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No Point to Ponder

Updated on January 26, 2015

The policy of the west towards many Muslim countries is strange, especially that of the US is strangest of all since long. Since long World has been listening and overtly watching the row between Iran, Israel and America.

History of the conflict between US, Israel and Iran is not new. Since the Khomeini revolution of Iran of 1979 these states are at daggers drawn. The age old animosity of these states is still hot, fresh and unresolved. No country is showing any forbearance as far as words are concerned. On each next day we hear some newer issue between America and Iran or Iran and Israel.

There were few skirmishes and that too in media profiles in the beginning between these’ warring nations’. The USA and Israel and Iran might have reservations but have done no harm to except empty threats. World felt many a time that the America is going to attack Iran, but these were only misconceptions. A few incidents can be quoted as the clash between the states but afterwards these appeared just bluffing. The common people or layman has been being continuously made fool since then. What is the aim and object of this war of the words? The only thing that comes in the mind is the strategy!


The portended opposition of all these three states is a policy, a policy to subdue the Muslims and the world in general. Everybody watched that Iran is adamant in its nuclear installations and Albaradai reported the same. But there was no attack or counter attack .if Libya had done that her installations would have blown away, if Iraq just claimed the weapons of mass destruction that could be attacked.

Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan are being invaded without any solid reason. The news is there that America has started mission against terrorism in Yemen without declaration.

Overtly the two powers USA and Israel are deadly against the very existence of Iran but it is not the factual position. The history clearly reveals that the super powers of the world and the super power of the super power are in complete harmony with Iran. No doubt they include its name in the rogue states list or obnoxious triangle with North Korea and Iraq, but do nothing that is really against the interests of Iran.

They threat Iran of bad consequences but no body in the world can cite even a single incident that is against the fundamental interest of Iran. There are economic sanctions against Iran but only by the USA. All the European countries even the closest ally England does usual business with Iran. World is hearing since long that Israel and America are going to attack Iran but this always looks true only in the media. All the threats and ostensible dangers of war against Iran are nothing more than the war of the words. Americans call Iran the enemy state along with Israel and Iran reply in the same coins.

The US and Israeli officials leave the horses of straw to defeat the paper tigers of Iran. It is quite clear that all this bickering is only strategic. They have no intention to besiege Iran practically. The American and Israeli lobbies are using the Iran card to intimidate the world and especially the neighbors of Iran .These neighbors include the Arab states including Palestine and Saudi Arabia. They make Iran cat’s paw to enhance their policy and interests. They intimidate Iran but target of these threats are some other states, which are to be constantly reminded that they should not cross the limits. A threat to Iran works as a panacea to all the target states and they hide their heads as turtles and creep to their ponds. It is quite true that the threats are mere threats and a tool to advance the strategic interests.

On the contrary Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan are eternally hit by the real sanctions in strict terms.

America compelled the whole world to ostracize Iraq and Afghanistan from the comity of the nations. Pakistan is being presented as a real threat to world’s peace and is being besieged by the international intelligence agencies.


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