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Oil Spill Solutions

Updated on July 31, 2010
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Kettler Bicycle Accessory: Detachable Rear Mounted Metal Wire Bike Basket with Carrying Handle

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Power of Focused Attention

I was inspired to write this as a hub for two reasons:

One, I feel that the energy behind our focus on the situation is a little misplaced. It seems all that I have seen are people scurrying about, blaming others, being angry at BP, and/or generally worrying and talking about how bad it is. Everyday more stories pop up about how much money is being lost and how the Gulf Coast is ruined. These responses actually do much more detriment to the situation than anything. Our worried, angry and blaming energy are but putting more negativity into a consciousness that is already saturated with it. BP, the Federal Government and those in charge of mitagating this scenario do not need to feel any more of it than they already do. Nothing can get accomplished in an atomsphere of vigilant, judgemental watching. There should be a more relaxed and supprotive environment in order to foster practical and plausible ideas for the immediate future. If we do want to see things get better, we must focus on them being better. It sounds like a paradox because we will want to look at the current state of things and say, "See! It's not working!" Yet, in order to manifest a positive outcome we must first be positive and offer nothing but love, prayer and support.

This may sound like some really airy-fairy BS, but its true! The power of focused attention is real people! There have been studies done about groups of meditators and the effects on the environment they have had. One such study involved a group meeting daily in Washington, D.C.

During their eight week experiment, in the summer of 1993, the rate of violent crime dropped by 23%! The experimenters employed thorough statistical analysis to rule out any other alternatives. The odds of the violent crime rate dropping by mere chance was a whopping 1 in 2 billion. So, if we want it to get better, our individual energies must be more aligned with the possibility of a clean Gulf of Mexico.

Secondly, I feel the blame is misplaced, for sure. It's not Obama's fault, it's not even necessarily BP's. This rig exploding and leaking oil into the Gulf is but a reflection of our, more or less, worldwide addiction to oil. To me, we, the oil consumers are really the ones to blame. When I say we, I am including myself here, so don't get it twisted thinking I'm a hypocrite. The difference between me (and now you) is I realize my role in what has happened.

This fiasco can be likened to our subsconscious minds calling an intervention. Every major war fought in the 20th century (since oil has been around as usable resource) has had oil as a big factor in them. We know, deep down that we have been slowly but surely killing the environment we inhabit by driving so much. We also know there are literally a plethora of new energy technologies out there that would get us off the drill, so to speak. However, these technologies are being blocked by the interests of big oil.

So you may ask, what am I to do? If I don't have access to these technologies, then I have to keep using oil. How would I get to work? To the mall? To visit my loved ones? Keep my lights on? There are small steps you can take. These are more solid, practical ways to use your energy and take responsibility for the current state of affairs on the planet. No, it does not include boycotting BP. That would be trying to help alcoholism by switching from whiskey to bourbon. Although not as easy as offering your positive energy to the situation, these ideas will help tremendously.

First get a bike... or a vespa or Hybrid car if you can afford it. Or use your feet! Just find a way to travel that is using less than you use now. You may be surprised at how a little walking or pedalling will have a lot of benefit to your health. Don't worry, your destination will still be there even if it takes a little longer riding your bike. There are also plenty of public transportation systems available, especially in big cities.

Second, don't take unneccessary trips every week. Trust me, the new Twilight movie will still be as good when it comes out on NetFlix, and making your meals at home not only saves money but is a great way to relax and de-stress.

Finally, start buying your food locally. This puts money in your local economy and also is a monetary vote in favor of food that hasn't used a lot of gas to get shipped across the country. Even better, start your own garden of things you can eat. The work is very fulfilling and satisfying.

I feel that the oil spill has had the effect of not only raising our awareness of how dangerous and stupid offshore drilling is, but it also may have caused a tipping point in terms of getting off the oil in general. My sincere hope is that this hub and these poems will offer energetic and practical ideas and solutions that will guide this to a swift resolution. The following two poems are my personal response to the oil spill.

I know, I'm over two months late here, but it takes time for something like this to grab my attention. Although the media has been saturated with the story, I have not really been tuned into it.

Yet, since it has gone on so long, the other night I wrote two poems with it in mind. The first poem is about our addiction to oil, the second is more or less a prayer that the spill may be resolved safely and quickly.

How will you help with the oil spill?

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We're a Winner, Sinner, Whiner, Shriner.
Takes the gang out
to the four star diner.

Numbly bolted, Aptly grin.
Sweat pouring out teeth
Above the chin.

For US, we drive,
forbidden, forlorn,
into shallow pools
where the sandbox is torn.

Recovered, once again, right
Before it's too late.
When the gate closes, we make no mistake

No room to be born
Again, in the womb
so again here we see
How mothers pass form

The great cycle swirls, the tables turn
Giant greasy Baby's feet and
one day we'll learn.

and soon enough,
we'll lift away,
back through birth, death and decay.

Until, we must be in Love,
must be in Love
one day...


Tides flow and ebb for those

whose fortune changes ever so.

Slight of hand underneath mahoganey tables

in high rise glass houses.

A stone's throw away from

justified motivation to lend a heartbeat.

Oh, hallowed breath

let our burdens fade

our eyes open

our lives relax and

our peace be known.

Allow the prime power of

infinite discovery to overflow

into the minds and hearts

of each of those asking.

Now, vibrating at the speed of thought,

enter, do not delay

for by knowing what is not working

we know what does.

Focus us in the present,

present us with visions

of a swift solution

this, I pray.


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    • Andrewskis profile image

      Andrewskis 7 years ago from Lexington, Kentucky

      fetty- thanks for your insightful comment! i am in the process of moving and have recently given away/ gotten rid of a lot of my stuff. Such a weight was lifted, not only physically but mentally as well. when we can let go of useless material our lives can be more streamlined and efficient, not to mention less cluttered.

    • fetty profile image

      fetty 7 years ago from South Jersey

      Extremely interesting hub with many great solutions. I especially agree with buying less stuff. Once we learn to live with less and once we dejunk our homes , we are set free on many levels. Thankyou for being so clear about that.