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plutocracy and politics in the 21 century

Updated on December 3, 2014

Plutocracy and the futurity of democracy in American politics

The political role of the wealthy has been a prominent concern of political theorists for centuries. Aristotle classified regimes based on the correlation between wealth and political power, while Machiavelli devoted close study to the attempts of classical and Renaissance republics to constrain the political influence of wealthy citizens (Domhoff,2013). It is in this light that this article attempts resurfacing to scrutinise plutocracy and politics in American politics in the 21century. It is important to know what wealthy Americans seek from politics and how their policy preferences differ from those of other citizens. In this article the relationship between wealth and political power will be prioritized in the political context of Americain the midst of democracy. Seeking to understand the extent of lapping and inverse relation existing between the two.

the political atmosphere of democracy which is commonly understood to entail a substantial degree of political equality appears to be mutating to a political inequality. The analytical perspective of this article draws upon economics and politics to consider how wealth might affect political participation in America (plutocracy).

For America to excel politically and democratically there is the need to investigate thoroughly into the political core of American political system. If the policy preferences of the affluent politicians differ markedly from those of others this could have major effects on what sort of public policies enacted and how our political system could be judged.The performance and interest of plutocrats have to be raised and question in the era of democratization.Their actions will be investigated into in relation to the society under democratic principles and conditions.The American Government needs to be on the alert because if the affluent politicians pursue their own narrow economic self-interest through politics, the results could be damaging to the majoritarian politics in the nearest future. An inverse relationship appears to be emerging between efforts being made to boost the performance of democracy in every aspect of American life and the actual upward surge of plutocrats into politics in America.The political advancement in America is at the crossroads, will it be democracyor plutocracy?

What influence do plutocrats exert in the political atmosphere in America?

What are the paradoxes of plutocratic involvement under democratic conditions?

A new form of Aristocracy or democracy in America?

© 2014 nouridin Melo


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