankfully, I discovered plenty of things.

I recently learned something amazing that some of you might not realize. We see images and feel helpless about the many starving people in the world.  But guess what? The planet DOES have the resources to feed everyone. And clothe, house, provide health care and education etc. All we have to do is distribute fairly. The world's scientists have already devised many technologies that could make our use of resources efficient, fair and perhaps most importantly, sustainable.

And yes, by "distribute fairly" I mean SHARE.  This would be a radical change from the society we have now, but I believe that people today are leaning more and more towards wanting to be part of a global community that helps one another. 

When I discuss these things with friends, so many of them say that greed is human nature and we will never change. I disagree. We CAN change, we change all the time. We have become greedy because we are conditioned to be so, to perpetuate the economic system. It has also put people in desperate situations where they need to fight for whatever they can get. Neither greed nor violence will be necessary when everyone has enough.

People are losing their faith in money. Nearly everyone has had enough of this system that lies to us and seeks to control us. Yes, corporations systematically destroy the planet and harm the human beings on it. But we will put a stop to it. I believe that a revolution has begun! We will let go of our greed and replace it with compassion. Let's accentuate the positive, and stamp out hate and intolerance while we're at it! This starts with us and the example we set to our children.

Science and reason will win the day, and instead of doom we may actually have a bright future to look forward to.


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    • profile image

      Howard Schneider 6 years ago from Parsippany, New Jersey

      Great Hub Cathstuff. I agree with you that we can win the day to avoid destruction. But it is a constant battle. My biggest fear is the destruction of our environment. We need to curb Global Warming now. All nations need to implement policies to transition to alternative renewable energy sources. Besides fossil fuels are running out and will only skyrocket in price. This too is a human choice. We must also regulate and hopefully eradicate nuclear weapons and make sure they do not fall into evil hands. Economics is a worry but I believe it will always regulate itself. Though that does cause a lot of pain over the relative short term. But you are correct that it is all about choice. I would add it is within all of us to always help others and fight the impulses in the world of good and evil. Thank you for your provocative and thoughtful Hub.